It can be inconvenient to keep taking your grill utensils from the kitchen to the grill, not to mention that they can take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

If you are looking for ways to store and organize them properly, you can go through the following grill utensil storage ideas.

grill utensil storage ideas

Grill Utensil Storage Ideas

1. Utensil Tool Box

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Using a toolbox to store your grill utensils can be extremely convenient, as you can simply keep the box near your grill.

You can either opt for a small toolbox to hold all the smaller spatulas and spoons or you can go for a bigger one that can hold multiple utensils along with some other accessories.

You can also install this toolbox to the side of your grill to easily reach out to it when you are grilling food. This can also be a good way to keep your utensils aside while grilling and picking them back up when required again.

2. Sign Rack

A sign rack is a more personalized utensil holder that you can buy or make. It includes a wooden board with a sign such as a food quote, your name, details about your family or anything else of your choice.

You can cut this board on your own through any piece of wood lying around. You can then polish it and paint the sign on it. Install some hooks to this board to hang your utensils from them.

You can then attach this rack to the side of your grill or a nearby wall.

3. Patio Station

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If you want to take storage a step further, you can build or buy an entire patio station that you can place next to your grill. You can also have a cabinet with a grilling station on top of it for using up lesser space in your yard or patio.

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Building this on your own will require a good amount of time as well as the necessary skill and tools. Buying one that suits your needs can be a better option in this case.

Look for a patio station that has several elements apart from the grill itself. Having a cabinet below, sufficient ventilation, some hooks on the side for smaller utensils and storage space at the top of the structure can prove useful.

4. Tool Belt Bucket

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A tool belt bucket can be a useful storage solution since you can not only place utensils inside the bucket but also in the surrounding tool belt. You can simply buy an appropriate tool belt and place that in or around a spare bucket, as has been done here.

This can also make it much easier for you to access the grill utensils and keep them all together near the grill. You can conveniently move this bucket around from the kitchen to the grill as and when required.

If you cannot buy a tool belt, you can cut out some pockets from old clothes and stick them around the bucket as well!

5. Utensil Basket

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You can buy a wooden or wire rack basket for storing your grill utensils. You can also buy several of them if you tend to use a bunch of utensils while grilling. You can then hang this basket from the side of the grill or from a nearby wall.

This can be a good way of keeping all your utensils in one place and carrying the basket around for cleaning or using.

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6. Curtain Rod

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Interestingly, a curtain rod can make for a good storage rod for your grill utensils. If you have an old curtain rod lying around, you can install it on your grill or wall. Towel racks can also work equally well for this. You will need to attach some hooks to these rods so that you can hang your utensils conveniently.

You can, in fact, use any kind of spare rod lying around the house. If you have a fence near your grill, then you can also attach a rod to it to hang your utensils and access them whenever required.

7. Storage Trolley

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A storage trolley can be an effective solution, as trolleys come with wheels that can help you move them around without exerting too much effort. You can look for a trolley that has sliding drawers or multiple shelves. Some hooks on the side can also prove useful for hanging some smaller and widely used utensils.

These trolleys can be of varying sizes, so make sure you opt for one that can suit your needs well. You can then keep this trolley near your grill to easily reach for the utensils and place them back. Extra drawers can also help you place clean and used dishes that you can then roll back for cleaning inside the kitchen.

8. Grill Caddy

diy grill caddy
Source: Rustoleum

A grill caddy is something that you can make on your own by cutting wooden boards of different dimensions and installing them together. However, you will need a certain amount of skill with the tools to put this together. You can also buy one if you find that more convenient.

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In this kind of caddy, the main element is a wooden frame that has multiple holes. Through these holes, you can attach hooks and utensils to those hooks. As long as you have this frame, you can even tie it to a fence or a wall without needing to make the entire structure.

9. Fold-Down Cabinet

You can install a fold-down cabinet to a wall near your grill. This cabinet should have enough shelves and hooks to hold the required grill utensils. When you need to use it, you can simply fold the door (held up using chains) down and then back up after using it.

On this folded-down door, you can also place some other objects like dishes, snacks or drinks.

Final Remarks

Now that you have gone through these grill utensil storage ideas, you can decide on which one (or more) works for you and try them out for your own grill utensils. These can certainly make your life easier while you use the grill.

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