Ironing boards are long and it can be a bit tricky to store them. Whether you do a lot or a little of this, you don’t want to give it up just because storage space is an issue because wrinkled clothes are not an option… well, most of the time anyway.

So, if you have an ironing board, here are some ironing board storage ideas. Some are easy and others need a little bit of work. Whatever floats your boat.

ironing board storage ideas

6 Ironing Board Storage Ideas

1. Built-in Cabinet

If you have a laundry room, you’d think the problem will solve itself. But this surfboard-like structure doesn’t always make it easy. Not just them, a built-in cabinet is a good solution for those who like their rooms well organized too.

What it involves is building a cupboard section that is exclusively for your ironing board. It is supposed to be slim and tall, which makes it look cute too. All you have to do is fold the board and slip it in.

This is a much better option than pushing it into a regular cupboard because this little section in the closet makes sure that none of the other items in the cupboard are disturbed when you take it out or put it back in.

It’s a practical answer to your storage questions and also saves space. The only downside to this option is that you will have to build it or hire someone for the job.

2. Fold from the Wall

Thanks to the exploration of the minimalist style of interior design, a ton of storage ideas have come into the mainstream. One of those extremely pragmatic ideas is wall mounting storage spaces. And it works just as well for ironing boards too.

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If you want to store your ironing board without having to build a space in the closet, consider mounting it on a wall of the room where you are likely to do the ironing.

Usually, these mounts are placed behind a door so that it is easy to fold the board up when the job is done. The standard design is to fold the board down and unfold its legs to set it up. When you are done, you fold the legs and push the board back up to the door and you are done.

It is easy to use and you don’t need a holder. Pin it to the door and you are good to go. You can also remove it if needed and move the activity to a different room. Of course, for this, you will have to make sure that you use removable pins instead of nailing the board to the door.

This concept works in any room of the house and takes up no space whatsoever. It is almost the perfect solution.

3. In the Broom Closet

If you are looking for a storage solution that does not require any new work, including getting a few removable pins for a wall mount, don’t worry. Your standards are not too high. You’re not reaching for the sky. And even if you are, we have an answer for you.

The broom closet typically meets the height requirements that can accommodate an ironing board. You don’t end up cluttering the space and it’s smart too.

These closets already have space assigned for the likes of laundry baskets, vacuum cleaners and cleaning products. The thing to note here is that the vertical space goes almost unused except for the broom and the mop.

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So, place the broom and mop on one side and tuck the ironing board on the other. That way you don’t disturb the others and you have a nice storage space for the board.

It is easy to remove and put back in. And it’s a great fit for houses that have a hallway closet too.

4. Ditch the Board for a Table

If you don’t do too much ironing and haven’t bought a board yet, consider this. It works for students and those who live in tiny spaces. You don’t always need an entire ironing board. Instead, get a small table or repurpose one of the existing ones to solve your problem.

Pretty sure there is a table somewhere in the house that can be cleared once in a while to get the important clothes ironed. Make sure you put adequate padding on the table before you get started.

The table should be movable so that you can get the job done anywhere in the house. It’s an interesting upcycling project and does not need any purchasing. Plus, you get to choose the look.

The downside is that you’ll have to have a table that is not occupied with things like books and study lamps.

5. Board on a Storage Unit

If you don’t have a table like the one we described just now, then there is the option of picking any of the storage units in the house and using it as a table. If the unit happens to have wheels, well, then you have something of a moving ironing board.

You use the top of the storage unit as the ironing board. In that case, make sure you add enough padding before ironing the clothes. But if you already have an ironing board, you can still use the top of the storage unit as a place to keep the board. And when you need to iron your clothes, just pull the unit wherever you need and get going.

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It’s a great way to recycle existing furniture and take care of all your storage needs. And if it has wheels, you can move it from one room to the other with ease.

6. On the Clothes Hook

Here’s another one. If you don’t want to buy stuff but want a permanent solution to this problem, find one of your clothes hooks and just hang the board on it. This is an easy and quick fix that is also a lasting option.

You don’t need to buy anything new or even make adjustments in the house. It basically needs no effort on your part and is a practical option. The downside is that you can no longer use the back of that door for your jackets. And if you’re concerned about how it looks, well, it doesn’t look great. That’s pretty certain.

In Conclusion

There are many other ways to hide your ironing board. If you think about it, there are tons of places in the house where you can store it and slide out whenever you want to iron clothes. But for now, these will see you through.

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