Whether you are a parent, grandparent or just watching the kids for the afternoon, leaving the kids alone with art supplies is an excellent idea. But you also have to find creative ways of boxing them up once the quiet afternoon comes to an end.

If you’re not prepared with storage solutions, here are some crayon storage ideas that might save the day.

crayon storage ideas

8 Crayon Storage Ideas

1. The Box They Came In

Crayons are an item you end up buying almost every year for school. And some parents like to buy more than one box so that they don’t have to worry about it anymore. That makes sense because crayons can be cheap.

But you need a smart way to store them in the house and for the kids to carry them easily to school. Otherwise, they are going to lose one or more crayons all the time and since you can’t buy these in ones, you’re going to have to buy another box.

While this situation is inevitable, you can be smart about storage to minimize the damage. Once you get a handle over this, carrying crayons along for travel also becomes a piece of cake.

The simplest solution, of course, is to keep it in the box it comes in. This is the best way if you bought a good brand of crayons. However, in a matter of months, these boxes break and you will have to think of other ways. That brings us to the next few ideas.

2. Nine-Cube Organizer

Those of you who have done large-scale arranging of art supply materials know the importance of a nine cube organizer. It is a great place to store all the different pencils and markers, including crayons. The advantage of this organizer is that you can also store the artwork and coloring books in the same place.

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You can either pick one cube for all the supplies or get a smaller version of the organizer to store crayons. All you need to do is hold it together with a rubber band and place it in the larger cube.

3. Roll-up Crayon Caddy

If you have watched any of those artsy serial killer movies or TV shows, remember the little roll that a lot of the killers pull out? They unroll it and inside there are tiny pockets with a lot of tools.

Placing all the crayons in one of these is an excellent way to keep them safe. It is also cool enough for kids to strut around with it in their bags. The rolling part of it is an exciting feature and also helps you store the crayons anywhere at home or in school.

And these days, you will find them in so many different designs that with just one of these, you can store a lot more than only crayons. Hop on!

4. Metal Lunch Boxes

This is the simplest solution and possibly the most affordable one too. If you have an extra lunch box that you can spare, all your crayon storage problems are solved. But if you are trying to get your kids to clean up after themselves, a trendy one that can be easily ordered online is a good idea.

From Peppa Pig to Harry Potter, there is a whole range of them available in different sizes. And these boxes work for markers, pencils and all such stationery items.

They don’t necessarily have to be metal, although cleaning those can be easier. These boxes are easy to carry from one room to another. But they are also easy to take from home to school or when you are traveling.

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Another thing to note is a box with a handle is a lot more useful than one without. This is because when the kids have more than one thing in their tiny hands, the handle becomes extremely useful.

By the way, you can use this same lunch box logic with any kind of pencil box. But be careful while picking the material because you want to be able to clean them easily.

5. Clear Bins That Have Dividers

When it comes to storing craft supplies like crayons, clear bins are clear winners for people of any age and aesthetic preference. A lot of them come in the style of a crayon caddy which is still easy to carry from one place to another.

Any retail store will have a crayon caddy because it is a modern solution to your crayon storage problems. And a lot of the new ones even come on rolling carts which makes them an entertaining option at home. Plus, they are available at a reasonable price too and who doesn’t love that?

And if you get a bin with dividers, there’s space for more.

6. Small Stacked Bins

Another great way to store rayons is to get bins or drawers that can be stacked on top of each other. Make sure you pick the right size so that it works for crayons. And a lot of them are angled which makes them a  suitable choice for other stationery items like pens, pencils and markers.

You may not be able to carry them around but you sure can keep them on a desk and make it look good.

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7. Reusable Zipper Bags

Sometimes the simplest answer is the most efficient one. If you don’t want to buy something exclusively to store the crayons and you don’t have extra lunch boxes or pencil boxes or just boxes lying around the house, here’s an idea.

Almost every household has a couple of extra zipper bags lying around. Put them to good use and store your crayons in one of these. These are also easy for kids to open and close. The large-sized reusable ones are better because they last longer than the others.

8. Shoe Boxes with Toilet Rolls

If you are a DIY enthusiast, here’s a little project for you. This one is a great idea and it costs nothing. Everyone orders stuff online these days and we all have those delivery boxes lying around.

Pick anything that is the size of a shoebox. Next, locate some toilet paper rolls and get to the cardboard circle in the middle of the roll.

Just place these rolls in the shoebox and put the crayons in them. Remember that it needs to be tight so that the roll doesn’t slide all over the box.

Parting Thoughts

These are just some of the simplest solutions whether you want to buy them online and get it over with or put a couple of things from around the house together without spending a penny.

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