Paracords can easily get tangled up, making them difficult to manage. If you have several such cords lying around and want to figure out a way to organize them in a clean way, then you can go through these paracord storage ideas and pick the one that works best for you.

paracord storage ideas

Paracord Storage Ideas

1. Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles can be one of the most convenient ways to store your paracord. You can also do this with other kinds of bottles or jars that you are not otherwise using. Making use of plastic bottles can prevent additional plastic waste as well.

To use this method, you can take your paracord and carefully place it in a plastic bottle. Drill or carve out a hole in the bottle cap and pull the paracord out through this hole whenever you require it.

You can use multiple bottles depending on how much paracord you have. Store these bottles in an accessible part of your room or house.

2. Spools

A spool is a cylinder with disc-like frames on each side. You can use this to store your paracord in a convenient manner. Simply roll the paracord around the spool and keep one end of the cord accessible so that you can pull it out whenever you need to use it.

This can also be a convenient way to carry the paracord around without any possibility of tangling. Make sure you use one paracord roll for each spool. You can then store these spools together or stick them all to create a rack.

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3. Winders

Winders are generally holders that are specifically made for cords. They come with designated spaces where you can wrap the paracord up. They also tend to include hooks and end spaces so that you can figure out how to wrap the paracord.

You can also access cutters as part of these winders so that you can simply cut off a certain length of your paracord depending on your requirements. This removes the need for additional equipment while using paracord.

Being small in size, these winders can easily be stacked together and stored in your desired location without taking up too much space.

4. Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are another option that you can make use of to store paracords. When it comes to standard steel shoe racks with multiple rods, you can simply roll each paracord around separate rod sections to create convenient and practical storage space.

Another option is to use a hanging shoe rack with separate small pockets. You can roll up the paracord and tie it around the center. Place each such roll into each pocket of the hanging rack.

You can then hang this rack on any wall of your room so that you can easily access it when required. You can also fold this rack up if you want to travel with it.

5. Pipe Rack

You can make your own pipe rack if you have any loose pipes lying around that you no longer use. Attach these pipes together and frame them with a supporting stand on each side so that you get a rack.

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On each pipe of the rack, you can then roll multiple paracords. You can also create sections to separate the paracords. You can also simply buy a pipe rack if you do not want to make one.

6. Paracord Donut

A paracord donut can be a good way to keep the cord tangle-free while also giving it a shape that is easy to carry around and travel with. You will need to weave the cord together carefully to create a round donut-like pattern with a hole in between.

You will also need to keep one end of the donut loose so that you can simply roll out the cord as required. This way, you can pack one paracord donut for your travels while keeping the rest safely stored at home without any fear of entanglement.

To simplify the process, you can also use a suitable round ring to get you started. You will then only need to roll the cord around this ring.

7. Jewelry Rack

If you have a jewelry rack lying around that you no longer use, you can prop it up on a table or on the floor and use each protruding rod as a central cylinder that you can wrap the paracord around.

This way, the entire rack will be full of paracords. Accordingly, you can pull out a cord depending on your requirements. You might not be able to carry the entire rack if you need to travel, so you might need to pick a couple of individual cords from the rack and wrap them up.

Final Remarks

You have now gone through some useful and highly convenient paracord storage ideas. If you found any that you think you can use, then go ahead and try it out!

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