If you have your kids’ baby dolls lying around the house, you might be well aware of the cluster they tend to cause each time they are brought out. It can also be difficult to keep them organized, but there are certainly a few baby doll storage ideas you can try.

baby doll storage ideas

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30 Baby Doll Storage Ideas

1. Display Case

One way in which you can store your baby dolls is to build a display case for your kids’ playroom or even for your living room if you want to spruce it up. This can keep them all in a single place on organized shelves in the case while also allowing your kids to access them and put them back whenever required.

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2. Hanging Shoe Rack

A hanging shoe rack can be quite an ideal solution when it comes to storing baby dolls. Such racks are usually made from plastic or mesh that you can easily hang on a hook on the wall or behind a door.

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Since they are quite thin, they do not take up too much space. They also include multiple pockets in which you can place the dolls and their accessories.

3. Crates

If you have old wooden or plastic crates lying around the house, then you can simply use them as boxes for storing the baby dolls. You can either build a stack using these crates or you can stick them at different angles to your walls so that you can organize the dolls and their accessories at your kids’ convenient height.

Juggernaut Storage 11' x 13' x 13' Black Milk Crate (Pack of 2)

4. Hampers

You can either buy new hampers for affordable prices or you can use existing ones you have (in the form of laundry hampers) to store your kids’ baby dolls in a simple manner.

Idea Nuova LOL Surprise Pop Up Hamper, Pink with Durable Carry Handles, 21' H x 13.5' W X 13.5' L

You can then place these hampers in the playroom or your kids’ room in a corner or you can hang them from a hook on the wall to save space.

5. Drawers

Wondering what to do with those empty drawers? Use them to store baby dolls and all their associated accessories so that your kids can easily reach for them and place them back before and after playing.

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You can also place dividers inside the drawers to create separate and organized spaces to place individual dolls. You can also repurpose an old chest or dresser to turn it into one for the dolls and other toys.

6. Doll Wardrobe

A storage idea that can also win you the favor of your kids is to go all out and create a wardrobe for your kids’ baby dolls. It might sound like a lot, but you only need to create a miniature version of a wardrobe to store all the baby dolls while also hanging up their clothes and accessories.

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7. Wall Hooks

Nothing helps you save space like wall hooks. Simply hammer some of them across the walls of the playroom or your kids’ room and hang the dolls and their accessories carefully from these hooks.

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You can also install wall holders instead of hooks to hold each doll firmly in place while using the hooks for the accessories. Make sure you install them at a low height so that your kids can easily reach up to them.

8. Shelves

You can install some shelves across a single wall so that you can place the baby dolls on them in an organized way. You can make them as short or long as you want to so that you can place the baby dolls on them.

Wallniture Ponza Wood Floating Shelves for Wall Storage, Natural Burned Small Bookshelf Set of 5

You can also create narrow shelving to keep the dolls without utilizing too much space. You can choose to sit the baby dolls on them or keep them standing.

9. Doll House

A dollhouse can not only hold multiple baby dolls and their accessories in place but can also add to the appeal of your kids’ room. It can also keep your kids happy and occupied while setting it all up to their liking.

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Wooden Dollhouse for 12-Inch Dolls with Lights & Sounds and 30-Piece Accessories, Gift for Ages 3+ , Pink

You can opt for a big enough dollhouse with separate rooms for each doll and enough space to house their belongings.

10. Under the Bed

If you have accessible space under your kids’ beds, then make good use of it by using it for storing the baby dolls. You can keep all the dolls and their accessories in plastic boxes and simply push the boxes in.

You can also hang multiple pockets on the bottom frame of the bed and place the baby dolls inside them. Use a long bedsheet to cover these up.

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11. Storage Seating

A great solution is to buy or install storage seats throughout your house or simply in your kids’ room. This can be a good way to save space by using a single object for multiple purposes.

Delta Children MySize Kids Convertible Activity Bench - Greenguard Gold Certified, Grey

To access the storage, you will need to open up the seat and place the baby dolls inside. You can also convert existing seating such as benches and ottomans into storage seats.

12. Baskets

Baskets can spruce up any space through their intricate winding patterns. Use existing ones or buy new ones for storing your kids’ baby dolls. You can then place these baskets on display on shelves or tables so that your kids can access them whenever they want.

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You can buy these baskets in various shapes and sizes.

13. Spinning Racks

Spinning racks are usually vertical in shape with storage options present all around the rack. Since they spin, your kids can have some fun moving them around and picking a baby doll to play with or an outfit to dress the dolls in.

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You can buy and use multiple spinning racks, such as one for clothes, one for accessories and one with holders for the baby dolls themselves.

14. Plastic Boxes with Dividers

Plastic boxes can be highly convenient for all kinds of storage options, including your kids’ baby dolls. You can buy as many as you want for this purpose.

Bins & Things Toy Storage Organizer and Display Case Compatible with LOL Dolls, Shopkins, Calico Critters and LPS Figures - Portable Adjustable Box w/Carrying Handle

You can also place dividers inside the boxes using cardboard strips. There are also plastic boxes online that come with dividers already which can be useful to organize the baby dolls separately and neatly.

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15. Bookcases

If your kids have a bookcase in their room, then you can simply place their baby dolls on these bookcases. Even if the bookcases are full of books, you can make use of spaces in between to fill with baby dolls to add a unique look to the case.

Kids Dollhouse Bookcase Children's Wooden Bookshelf Display Storage Rack Units Organizer for Child's Bedroom Playroom Nursery Kindergarten

You can also hang pockets on these bookcases and place the baby dolls and their accessories inside them.

16. Suitcases

Old suitcases and briefcases that you no longer use can be turned into storage for baby dolls. This can also cut down on the waste that you throw out so that you can simply recycle and repurpose the cases. This is also quite a cost-effective option.

baby dolls storage

Once you arrange the dolls inside the suitcases, you can either place them on shelves or in the corner of your kids’ room.

17. Cart

A wheeled cart with multiple shelves or trays can work well for storing baby dolls and their accessories. They can also be convenient to move around from one place to another. You can also repurpose an old grocery cart that you might own for storing baby dolls.

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18. Storage Ladder

A storage ladder can be a good way to both create and also save storage space since a ladder is usually vertical or diagonal. You can either buy this kind of ladder or make one by installing storage boxes or crates to either side of a rod to create a ladder.

UTEX 3-Tier Ladder Shelf, Bathroom Shelf Freestanding, 3-Shelf Spacesaver Open Wood Shelving Unit, Ladder Shelf (White)

You can also use a normal ladder and place the baby dolls on each leg. Painting the ladder can make it look more appealing.

19. Play Kitchen

You can make a small play kitchen in your kids’ room or the playroom where you can install counters, shelves and cabinets. Use some of this space to store the baby dolls and their accessories as well as other toys such as Play-Doh, toy makeup, toy utensils and more.

KidKraft KidKraft Wooden Large Pastel Play Kitchen with Turning Knobs, See-Through Doors and Play Phone, Gift for Ages 3+ 42.30 x 17.60 x 43.00 Inches

20. Play Tent

A play tent in the playroom or anywhere in your house can be a fun place for your kids to go to whenever they want to play. You can place boxes inside this play tent, some of which can contain the baby dolls. This can also be a good way to teach them how to put everything back in place.

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Once they are done playing, you can simply roll the tent back up.

21. Built-In Shelves

If any of your open cases, bed frames or tables have built-in shelves, then these can be highly convenient for storing your kids’ baby dolls and all their accessories. With these shelves, you will not need to install or place extra storage materials either.

22. Repurposed Pipes

If there are any old industrial pipes lying around your house or garage, then you can clean them up, paint them and decorate them to create a storage unit by combining multiple pipes within a frame.

You can then use the holes in the pipes to store individual baby dolls.

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23. Hanging Planter

A hanging planter can be a unique and aesthetic choice for storing baby dolls. Simply hang one (or more) up from the ceilings and walls of your kids’ room and place the dolls and their accessories inside them.

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Make sure the thread or hanger of the planter is long enough so that your kids can actually access the dolls when they want to.

24. Hammocks

Hammocks can be another unique but useful choice for storing baby dolls. You can buy multiple tiny hammocks or simply use a large one and hang them up in your kids’ room. Place the dolls inside the hammocks.

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You can also make use of small fruit hammocks for the dolls.

25. Jars/Bottles

Use clear jars and bottles for storing individual baby dolls. If these have a small cap, then you can simply cut them open and widen the opening.

You can then place the dolls in them and place these jars and bottles on shelves around the room or house.

26. Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags can serve as suitable storage solutions for your kids’ baby dolls and accessories. After placing the baby dolls inside the drawstring bags, you can hang them all up on multiple hooks on the wall or bundle them all up together and place them in a basket or tray.

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27. Buckets

Small metal buckets can make for great storage containers for multiple baby dolls that might be lying around haphazardly. Place the dolls in the buckets and hang the buckets up from hooks on the walls.

Galvanized Metal Buckets with Handles for Decoration (5 in, 12 Pack)

You can also keep your kids busy by asking them to paint and decorate the buckets for their baby dolls.

28. Play Mat

A playmat is a big but flat sheet that your kids can sit on and play with their baby dolls. Conveniently, once they are done playing, they can also wrap this mat up with the baby dolls inside to turn it into a toy bag that they can keep inside their rooms.

Lay-n-Go 2-in-1 Portable Drawstring Toys Storage Organizer and Play Mat for Room and Travel, Made for Kids and Toddlers with a Durable Patented Design, 44 inch, Purple/Black

29. Spice Holders/Racks

If there are spice holders or racks in your kitchen that you are not using, you can uninstall them and reinstall them in the playroom. You can then place the baby dolls in these holders or on the racks. Keep them at a low height so that your kids can reach for them whenever they want.

30. Pegboard

Pegboard Hooks Kit Blue 41-Piece 1/4'Holes Peg Board Accessories Set with Pegboard Shelf,Attachments,Pegs and Blue Jars-Strong,Heavy-Duty Wall Pegboard Hook Crafting,Sewing Tool Organizer

Pegboards are large boards that come with multiple holes that you can attach small shelves, pins or hooks to. Using these shelves or hooks, you can then place the baby dolls across the pegboard that you can then hang on a wall. You can also use this board to store other tiny objects.

Parting Thoughts

Those were some practical and effective baby doll storage ideas that you can now pick from. Go ahead apply them to your kids’ room or their playroom. You can also involve them in this project to turn it into an activity.

You can go through some more ideas through sites like Pinterest.

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