Having an instant pot makes life in the kitchen easier on so many levels. But you know what gets tricky? Storing it. Making meals is easy and fun only if the clean-up that follows and the storage options are also comfortable.

So, if you want or have it but are stuck on instant pot storage ideas, here are some easy solutions.

instant pot storage ideas

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Instant Pot Storage Ideas

1.  Round Metallic Utility Cart

3-Tier Utility Cart,Storage Rolling Cart Multifunctional Organizer Cart with Wheels Adjustable Service Cart for Home and Office,Round Black

We like to think that sometimes the easiest solutions are the best. If your kitchen cabinets are too small for an instant pot, you want to get a cart you can place the pot on. This makes it easy to access the pressure cooker whenever you want and putting it away is just as easy as making a meal in it.

Round metallic utility carts are practically everywhere. They are easily available and are an affordable option too. These carts give you the required space to keep the pot safe when it is not in use and it also clears off your countertop. Neat, huh?

All instant pots are round in shape and sometimes placing them on the countertop makes you twitch because of the inconsistency in the alignment of the shapes. This cart solves that problem too because it is round in shape and the top shelf is almost as if it was made for your pressure cooker.

Apart from that, you also get two extra shelves where you can store accessories like cookbooks and such. You will need a cart that measures at least 15 x 15 x 30 inches. Most of them come in a couple of colors, which means you can make decor-specific choices too.

And if you want to be sure of its look and durability, you might want to pick something that is made of metal. Also, don’t forget to get one with wheels at the bottom so that you can easily move the cart should you ever feel the need.

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You can check out some options here.

2. Kitchen Island with a Granite Top

Linon Kitchen Island Granite Top, 33.88' x 22.8' x 15.63', Wenge

If the first variety doesn’t work for you, firstly, you are not alone. It’s an issue if you don’t like to move the pressure cooker all that much. So, you need a cart that is sturdy and can accommodate the instant pot and accessories like its wires and such.

Our second idea does exactly that. You will find a few of these in the market. Essentially, they have a drawer and a shelf. Some of them also have an extra basket, which gives you room for more than just the pot and its accessories. And if you have more than one instant pot or a container that big, you know how to make it work.

The frame of such storage carts is usually a big cube. But because of the way they are designed, they have space for other appliances of comparable size like an air fryer, microwave and toaster oven too. The design is simple and these are typically made of wood with a nice finish and are durable too. In all likelihood, you will have to assemble it, but it’s not that hard.

Now, what makes this idea special is the top, which is made of granite and is very easy to maintain. These tables also come with casters and can handle a good deal of weight. And the wheels also make it possible for this cart to double up as a serving tray when you have people over.

You can check out some options for the kitchen island here.

3. Ikea Utility Cart

Ikea Raskog Utility Cart Black 903.339.76 Size 13 3/4x17 3/4x30 3/4 '

Ikea has a lot of good stuff. So, it’s not surprising that when we went looking for storage options, we landed on one from here. Their specialty is to make stuff that can help you store a variety of things in the house. And it’s no different with a storage cart for an instant pot.

Like the other options, you need to check and see if the measurements match your instant pot. Usually, you will have a couple of other shelves for the pressure cooker’s accessories and maybe your cookbooks too. But you can also use it as a storage space for some of the bigger kitchen utensils.

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The best thing about these carts is that they are small enough to fit anywhere in the kitchen. So, if you have a cozy kitchen, you don’t have to worry about where to place it. And all the efficient carts come with wheels, which means you can keep them anywhere in the house.

When you’re shopping at Ikea, make sure you look for a cart that has adjustable casters because those go well on uneven floors. That’s an option a lot of other carts don’t give you.

You can get one here.

4. Four-Cube Organizer Shelf

OneSpace 4-Cube Organizer, Espresso

Carts are not the only way to store an instant pot. You can get yourself a nice cube organizer that won’t take up a lot of space but instead will give you space to store more than just your pressure cooker. That’s what a good storage space does anyway, so this is a good solution.

We say four cubes, but really you can pick a number of your choice. Just make sure that the individual cubes are big enough to fit the instant pot and fit in your kitchen. They have space for other large utensils or appliances which is the good news and most of them can be accessed from two sides. Some, however, have the back closed for two cubes. So, you want to make a decision there.

The good and affordable models are usually made of wood with a thick frame that makes them durable. Design-wise, they are the simplest thing so even if you have to assemble them at home, it won’t be much of a hassle.

These are also quite easy to clean because all you need is a nice and dry cloth to wipe down the surface. Be sure to check their maximum weight capacity before you buy the organizer. And check the capacity of the top shelf in particular which is the ideal spot for an instant pot.

There are many options listed here.

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5. Rolling Closed Cabinet

Kitchen Cart Rolling Island Storage Unit Cabinet Utility Portable Home Microwave Wheels Butcher Wood Top Drawer Shelf

If you don’t like your utensils on display and are looking for something with closed doors like your kitchen cabinets (if they could fit your instant pot), here’s the solution.

There are plenty of rolling storage varieties in the market. These are closed cupboards that have plenty of storage space for an instant pot and more. The good ones are made of wood and they can be a bit heavy. So, look for something with wheels so that you can access the cupboard even if it is not in the kitchen.

The popular ones have a small countertop area that can be left empty and be used as a serving tray when you have company. Otherwise, you can keep the likes of wine glasses on it. It makes for a good look too. Most of these cupboards also have a top drawer. So, if this is going to be in your kitchen, you can use that space to store little items like spoons, forks or your newest favorite cooking book.

6. On the Countertop with a Dust Cover

WERSEA Appliance Cover for 6 Quart Instant Pot and Electric Pressure Cooker with Front Pocket for Accessories

Sometimes, you don’t need new storage space but only need to improve upon your existing situation. If your kitchen does not have any space for new storage decor, here’s a fantastic idea.

Just get a dust cover for your instant pot and leave it on the countertop. No one will see it, it will be safe and you don’t have to move the item around, every time you want to make something.

The idea of an instant pot is to make life easy, right? So, you can do exactly that. In fact, you don’t even have to remove the plug from the socket with this solution. It’s the easiest one and there are some lovely dust covers in the market to give it a cool look that fits right with your kitchen decor.

The Bottom Line

There are quite a few expensive instant pot storage ideas you can buy for your instant pot. But we imagine what you want is efficiency over bragging rights. In that case, mission accomplished.

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