If you have kids, chances are that they love molding Play-Doh and that you have quite a few of those Play-Doh jars lying around the house. If you want to figure out how to organize them better, you can go through the following Play-Doh storage ideas that we have compiled.

play doh storage ideas

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Play Doh Storage Ideas

1. Coffee Pod Rack

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Coffee pod racks can be highly convenient to use as Play-Doh storage racks since they already have multiple holes in them. If you have such a rack lying around or want to buy one, then you can place each Play-Doh cup or jar in each hole of the rack.

This can not only look clean and organized but can also allow your kids to easily pick one out and place it back whenever required.

2. Baskets

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Nothing like a few baskets or boxes to help you out with storage. Baskets can also look highly aesthetic no matter where you place them in the house. Simply place multiple Play-Doh cups in a basket and place the basket on any countertop of the house so that your kids can access it whenever they want to.

Baskets are also easy to carry in case your kid has a playdate coming up.

3. Shelved Containers

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You can look for containers or boxes that come with multiple shelves or holders that you can place your Play-Doh cups on. You can also arrange them according to color so that your kids have an easier time picking them out.

It can be even better if the shelves are removable or if you can unfold the entire box to view all shelves together.

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4. Wall Shelves

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Building wall shelves for the Play-Doh cups can be another convenient and attractive solution. You can also build a frame of a certain shape and install multiple shelves within it where you can place the cups.

Make sure these shelves are not too high up (unless this is a requirement) so that your kids do not have a difficult time reaching for them.

You can check out some options here.

5. Drawer Organizers

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You can either build your own organizer for your drawers or buy one. These organizers should have multiple pockets or holes in them so that you can place each cup in each hole, preventing the cups from toppling over and getting all mixed up.

You can also remove these organizers from the drawer in case you want to place them elsewhere or use your drawer for another purpose.

You can check out some options here.

6. Travel Cases

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A convenient solution would be to buy some travel cases where you can store the Play-Doh cups. You can then place these cases in a cupboard or somewhere in your kids’ room so that they can access them easily.

The great thing about travel cases is that they do not take up much space in your room or house. Additionally, you can carry them around conveniently wherever you go.

7. Storage Play Table

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A play table can be a great addition to your kids’ room as they can sit on it and play with puzzles, blocks, toys, Play-Doh and more. Having a play table with a storage drawer or cabinet can make it even better as your kids can then simply place everything, including the Play-Doh, inside the table once they are done playing.

This can also allow them to easily access it whenever they want to play.

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There are some interesting options here.

8. Hanging Shoe Rack

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A hanging shoe rack is usually a long and thin plastic sheet that you can hang behind a door or any wall. This rack comes with multiple transparent pockets that you can then use to store the multiple Play-Doh cups. Your kid can then pick them out easily since the pockets are transparent.

You can also label each pocket. Hanging separate pockets can also serve the same purpose.

You can find them here.

9. Spice Shelves

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If you have spice shelves or racks lying around, simply install them on a wall in your kids’ room and arrange the Play-Doh cups on these shelves. Placing them at a short height can also make it easier for your kids to pick the cups out whenever they want to play with them.

If you have spice racks with holes, then these can work pretty well too.

10. Mason Jars

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If your kids have lost the cups that the Play-Doh came in, you can simply use small mason jars and place the Play-Doh inside those. Make sure you label them so that your kids can find it easier to pick one to play with.

You can also use larger mason jars to store multiple Play-Doh cups themselves so that your kids can pick them out and place them back easily.

11. Collapsible Cubes

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You can look for collapsible cubes online that are usually made from fabric. These are boxes that you can place anywhere around your house for storage. Use these for storing the Play-Doh cups along with some other accessories that your kids use.

Label the box that has the Play-Doh cups so that your kids don’t need to spend too much time searching for them.

12. Under the Bed

Using the space under the kids’ bed can be another clever use of space so that you don’t need to occupy precious storage space anywhere else. You can use plastic boxes or bags full of Play-Doh cups and place them under the bed so that your kids can simply pull them out whenever required.

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You can also hang multiple pockets on the frame of the bed and place the cups inside them. You can then hide these using the bedsheet.

13. Play Kitchen

If you have enough space or a separate playroom for your kids, you can consider building a small play kitchen where you can place small counters, cabinets, shelves and boxes that can hold all their toys and playthings. This can include the Play-Doh cups so that your kids have their own spot to mold new shapes.

Once they are done, they can also clean up and place the cups back in their place.

14. Soda Can Boxes

Next time, you don’t need to throw away the boxes that your soda cans came in. Simply use them for storing your kids’ Play-Doh cups! You can stack them up together according to a certain pattern or color and label the box for easier access.

15. Labeled Toy Buckets

You can hang mini toy buckets around your kids’ room at an accessible height. Place the Play-Doh cups in these buckets and teach your kid how to remove each bucket and place it back.

Or you can buy a toy storage organizer like this:

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Final Remarks

Those were some Play Doh storage ideas that we compiled for you. Now that you know all about them, you can pick ones that work for you and apply them to see all those Play-Doh cups in a single place. Platforms like Pinterest can also offer some other ideas.

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