A lot of people are worried about storing fragile items like light bulbs. Fear not. Your problems are not impossible to store. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of four awesome light bulb storage ideas.

light bulb storage ideas

Light Bulb Storage Ideas

1. Classic See-Through Storage Containers

Clear plastic bins that are available everywhere and for all kinds of small items are perfectly fine when it comes to ideas for storing light bulbs.

You only have to make sure that you don’t shuffle or juggle the boxes because that might cause the light bulbs to bang against each other and break. That’s not just inefficient but also dangerous.

These boxes are available in any kind of store and they are available in different shapes and sizes. This is a simple, affordable and tidy idea when it comes to storing light bulbs of any size.

You can keep as many light bulbs as you want in a single container and tuck them away for when you need them. Another advantage is that they are of a standard shape which makes it easy to find a place to store them.

Our Pick
Christmas Light Bulb Storage Organizer
  • Storage for light strings and bulbs
  • Made of good-quality PVC material for additional strength and support
  • Dimension -15″ x 10″ x 9″
  • Easy to assemble. Unstructured body allows box to be folded & put away when not in use.
  • Multifunctional
  • Handy features

2. DIY Box Storage With a Sponge

If you’re not sure that the earlier solution is not for you because you might accidentally shuffle the container, here’s a novel idea. Get a big block of sponge and cut small holes in it to fit the head or tail of the bulb.

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It is also a simple solution that can be done at home. And you can do this with any container that you already have at home. You just need to get a sponge of the size that fits the container of your choice.

It is recommended that you take measurements of the box before you go shopping for the sponge. It will keep the light bulbs from rubbing against each other. And you can pick the size of the container depending on the number of light bulbs you think you might need to store.

Our Pick
Cup and Mug Storage Box
  • Soft padding and sturdy sides & bottom
  • Dimensions are 13”D x 17”W x 5”H, with 12 padded compartments that each measure 4” x 4”.
  • Quality linen fabric exterior.

3. Utility Storage Jars

Here are two factors to consider. It is possible that you are not sure about the number of light bulbs you will end up storing. And then there is the issue of not having enough space for a big see-through storage container.

In that case, you can pick a mason jar of a decent size and store the light bulbs in there. They don’t take up too much space and are a good place to keep storage items. You can also keep other smaller items in the jar along with the light bulbs.

And if you don’t think you can keep them from breaking, you can always wrap the light bulbs with some bubble wrap to keep them safe. Granted that takes a little bit of space but this is still a workable solution for those who don’t have too many light bulbs to store.

Our Pick
Anchor Hocking 2-Gallon Heritage Hill Jar
  • Vintage-style glass storage jar with 2-gallon capacity
  • Durable, crystal clear glass
  • Includes glass lid with thick knob for easy removal
  • Dishwasher safe
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4. Reusable Egg Tray

Here’s a novel idea, once again for those of you who are not sure you can keep the light bulbs from breaking. Any tray that is used to store eggs is a great way to keep light bulbs as well.

They are naturally divided into pockets where individual light bulbs can be stored just like eggs. But then you might be wondering that there is the issue of size. For this, you must check the size of the light bulbs you are planning to store and see if you can get a tray that is meant for jumbo eggs.

On the downside, if your light bulbs tend to be smaller than the eggs, the bulbs might be loose inside the tray. This means when you take the egg tray out of its storage space, the bulb might drop out of its slot and fall out and break the moment you open the top of the tray.

So, the key here is to make sure that the size of the bulbs and the tray match.

Final Words

Light bulbs are small items. The advantage is that you can think of a lot of places to store them. The factor to consider when finding a storage solution is to make sure that the size of the container and the bulb match.

Plus, you must take breakability into account. But you have the answer to both those problems in this piece. Happy shopping.

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