Once you’re an adult, no matter how many clothes you have, it’s never enough. But at some point, you notice that somehow you’ve too many clothes and storing them has become quite the puzzle.

And with sweaters, you need to know whether you want to fold them or hang them. Once you figure that out, here are some practical sweater storage ideas.

sweater storage ideas

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1.  Shelves in the Closet

sweaters in closet shelf

Every house has a closet with shelves. So, naturally, this is the easiest way of storing any type of clothing. A lot of sweaters that are available these days are not as bulky and hence don’t take up a ton of space.

So, if you have a decent amount of closet space, you are in good hands. You can even keep them along with your regular clothes if you are not using the space that is usually designated for shoes.

But even if you have bulky sweaters, you can figure out how to store them in your regular closet by learning interesting ways of folding the sweaters. That’s right. There’s more than one way to fold your sweater and the way you do it makes it easy for you in terms of the closet space they occupy.

The trick is to fold them such that they end up in a neat rectangle shape. This way, you get to store them easily without the hassle of space.

2. Hang Them in the Closet

hanging sweaters in closet

The second one is for sweaters that are bulky or made of delicate fabrics. Those sweaters should not be folded. So, you are left with the option of hanging them as you would do with a t-shirt or a dress. But remember that the bulky ones also tend to be a bit heavy and the shoulders might get stretched if you leave them hanging for too long.

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But if that is the way to do it, whether to save space in the closet or because it’s the best option for the sweaters at hand, you can take precautions against the stretching. You can get a hanger made of wood or velvet instead of a bunch made of wires. This makes sure that the sweater does not fall off the shoulders of the hanger.

You must also fold the sweater around the hanger so that it does not get stretched. Here’s how you do that.

  • Step 1: Place the sweater on the table. Fold it in half. 
  • Step 2: Place the hanger’s hook such that it is in the armpit between the sweater’s arm and the body.
  • Step 3: Fold the sweater’s body on top of the hanger and fold the sweater’s arms towards the top across the body.

This leaves your sweater looking upside down near the top of the hanger instead of through the hanger. It might look weird but it will keep the sweater from creasing or stretching.

3. Closet Storage Cubes

DIMJ Cube Storage Bins, 3 Packs Clear Window Fabric Storage Bin Organizer for Closet Shelves Home Storage Cubes Organizer with Handles

Then there are closet storage cubes. These are made to fit on shelves or any other open storage spaces without the risk of getting dust on your sweaters. There are a number of varieties in the market made of non-woven fabrics that will keep your sweaters fresh and organized.

You can get them in sets and in different sizes depending on the number of sweaters you have. And once the winter is over, you can put them away the same way without disturbing the arrangement. If that’s not necessary, you can always repurpose them for other clothes that could use the extra space.

These storage cubes are a nice way to reduce clutter. Some of them are also transparent which makes it easy to pick the sweater for the day without having to open the box.

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If you pick polyester or cardboard, you can be assured of their durability too. They are easy to stack and assemble which makes the entire task of organizing quite easy. Check for load capacity and you can use these collapsible organizers for travel too.

The only thing to remember is that you can’t use some of them in damp regions. You should not overload them because the zippers might break. And as always, don’t touch them with greasy hands because some of them are tough to clean.

These cubes come in many colors and patterns which means you can match them with the decor of the room or the shelf they are in. This is particularly helpful if you are storing them in plain sight.

Moreover, they come with sewn-in handles which makes it easy to carry more than one at a time if you need to. It also makes accessing each box easy without dropping them if they are in a tight or small closet space.

You can check out some options here.

4. Sweater Chest

Household Essentials Wooden Arch Trunk Storage Chest, Small, Brown

Apart from storing in the closet, you now have many other storage options if you have the space for furniture in the room. If you were looking for a novel way of storing your sweaters, you might want to consider getting a sweater chest.

These are a new-age take on vintage storage options. Today, you can find them in different materials beyond the cedar wood options that were available in the past. You can pick a size to fit all your sweaters and sometimes, you will have extra space left for other winter items like comforters. This is useful because the rules of storage and safekeeping from dust apply to those items too.

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Typically, these chests have a top opening and there is a lid that needs to be flipped to open the chest. But some of them are small enough to fit in a suitcase if you want a travel-friendly option. However, it is not recommended due to weight considerations.

You can use the top of the chest for small knick-knacks or leave it as is for easy access. But if it is a sturdy one, you can sit on it while you put your shoes on. You can choose to keep the chest inside the closet or someone else in the room based on the available space in the room.

5. Sweater Hanging Rack

SBY Closet Pull Out Trousers Rack,Clothes Organizers for Space Saving and Storage Wardrobe Pants Hanger Bar 13.7×12.7×3 Inch,Side-Mounted, 3 Colors Available

Another one of these novel sweater storage ideas is to get a sweater hanging rack. These are usually meant to be a part of the closet and are to be pulled out from the rack which has your trousers.

They are very convenient because they help you make the most of the existing space in your closet. Sliding them in and out keeps your sweaters safe, but you don’t have to make space for extra furniture like a chest.

You can choose between hanging the sweaters and folding them. Either way, there will be no stretching or creasing. Typically, the rack for pants is anywhere from 18-30 inches wide. This means you can store 12-24 sweaters depending on how bulky your sweaters are.

Check out some options here.

In Conclusion

Storing sweaters can be a little tricky if you don’t put much thought into it. They can be very bulky or the size between your t-shirts and jackets. So, a little bit of investment into organizing them can keep them safe, free of creases and easy to access whenever you need them without disturbing the rest of the rack.

Hopefully, these sweater storage ideas have made it easy for you to arrange your seasonal clothing.

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