There are many different ways of storing a motorcycle helmet. It is not something a lot of people put thought into. But once you start considering the motorcycle helmet storage ideas at hand, you will realize that there is absolutely no reason not to get one of these. Here we go.

motorcycle helmet storage ideas

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7 Smart Motorcycle Helmet Storage Ideas

1. Padded Helmet Bag

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Of the many ways there are to store a motorcycle helmet, this is perhaps the best one if you want to use your helmet often. Most of the time, helmet bags are made of cloth which makes them easy to maintain.

They are also easy to store when you are using your helmet. They can be hung anywhere like a jacket in your closet and they don’t take up any extra space. They are also very portable in case you want to store them in your bike’s storage space.

Helmet bags are easy to carry around with you whether it is in town or during travel and some of them even have room for other accessories like gloves and glasses. Most of these helmet bags are tailored in order to keep the helmet safe. They take portability into account which is a great incentive to get one of these.

2. Helmet Storage Case

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If you are not entirely sold on the idea of a cloth bag, here’s an option that might be more to your liking. A storage case is a great way to keep your helmet safe. These are durable boxes that are a great option especially if you want to take the helmet the distance without wearing it.

These helmet storage cases have a sturdy outer shell which keeps them safe in case you are lugging them around town where they might be jostled a bit. You can also install these cases on your bike at the back near the tail if you want to store the helmet while on the road.

The storage case then acts like a compartment where you can keep your helmet for a long time. But it is also tight enough to make sure that insects or animals don’t have access to it. You can also use it as a storage space for accessories without compromising the integrity of your helmet.

These cases are a bit more expensive than the helmet bags, as you might expect. But they are worth every penny because of the extra shielding they provide. If you go for a premium model, you can expect them to keep your helmet comfortable for an extended period of time. Some of them also have extra features like good air circulation which makes sure that the helmet is always fresh.

A premium helmet case will also give you the option of different sizes and shoulder straps. This will keep the helmet snug as a bug when you are traveling (not on the bike) and need the helmet to be stored in a secure place. These are also a good option in difficult weather conditions when you don’t want your helmet to be exposed to the environmental extremities.

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3. Helmet Storage Rack

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Then there is the option of getting a helmet storage rack. These are also referred to as helmet hangers and they are one of the easiest ways to store a helmet at home or office. The obvious benefit that this one has and the prior two options don’t is that you can use this to store multiple helmets with ease.

Motorcycle Accessories,HAINANSTRY 3 Pack Helmet Hanger Helmet Holder Rack Wall Mounted Hook for Coats, Hats, Caps

The other advantage of a storage rack is that it is as easy as just placing the helmet on a table. And of course, you don’t have to worry about airing the helmet because this is an open-air rack unlike the inside of a closet and the airing part gets taken care of automatically.

A rack is also one of the simplest setups you can find for a helmet. It does not take up a whole lot of space because you will be nailing it to a wall. Now, you might think that you can use the nail itself to store the helmet.

Well, you can’t do that because the nail will damage the surface of the helmet that it comes into contact with. A nail is a relatively sharp object that can cause a dent in the helmet’s interior padding. It can also produce rust and that also causes damage to the helmet.

And of course, you can store only one helmet on a nail. But if you get a rack, you can store more helmets and other small objects on the rack like you would on any other rack.

You can find these helmet storage racks with one or more hooks which makes that possible. Some of them are professionally painted so that they match the decor of the room they are in.

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If you get a storage bag and a rack, your helmet storage needs are met for all practical purposes because it will take care of your indoor and outdoor needs. If you have ever seen or used a storage rack, you will know that it can be set up in no time. That’s another perk no one has ever complained about.

4. Helmet Locker

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These lockers are not very popular but they are still a way to store your helmet. These are basically a substitute for a cabinet. You can place it in your garage and store items that are related to your motorcycle.

This includes your glasses, gloves and other gear you might want to keep close and easily accessible. It looks cool and you never have to look around for gear because you will no longer live in the fear of misplacing items related to your motorcycle.

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There are plenty of commercial helmet lockers that are used by people who have the space for an extra almost closet in their homes or office spaces. But on the bright side, if you are looking for storage spaces for more than one person, a batch of these lockers might just come in handy.

5. Helmet Shelf

Speaking of storage options that are spacious, here’s an idea. Shelves are a great way to store your motorcycle helmets. And some of them are made specifically for this purpose so that multiple people can store their helmets in one place without worrying about safety.

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The biggest advantage of these shelves is that they are the same as placing the helmet on a table and walking away. You don’t have to take any extra steps. The other advantage, of course, is that you get space for gear like gloves and glasses. You can store as many accessories as you want without worrying about space.

These shelves are also tailored to make it easy for the helmet to fit without taking too much space. You can get either a standing model or a shelf along the wall. Both of them cost about the same which makes it an aesthetic choice or an option of comfort. Not being tied to a budget only makes it better, doesn’t it? And they are affordable too.

We know what you are wondering. If the shelf is freestanding, would it need more support? Actually, no. But it is better if you can place it next to a wall. Either way, these are pretty easy to assemble which means you don’t need a professional of any kind to put it together for you. Just take about 10 minutes of your time and set up any of these durable shelves.

It is a good time to note that if you are getting a wall shelf, you might need some tools to set it up but those are usually the ones you will find in every toolbox. And depending on who you buy it from, you can sometimes expect the manufacturer to send the required basic tools.

Wall shelves also need a tad more time to install but they are not complicated. And once they are in place, you will have a sturdy and durable storage place for your helmets and then some.

These shelves ensure that your helmets are not getting squeezed out of shape. They also make sure that your helmet is not in an unsafe place from which it might slip or fall.

Some of them have individual blocks for each helmet and some have a collective space. They are all in the same price range which means it is a matter of your choice. And you can also use them to hang jackets and stuff because some of them come with hooks on the sides.

6. Helmet Hook

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Speaking of hooks, here’s a helmet storage idea that makes room for your motorcycle helmet and its gear in a small place like a crowded garage or a trailer. Some of them are advanced designs that have extra space for your garments too. We don’t mean all your clothes but the ones you will need when you are out on a ride.

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You will find wall-mounted hooks which make it easy for you to store your helmet without having to sacrifice space in your already small trailer. They also make it easy for you to access the helmet and your gear remains organized.

You can also mount these hooks higher than your other cabinets and/or closets to save space in the room or garage. This will keep the coast clear for other objects that demand more space. This is an affordable option and you can buy just as many as you want.

US2U Wall Hooks Coat and Hat Rack – Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Entryway Organizer Hanger for Coats, Hats, Caps & Helmet Mount - Sturdy & Decorative Solution to Organize, Storage Or Display - 2 Pack

You also have the option of getting some extra without having to use them. And since it is just a few hooks, you don’t have to worry about storage space for them either. There are quite a few types of these hooks in the market so you might just be spoiled for choice if this is the one you pick.

7. Helmet Storage Cabinet

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This is an option for those of you who are not fans of the exposed storage ideas. This is a storage cabinet designed to meet your helmet storage needs. That sounds like an advertisement but that is the most accurate description of this idea.

If you want to store your helmet somewhere you can easily access and find, you might want to consider getting a helmet cabinet.

These are a good idea because they keep the helmet just as safe as the rest of the options but also protect it from dust. It is a great piece of furniture to have if you live in a dusty city.

A closed cabinet also means there is absolutely no risk of the helmet ever falling off the shelf in case someone happens to nudge it accidentally. You most definitely have space for other motorcycle gear too.

The only thing that might be a setback when it comes to a helmet storage cabinet is that you will have to air the helmet out for a decent amount of time before you put it in the cabinet so that it doesn’t smell funny.

You will also have to make some room for the cabinet itself. If you can afford to do that, you’ve got yourself a great storage option.

Parting Thoughts

A lot of people don’t really think of a secure way of storing their helmets. That’s because we tend to be careless with objects that are already sturdy on the surface. But if you have ever owned a helmet and got a scratch or dent on it, we know that you appreciate these motorcycle helmet storage ideas. Off you go shopping.

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