Are you someone that has a lot of watches that you keep switching between? Or do you simply love collecting watches? If you have issues when it comes to storing them neatly, you can go through these watch storage ideas that we have compiled to create a clutter-free environment at home.

watch storage ideas

Watch Storage Ideas

1. Wall Display

If you want to proudly display your watch collection along with some other accessories, then a wall display shelf can be a great idea while also solving the storage problem.

You can either buy this kind of shelf online or have it custom-made if you are not comfortable making it on your own. You can then place each watch on separate shelves and cover the display with glass to retain the quality.

We Recommend
30 Piece Cherry Wood Watch Display Wall Hanging Case and Storage Organizer Box and Stand Father's Day
  • Versatile 30 watch case is perfect for wall storage or desk display
  • First-class workmanship, material, and design
  • Each watch compartment features removable deluxe 2.5″ watch pillows which can hold a small or large watch up to 65 mm
  • Hang on the wall or use as a stand with the included base piece
  • Stunning cherry wood finish, engravable base, and rich beige faux suede lining highlight the attention to detail and attractive modern design unique to this case
  • Secure your collection with our elegant lock and tassel key.

2. Watch Drawer

A watch drawer designated entirely for your watch collection can effectively solve the issue of storage. You can free up some drawer space inside your cabinets or simply place them elsewhere.

Once you have enough space, you can install distinct watch holders or dividers inside the drawer so that you have separate spaces for each of your watches. This can create a neat arrangement in a simple and cost-effective manner.

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Glenor Co Watch Box with Valet Drawer
  • 12 large compartments
  • Unique, convenient and attractive design
  • Gift box and blank card included
  • 100% satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee
  • “Original” Glenor Co Watch Box
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3. Watch Storage Box

Another small but convenient storage solution is to buy a watch storage box with cushioning inside it. These boxes usually come with separate pockets to hold each watch.

You can also select multiple boxes or opt for varying sizes to meet your requirements based on how many watches you have. This can also make for a good travel option.

We Recommend
Oirlv Premium Velvet 12 Grid Watch Organizer
  • Each compartment with a velvet pillow
  • Made of quality and solid wood composite, and is covered everywhere but its base with very smooth velvet
  • Made by hand with precision
  • Versatile display

4. Watch Stand

A watch stand can hold your watches conveniently while also displaying your collection. You can place this kind of watch stand on your dressing table, bedside table or even a living room table.

This kind of stand usually has multiple rods or panels on which you can hang multiple watches through their wrist straps. You can also find these stands in varying shapes and sizes if that is something you might prefer.

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Oirlv Solid Wood T-Bar Watch Display Stand
  • Made of solid wood and high-quality microfiber
  • Attractive and classical appearance
  • Flat surface keeps your watch facing up all time
  • Solid wood color matches with any jewelry

5. Hooks

There is nothing quite like a bunch of hooks to get rid of any storage issues that you might be facing. With watches, in particular, hanging and installing some hooks or nails on walls or through rods can allow you to hang them by their holes or straps on each hook.

This can be convenient without taking up space since watches are pretty small objects. You can use a cabinet rod for this as well.

6. Bracelet Holder

If you have some existing bracelet holders or stands lying around, then you can make use of them for storing your watches.

These holders usually tend to come with rods of their own, allowing you to hang your watches through their buckled-in straps. You can also try making this kind of organizer on your own to make the entire process even more cost-effective and fun.

We Recommend
Newmind 3-Bars Velvet Bracelet Holder
  • Generously sized with three rods to organize all your bracelets, bangles, watches, necklaces or bangles
  • Each rod can hold 10 to 20 bracelets depending on the thickness of your accessories.
  • Crafted from beautiful soft velvet that protects your jewelry from any scratches or abrasions
  • 3 removable bars arranged in tiers allow you easy to see all the collections at a glance
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7. Industrial Holders

If you want to add an industrial and modern aesthetic to your room, then you can buy or make industrial holders using the above picture as a reference.

Through each of the rod-like racks, then you can place your watches around them by buckling them up. You can also pick multiple sizes to fit all your requirements in case you have a huge watch collection.

We Recommend
MyGift 2-Tier Industrial Pipe T-Bar Jewelry Organizer
  • 18-inch tall black metal industrial pipe jewelry display stand
  • With 2 T-bars and a gray wood base **Some assembly required**
  • Great for hanging necklaces, bracelets, and watches
  • Approximate Dimensions: Overall – 18.25 H x 13.5 W x 8.0 D; Bottom T-Bar – 12.25 W; Top T-Bar – 13.5 W (in inches)

8. Rotating Rack

This kind of rotating rack is usually used to hang earrings or jewelry, but it can also serve the purpose well for holding your watches in place using the clasp. You can also install hook holders through each hole to make the process easier for yourself.

Placing this rack on your dressing table or a living room table can turn it into a unique display rack as well.

We Recommend
4 Tiers Black Rotating Jewelry Display Rack
  • Designed and Manufactured by Bejeweled Display
  • 2.5″ inches between rows , Dimension: 13″ H / Diameter: 7.25″
  • Color: M_Black
  • 184 holes~Hold up to 92 pairs or 184 pairs by putting one piar in each hole, Spins 360 degrees
  • Individually Packed in a sealed box by Bejeweled Display

9. Watch Rolls

These small watch rolls can store a few watches effectively. You can then simply close the case and keep it safely inside your drawers or cabinets. The rolls inside are usually removable as well for simpler handling.

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These rolls can be great options in case you want to travel while taking your watches with you.

We Recommend
CASE ELEGANCE Vegan Leather Travel Watch Case Roll Organizer
  • Includes two sets of watch pillows – one for larger watches and one for smaller watches
  • Created from a solid plastic mold (bottom part of roll) as opposed to solid cardboard
  • Dividers keep watches and bracelets from sliding around
  • Fits men’s and women’s styles, including extra-large watch faces
  • Each watch stays secure by being wrapped around an ultra-soft cushion

10. Watch Trays

You can buy some watch trays that are specifically made to store your watches. These usually come with holders and cushioning for each watch to create a neat arrangement. You can also remove these holders to make it easier to place your watches in these trays.

We Recommend
Watch and Jewelry Display Tray with Grid Pillows
  • 12 grid velvet jewelry tray with pillows
  • Dimensions: 13.75 x 9.5 x 2 inches; each compartment measures 2.8 x 3 inches
  • Ideal for displaying watches and other pieces of jewelry
  • High quality material

11. Wall Clock Watch Holder

Wall Clock Watch Holder

This can take a bit of effort, but you can make your own wall clock or refurbish an old one by hanging hooks around each marker or digit. On these hooks, you can hang your watches with their straps and simply remove them whenever you want to wear them.

Parting Remarks

Through this list, we have now taken you through some clutter-free, simple and aesthetic watch storage ideas that you can now pick from depending on your requirements. You can also opt for multiple options if you think that this will favor your watch storage needs even more efficiently.

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