Keeping your guitar cases in various parts of your room or house can create quite a clutter. If you are looking for some guitar case storage ideas, then look no further! We have compiled this list for you so that you can organize all those stray guitar cases. Let’s begin!

guitar case storage ideas

Guitar Case Storage Ideas

1. Case Rack

You can make use of a case rack to store all your guitar cases. You can either make this on your own or look for one and buy it online. These racks are generally wooden and are bound together by two frames on each end of the rack to provide support to the first and last guitar cases.

Between the frames, there are supporting rods that you can lean the guitar cases against. These rods also have markers in between so that you can place each case between two markers without it bumping into the next one. This can be useful if you have the guitars in the cases too.

Another rod at the bottom can hold the cases up in place.

2. Wheeled Rack

A wheeled rack is quite similar to the wooden case rack described above. Like it, it also has two frames on either end that slightly match the shape of a guitar case in terms of the curves.

Similarly, it also comes with suitable rods in between and at the bottom to ensure that your guitar cases can rest securely between them. This rack also comes with wheels so that you can easily move it around in case you need to place it somewhere else or carry it somewhere.

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These could either be made from wood or from metal to provide more sturdiness.

3. Wall-Mounted Shelf

You can also make or buy a wall-mounted shelf or rack that can hold your guitar cases in place without taking up space on the floor. You can make this rack with frames on either side that can hold the cases together. Using adhesive or hooks to mount it on the wall can allow you to place it on the wall.

If you don’t want to take up space due to the frames, then you can simply install steel rods and hang multiple holders on them for each case.

4. Clothes Rail

If you do not want to buy a separate rack or shelf just for guitar cases, you can also convert an unused clothes rail into a case holder. If you have a short enough stand with enough rods that can comfortably hold the cases together, then you can simply place that in the corner of your room along with the cases.

You can also attach hooks or holders to the topmost rod and use that to hang the guitar cases from the rod. In case the case does not have a strap or handle, you can attach a sturdy DIY one.

5. Cabinet Frame

A simple solution for storing your guitar cases is by simply using an empty cabinet or making or buying a new one. Make sure you look for a frame that is barebones without having inner rods, although hooks can help if you want to hang the cases.

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You can also install hooks or simply keep the cases standing on the floor of the cabinet. If you want to store other accessories, you can opt for a cabinet with bottom drawers as well.

6. Double Shelf Rack

A double shelf rack can give you more space to store your guitar cases if you have lots of them. This rack can include two shelves with a separating rod in between as well as markers on each shelf to keep each guitar case separate from the other.

The bottom shelf, in this case, is layered behind the top shelf so that the guitar cases have enough space to stand.

7. Carousel

A carousel is generally used for guitars, but you can also make use of it for guitar cases with the guitars placed inside them. These carousels come with two round layers that you can spin around to access the guitar case of your choice.

There are also holders in place to keep the neck of the guitar secure.

8. Folding Rack

A folding rack can open up to hold your guitar cases in place between the markers. You can then place it in any part of your room to give a stylish appeal to the room. You can also remove the cases whenever required and fold this rack up like a briefcase for moving it around conveniently.

Final Remarks

Through this list, we have taken you through some practical ideas that you can pick from when it comes to storing your guitar cases.

For most of these, you can either make or buy them based on your convenience. You can also browse through Pinterest for some more inspiration and ideas.

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