Do your kids love Barbies? Are they always just lying around the house haphazardly? If you want to figure out how to store them in a clean and convenient way, you can go through the following Barbie storage ideas to turn the mess into order. Let’s get started!

barbie storage ideas

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Barbie Storage Ideas

1. Under the Bed

under bed barbie storage ideas

Storing Barbies under the bed can save up plenty of space in your room and house as you do not need to add any new structures. You can install drawers in the space under the bed and then place the dolls and their accessories in them.

You can also simply place plastic storage boxes under the bed with the dolls inside them. Hanging plastic pockets to the bed frame with a Barbie in each pocket can be an efficient choice too.

2. Rolling Cart

alvorog 3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart Storage Shelves Multifunction Storage Trolley Service Cart with Mesh Basket Handles and Wheels Easy Assembly for Bathroom, Kitchen, Office (Blue)

You can buy a rolling cart that comprises a storage box in which you can then vertically place all your Barbies. Buy multiple boxes in case one is not enough for your kids’ collection.

At the top of such rolling carts, there are also usually some pockets or shelves that you can use to store other Barbie-related accessories such as clothes, jewelry and shoes.

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3. Portable Box

Kinsorcai 11'' Plastic Storage Box with Removable Tray, Multipurpose Organizer and Storage Case for Art Craft and Cosmetic (Pink)

A portable box can be quite convenient as your kid can not only place their Barbies and accessories in it but can also take the box anywhere they go, whether that includes a play date with their friends or somewhere out of town.

This kind of box is meant to be an art and craft box, but you can use the space for the Barbies and the upper tiers for their accessories.

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You can check out some options for such boxes here.

4. Mini Chest

Heritage Kids Sorbet Dream Faux Fur Collapsible Toy Storage Trunk, 28' W, Tie Dye

If you have a chest or two lying around, then use those to store the Barbies and place them in your kids’ room or a playroom so that they can easily access the dolls whenever they want.

You can also look for a small-sized chest made specifically for toys and dolls so that it does not end up taking too much space in a room. You can do this with old suitcases as well.

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5. Hanging Shoe Organizer

Hanging Over Door Toy Storage Organizer (24 Pockets), Compatible with Lol Omg Dolls Barbie Dolls Surprise Doll (Toys Not Included), Deeppink (57.5''x22'')

A hanging shoe organizer can make a perfect storage solution for Barbies. It does not take up too much space either, allowing you to hang it wherever you want in your house.

You can either hang it behind a door so that it is barely noticeable or you can hang it on a wall. Since such an organizer has multiple pockets, you can place each Barbie plus the relevant accessories in each pocket.

You can check out some options for hanging Barbie organizers here.

6. Storage Trays

Mebbay Stackable White Velvet Jewelry Trays Organizer Set with Clear Lid Jewelry Storage Display Trays for Drawer, Earring Necklace Bracelet Ring Organizer, Set of 4

Storage trays can be both functional and aesthetic. You can strategically place the Barbies in them along with some of their jewelry and shoes. Once you set everything up, you can then place these trays as a display piece in your kids’ room or even in your living room.

Getting your kids to decorate the trays can further improve their appearance while also keeping your kids occupied with an activity.

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7. Barbie Closet Case

Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet Portable Fashion Toy with Doll, Clothing, Accessories and Hangers, Gift for 3 to 8 Year Olds

You can either build your own mini wardrobe or closet case or you can simply buy one. Keep this wardrobe for the Barbies lying around in your house so that your kids can have a good time organizing the wardrobe with the Barbie’s clothes and other accessories.

Use additional space in the closet to store the Barbies themselves or place a case next to it where the Barbies can go.

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You can check out some options for Barbie closet cases here.

8. Glass Display

Display Case with Black Velvet Base, Simple Self-Assembly Clear Acrylic Display Box with Lid, 6 Inch (L&W) X 7.8 Inch (H) Cube Countertop Box for Collectibles, Home Organization (6x6x7.87 inch)

A glass display case can be a good addition to your house as it can keep all the dolls in a single place while also allowing your kids to show off their collections. You can also place this display in the kids’ room.

Make sure that it is accessible and safe enough so that your kids can remove the Barbies whenever they want to play.

You can check out some options for glass display cases here.

9. Hanging Bags

Ziploc Big Bags Clothes and Blanket Storage Bags for Closet Organization, Protects from Moisture, Large, 5 Count

Another space-saving storage solution is to place hanging Ziploc or cloth bags on hooks on your kids’ walls. You can also hang these bags inside a closet (or wherever you find space). Then, when your kids want to play with the dolls, they can simply reach out, remove them and place them back when they are done.

Don’t hang them up too high as your kids might not be able to reach them easily.

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10. Shallow Wood Shelving

16 inch Floating Shelves for Wall Set of 3 - Rustic Wall Mounted Picture Ledge Shelf for Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom Home Decor Display, Picture Shelf with Ledge

A shallow wood shelving like this one can be highly convenient for your kids’ room or their playroom. You can place it right behind the door so that it does not take up too much space. It can also act as a hidden shelf that would not be noticeable if the door rests against it.

Place each Barbie and accessories on each shelf.

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11. Shelf/Drawer Organizer

Flytianmy 40Pcs Drawer Dividers, Adjustable Drawer Organizer for Socks, Underwear, Makeup, Can Help Tidy Kitchen, Bedroom, Dresser White

You can buy or make an organizer with multiple dividers in between that can create small boxes or spaces for you to place each Barbie and accessory in. This can keep the Barbies well organized so that your kid can easily pick the Barbie of their choice at any given moment.

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Closing the drawers and shelves can also keep these out of the way or sight if that is something you prefer.

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12. Stackable Container

SGHUO 3-Tier Stackable Storage Container with 30 Adjustable Compartments, Blue Plastic Craft Storage Organizer with Dividers for Beads, Toys, Dolls, Washi Tapes, Nail, Threads

A stackable container with multiple shelves or tiers can allow you to keep all the Barbies and all their accessories in separate tiers, making an organized container that you can then place in a corner of your kids’ room.

If the container has removable tiers, then this can make it even more accessible for your kids.

You can check out some options here.

13. Wall Hooks

Remote Holders Wall Mount Hole Free, Self-Adhesive Storage Box, Pen Holder (2 Pack)

Wall hooks can solve all kinds of storage issues in an instant. Install as many hooks as you want across different walls or in one part of the wall. You can then either directly hang accessories or use pockets to place your Barbies in.

You can also install circular holders so that you can directly place your Barbies in each holder.

You can check out some options here.

14. Barbie Lamp


This is a unique solution in case your kid has some old Barbies lying around that they no longer play with but also don’t quite want to get rid of. Get creative and make a Barbie lamp by sticking each Barbie around the lampshade or around the leg of the lamp.

15. Storage Chair

B FSOBEIIALEO Storage Ottoman with Seat Back, Velvet Ottoman Storage Chair for Vanity, Folding Ottomans for Desk, Storage Cubes Toy Chest Storage Chairs (Grey, Medium)

You can buy a storage chair for your kids that they can comfortably sit on. The topmost part of such chairs usually doubles as a lid that you can open to access a storage area for storing your Barbies and their accessories.

You can check out some options for storage chairs here.

Final Remarks

You have now seen some clever and convenient Barbie storage ideas that you can now try out for your own kids. You can also browse through sites like Pinterest for more ideas.

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