If you are a stationery lover or a crafter, chances are you must have a good stamp collection by now. Stamp collection can be addictive and very satisfying, which is why serious crafters tend to have a big collection as the years go by.

If you are struggling with storing your stamps, do not worry. Here are a few clear stamp storage ideas to get you more organized.

clear stamp storage ideas

8 Clear Stamp Storage Ideas

1. Stamp Bins

Arranging and storing stamps can be a hassle and if you don’t do it well, you may end up losing or spoiling some stamps in the process. Stamp bins can be your best friends when it comes to organizing your stamps. These come in many shapes and sizes and will keep your stamps intact and in the same shape as you brought them in.

You need to choose the right shape and size of the bin, keeping in mind your stamp collection. A very small stamp bin will not be able to accommodate a big stamp collection and if you still persist, you may end up tampering with the stamps.

There are some stamp bins that come with dividers and they offer even better storage, as you can file different stamps separately. Before you think they must be expensive, they are not and come in several price points. You just need to look for them thoroughly.

2. Binders

These are a great way of organizing stationery and the same applies to stamps. The best part about binders is that they are also protected by sheet protectors present in these binders. You just need to arrange them carefully so that the stamps don’t get squished in the process.

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3. DVD Holders

Who said DVD holders can only be used for organizing CDs? You can use them to store and organize your stamp collection. Think of it, would it not get easy and super simple to browse through them? Besides, you can also keep the stamps protected because of the sheet protection offered by most DVD/CD holders.

4. Zipper Envelopes

Have you seen those big zipper envelopes that many people use to keep their documents in? You can use these zipper envelopes to store your stamps in one place. They are also ideal for traveling as you can simply carry them.

If you are starting out and don’t have a super-comprehensive collection yet, zipper envelopes actually might be the best bet for you. They are light, efficient and affordable. What else can one want?

5. Stamp Storage Pockets

These are the most common method of storing stamps. These pockets are specifically designed to give a home to your stamp collection and keep them in the best of shape. They come in multiple sizes and you can choose the one best suited to you depending on the size of your stamps.

These can easily be whisked into your stationery drawer so you don’t even have to worry too much about space constraints.

6. Photo Boxes

If you have a lot of vintage stamps or some special stamps that you want to store very carefully, why not store them in old photo boxes? They will complement the vibe of your stamps and also keep them safe and secure.

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Better still if you can find something at your home that belongs to your grandparents or is a box that belongs to a different generation. It can just become your dreamy box to store your prized possessions. Dreamy, isn’t it?

7. Stackable Trays

These are one of the best storage solutions that offer more utility in less space. The fact that they are affordable and come in many colors, shapes and sizes makes them even more utilitarian.

You can either place your stamp storage pockets on these or directly place your stamps on these trays if there are tons of them. These stacks are usually moveable so you can even move them from one room to the other if you need to sans the hassle.

8. Canvas Bags

We live in an age where consumption has literally wreaked havoc on our world. This is why many people are drawn towards sustainability and want to embrace it in all aspects of their life.

If you are one of those and also happen to be a stamp collector, do not worry. We can totally store your stamp collection in sustainable, recyclable canvas bags. These are also light and easy to carry around. Plus, you also get to buy from small businesses. Isn’t that lovely?

Additional Tip

There are tons of storage options available for storing your clean stamp collection. In fact, there are so many choices that you will be literally spoilt for choice. But whatever option you go with, make sure to label your stamp collection well. This will help you from losing stamps in the process and storing different stamps altogether.

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Once you categorize them all, the special ones can go to a separate place from where you store your usual ones. This will keep you more organized and also help you access stamps easily whenever you need to.

The Final Word

Storing stamps may seem daunting at first, but it actually comes down to planning and precision. You need to know how many stamps you have and what are the space and organization options available in your budget. Once you have this clear, it is only a matter of putting it all together.

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