The space under a crib is something that usually goes unused. But if you live in a small house, while you don’t want to crowd the baby, it feels criminal not to use every inch.

Plus, there is enough and more of the baby stuff like blankets or wipes or diapers that need storage space. And you will benefit from storing it right near the baby. Here are a few under crib storage ideas to solve both problems.

under crib storage ideas

6 Under Crib Storage Ideas

1. Plastic Bins (Without Dividers)

If you don’t have much space, a large plastic bin that slides right under the crib is a terrific idea. These bins are available in different sizes at any office supplies store. You can use it to keep baby wipes, formula, extra diapers and even the baby’s clothes.

This keeps the items your baby might need during the day or night closer to them so that you don’t have to leave them to get what they need. It also helps you keep all the baby stuff in one place, the kind of organization that is very useful with a little one.

2. Woven Baskets

If those big plastic bins are just not working for you, here’s another idea. There are a lot of woven baskets in the market that look pretty and serve a purpose too. These baskets are a good fit for cribs that have a little bit of height.

And if you don’t like to see stuff under the crib, you can get a crib skirt to cover it up. You can keep more than one basket under the crib and label them with the things that are in them.

Many of these can easily be bought online. You will find them in eco-friendly cotton which keeps them durable and makes them look good. These baskets come in many colors which means you can pick one that matches your baby room decor. Many of them are made of rope, which means the shape will hold.

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They are easy to wash and dry and you can use a steam iron on a lot of them.

These baskets also don’t have any plastic or metallic parts which makes them a safe option near kids and pets.

These baskets come in many shapes which means you can store bulk items like diapers in them. And when the baby grows up and the crib is sent packing, you can repurpose them as storage baskets for toys or as laundry baskets. Some folks like to use them to store games, books or blankets depending on their specific need.

3. Add a Storage Drawer

Then there is the simple solution of grabbing a storage drawer from the nearest store (or ordering on off your favorite e-commerce website) and sliding it under the crib.

There are a lot of DIY options if that’s your thing and you want to build one with handles. But even otherwise, it is quite easy to find a crib trundle that fits snugly right under. And these are very affordable too.

4. Organizer Bins with Dividers

But if you are serious about organizing the items in the storage drawer, you can get separate organizer bins. A lot of them are made of fabric and come with dividers that are meant for specific items.

These are different from storage drawers in the sense that each of the pieces of the bin can be removed and folded too. You will get them in different shapes that are typically squares and rectangles. The dividers are usually put together with Velcro which makes it easy to stick them together so that they don’t move.

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Later on, you can use them to store other items for adults like socks, undergarments and accessories. Many of these bins can be rearranged to make up to 10 compartments that can be used when you are traveling too.

If you buy one, you will find them in different designs and made of good quality materials, both woven and non-woven fabrics. They are sturdy and last a long time.

Apart from that, they also come in different colors to match the decor of a baby room. So if you don’t have a crib skirt, you still don’t have to worry about the aesthetics of the room.

5. Diaper Caddy

This is an interesting solution but it’s actually not new. Diaper caddies have been around for a long time. They work even as under-crib storage solutions also because you don’t have to buy a new item to solve a space crunch issue.

There are many new varieties in the market which come with packing pods too. And if you like, you can buy one of those three-in-one models which can be used in a stroller and for travel purposes too. They are foldable which makes them a good fit for under the crib area.

You don’t have to look for anything when you are ready to go out whether it is for a picnic or a trip. Most of the models that are available commercially are also customizable. So, the usage really depends on what you want to store.

They come with mesh tops and zippers to open the bag which means you can see what’s where. They are built in a grid model and have packing cubes.

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So, they have a steady bottom making sure the bag doesn’t tip over. This item is essentially like an organizer bin except with handles which makes it suitable for travel too.

They come in many designs and colors to match the decor while staying stylish enough for an outing. You can store diapers, formula, cosmetics and pacifiers. Whatever your baby needs, these bags can carry them all and give you a nifty storage solution.

6. Under-bed Carts

Our final recommendation is an under-bed cart. These are already quite popular as a storage solution for the space under your bed. There’s absolutely no reason not to do the same with a crib. Typically they are made of wires which keeps their maintenance to a minimum.

They can also hold items in any shape and don’t have height limitations unless they hit the bottom of the crib which makes them a good choice. And when you are done using them for the baby, you can repurpose them as storage carts for shoes, clothes and blankets.

And, most importantly, they are elevated from the ground which means dirt won’t settle under them. You don’t have to assemble them but they are sturdy and work for all seasons.


There are many other under-crib storage ideas but these are particularly good because you can use them to store other things once you are done with the crib.

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