It’s so annoying when you take your damp towels out of the hamper only to find they’re dripping. The wetness lingers on the towel and it takes you ages to wring it out again. But that won’t happen if you follow these tips on how to hang wet towels in your bathroom. When it comes to keeping your bathroom fresh, there’s nothing more annoying than having a pungent odor lingering around after taking a shower or bath. Keeping things hygienic with cleanliness is also important, which is why we will be discussing tips on how to keep your bathroom smelling great. Keeping your bathroom smelling clean requires regular cleaning. It’s also essential to regularly cleanse any oils from the surface of any fabrics that come into contact with moisture regularly so bacteria doesn’t have an ideal growing environment for itself. And lastly, keeping your towels dry is important because if they stay damp for long periods of time then they can start stinking as well as becoming moldy and mildewed. By following these tips on how to hang wet towels in your bathroom, you can avoid all those annoyances and keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean:

Change Towel Out Frequently

One of the best ways to keep your bathroom smelling fresh is to change towels often. For example, replace your towel after every bath or shower. It’s also important to hang the used towel in such a way that it doesn’t drip onto anything else in the bathroom as this will only lead to more staining and bacteria.

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Hang Up New Towels Immediately

It’s important to hang up new towels immediately after use. This is because if you don’t, they stay damp and can start stinking and molding. The first thing you want to do when you take a shower or bath is to take your used towel and wash it in cold water. Then, once it has been washed, hang it on the hook at the end of your shower rod or towel bar to dry. Another tip is that you should throw your used towels in the hamper after washing them.

Don’t Use Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners are often used to make clothes feel softer, but they will also leave behind a soapy smell in your laundry. This soapy smell is a breeding ground for bacteria and it’s best to avoid this altogether. It’ll help keep your towels smelling fresh, too.

Keep Your Shower Curtain Closed

One of the best ways to keep your bathroom smelling amazing is to make sure that you clean your shower curtain regularly. If you don’t dry off the shower curtain after you shower then the damp fabric will harbor bacteria and cause mildew and mold problems. To prevent this from happening, make sure to periodically wash your shower curtain in the washing machine on a cold water cycle. This will kill any germs as well as remove oils and dirt from the fabric.

Always Hang Your Towels Upside Down

When it comes to keeping your bathroom clean, the most important thing is to learn the best practices. One of those things you should know is always hang your towels upside down after you use them so that they can dry naturally. If you have a towel rail in your bathroom and you hang them upside down, then they will dry quickly and easily.

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Store Towels In The Dryer First

The best way to keep your towels smelling fresh and free of any bacteria is by storing them in the dryer. This will help to kill off any microbes that might be present on the towel. Once you’ve dried or air-dried your towels, it’s time to put them away. Alternatively, you can store them in a clean bin or container so they don’t touch each other and stay damp for too long.

Wrapping A Soaker Disk Or Spray Before Putting It In The Dryer

Wet towels are the number one source of bacteria, so it’s essential to keep them as dry and clean as possible. One way to help your wet towels stay drier is by wrapping a soaker disk or spray before putting it in the dryer. This will help prevent any moisture that could possibly seep into the air and cause bacteria to grow.
Another way you can keep your wet towels drier is by hanging them up before the towel dries out completely. Hanging them up will allow water to drip down, which will make drying time shorter. For instance, you could hang two towels over each other on a towel rack to get rid of excess moisture from both of them at once, or you could put two wet towels in a clean dishcloth and then hang it on your towel rack if you have one.

Bottom Line

Taking care of your towels is the key to keeping your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. So, after taking a shower or bath, put a towel around your waist and take one out of the hamper. Then, place this towel on the floor in one corner of the room before placing another dry towel over it. Finally, hang up all remaining towels with their ends hanging down so they don’t drip on the floor, which will prevent that lingering dampness from making its way onto other surfaces in your bathroom.

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