Essential oils are soothing, so having a collection can be a great idea so that you can access them whenever you want. Gather too many of them, though, and find yourself wondering where you can possibly store them. Go through the following essential oils storage ideas for some inspiration.

essential oils storage ideas

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Essential Oils Storage Ideas

1. Wall Shelves

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A convenient and accessible way to store your essential oils is by building and installing wall shelves in any shape of your choice. Once you get the shelves up, you can place your collection of essential oils on them.

You can organize them according to the criteria of your choice, which could either be according to fragrance, color or alphabet. This can also enhance the appeal of your wall.

You can check out some wall shelves for essential oils here.

2. Drawer Organizer

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Placing an organizer with multiple pockets or holes inside your drawer can allow you to organize your essential oils conveniently by ensuring each bottle is in a separate pocket. This can then allow you to pick one out easily without any of the bottles falling inside the drawer or bumping against the other.

You can also remove this organizer and place this elsewhere whenever required.

You can check out some options here.

3. Portable Cabinet/Bag

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A portable cabinet or bag can come with multiple tiers, shelves or pockets that you can make use of to arrange your essential oils in an orderly way. You can lay this kind of cabinet out to make for a unique display.

If you need to travel or carry your oils somewhere, you can then stack this cabinet or bag together, pick it up and get going.

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You can check out some options here.

4. Coffee Pod Rack

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A coffee pod rack is a great solution for storing your essential oils since this rack comes with pre-made holes already. All you need to do here is simply place each essential oil bottle in each hole. You can then place this rack on any convenient table or platform.

You can check out these options for storing essential oils.

You can also use a nail polish rack or try to build one on your own.

5. Chain Shelf

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You can install a wooden shelf on one of your walls that you can then open up using a pull-down cover that is attached to the shelf using a chain. This kind of cabinet can work well if space is otherwise an issue in the house, creating a hidden door on the wall.

Once you install this, you can arrange your essential oils according to your preferences.

6. Removable Pocket Bag

Having a tall bag with removable pockets can be highly convenient for storing your essential oils as it can save space while also being simple to carry around. Placing and removing individual oil bottles can also be quite easy as you can simply remove the pocket and place it back in.

You can then place this bag in a cabinet so it stays out of the way at most times.

7. Hanging Tubs and Pots

A unique and attractive solution for storing your essential oils is to install hooks or hammer nails on a certain part of your wall. You can also simply make use of industrial pipework or rods around your house.

You can then hang mini pots and tubs on these hooks, nails or pipes and place your essential oils in each tub and pot.

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8. Spice Rack

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If you have a spice rack lying around that you do not use too much, you can install it in a suitable room and place your essential oils on it. This can remove the need to buy or build anything new for your bottles.

You can also paint over the rack in case you want to make it look more appealing.

9. Display Tray

MyGift Small Essential Oil Bottle Holder - 10 Slot Brown Wood Round Storage Display Rack, Nail Polish Holder, Lipstick Organizer

If you want to display your collection in an artful way, then you can buy or make a few small display trays that you can place around the house. Ensure that these display trays have multiple holes that you can place your essential oil bottles in so that they remain safe without falling over.

You can also take a more creative route and build your own holder using a wooden log like this one:


10. Ice Cube/Mold Tray

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An ice cube or mold tray can be one of the most convenient options for your essential oils since it comes with holes built into it. You can simply place each essential oil bottle in one hole.

If you’re wondering where you can place these trays, consider using or buying an ice cube tray holder that you can slide the trays in and out of.

Check out some options here.

11. Wellness Station

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You can build a wellness station in your room dedicated entirely to your essential oils and other soothing things like plants, tea and lamps, among others. You can build a house-shaped wooden frame and place small shelves within this frame where you can place your essential oils.

This can be your own little shrine whenever you want to calm yourself down or simply take a break.

12. Cake Stand

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If you have a cake or cupcake stand with two or three tiers and don’t tend to use it much, you can turn it into a stand for your essential oils. There are already multiple tiers, so all you need to do here is arrange your oil bottles on each tier.

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You can then place this stand on any table so that it can serve as a display stand as well.

13. Mini Stairway

You can build a mini-stairway from wood by creating a base and a vertical rod on the base. Make multiple smaller stands with round holders and attach them in a stair-like pattern around the rod and place each essential oil bottle in each holder.

This can make for a wonderful showpiece as well.

14. Makeup Organizer

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There are plenty of makeup organizers available on the market that you can buy. These are available in the form of stands or bags with multiple pockets. Instead of storing makeup, you can use these organizers for storing your essential oil bottles.

You can then place the organizer wherever you want. Bags can also be quite portable.

15. Hanging Pockets

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A simple and common solution for storing your essential oils is by hanging transparent pockets or a foldable rack with multiple pockets behind your door or on any part of your wall. You can then place your essential oil bottles in each pocket.

Transparent pockets can make it easier for you to pick a bottle out whenever necessary, but you can also label each pocket if required.

Final Remarks

You have now gone through multiple storage ideas for your essential oils that can work well, whether you have a large or small collection. You can now pick one and put it to use or you can explore some more ideas through platforms like Pinterest.

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