Hot wheels can be precious to collectors. Some want to put them on display while others just want a low-key way to put them away. Whichever way you go, here are four really interesting hot wheel storage ideas. Take a look.

hot wheel storage ideas

Hot Wheel Storage Ideas

1. Toy Car Storage Shelf

Toy Car Storage Shelf

Our first solution is both cool and casual. You get to display your hot wheels and do it in style. If you are not overly creative when it comes to storage solutions and would just like to get something straight off the shelves of a store, here’s one that fits that description perfectly.

There are a whole bunch of multi-function shelves that come in different colors readily available in the market. You can buy them in a store or go online and order one within minutes. Some of them are also waterproof, which means your hot wheels will be safer than ever. Just make sure that they are made of non-toxic materials and you will be set.

Our Pick
Sooyee Acrylic Invisible Floating Toy Storage Wall Shelf
  • Multiple Functions
  • Easy to Install
  • Perfect Gift

2. Hobby Car Cases

This one is not specifically for hot wheels but it fits the bill. There are a lot of people who have hobby cars and after a point, you have quite a few of them. This solution works where the previous one doesn’t.

In the sense, if you have so many hot wheels that you are running out of room on your walls, here’s what you can do. These storage cases are like those big boxes you get in any store except they have compartments that are perfect to fit each car.

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So, you can choose the best of your cars to display on the walls and the rest can be tucked away in these cases. Even the most affordable cases have about 24 compartments each which give you lots of space.

And they can be closed and stacked one on top of the other to make storage easy. That way, they don’t take up too much space and your cars will be well preserved.

Our Pick
Mascar Ultima Hotwheels Display case
  • One piece thermoformed High Impact Plastic Styrene, with a clear PETG snap-on dust cover.
  • Enhance any room with these high quality displays, while keeping unwanted fingerprints and dust from your favorite cars.
  • All displays allow you to easily organize your collection, while keeping them clean and dust free with an easy to use clear snap-on dust cover.

3. DIY Crate + Empty Tissue Rolls

Here’s an elegant and easy solution for all the DIY-ers out there. If you don’t want to spend money on new storage stuff, this is the one for you. Now, in the example given in the link above, you will need to make a wooden crate and fit it with empty cardboard rolls after you are done using the tissues wrapped around it. You can also cut up PVC pipes and do the same.

But if you are not so great at woodwork, here’s a solution. You just need to pick up an empty shoebox and do the same. In fact, you can do that with any empty box. Surely, someone in the house has been ordering stuff online.

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Any box that comes along and can fit a few empty tissue rolls will do the trick. You can store each car in one tissue roll to make sure they don’t rub against each other and get scratched. This is the simplest solution and you can keep modifying it as your collection grows. Neat, huh?

4. See-Through Storage Container

Those of you who are not big on presentation or particularly picky about the way you store our hot wheels will appreciate it. You just need a big container like the one you had for toys as a kid.

Throw in all your hot wheels together and your job is done. This makes it easy to access the cars whenever you want and you can store it anywhere, like under the bed.

You can also store other toys and smaller (or bigger) items in these boxes if you have space. And you might just have that too.

Once again, this is simple, affordable and easily available. The only downside to this option is, you guessed it, there’s no guarantee that your hot wheels won’t lose their sheen rubbing against each other.

Our Pick
ALCYON Double Sided Toy Storage Organizer Case
  • Compact Toy Display Container
  • Reasonable Design Compartments
  • Made of high quality plastic, BPA free
  • Convenient design

Parting Thoughts

Hot wheels tend to be prized possessions for a lot of people. So, if you are looking for a way to be a cool cat and put them on display, well, you have a solution. If you just want an efficient solution, you have that too.

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If you want it to be efficient but don’t want to spend money, you know what to do and finally, if you’re over hot wheels but don’t exactly want to throw them away, you know what to do.

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