Potato chip bags lying around can cause quite a clutter around your kitchen or house. If you want to figure out how to sort them well once and for all, you can go through some of the following potato chip storage ideas that you can then pick from and apply.

potato chip storage ideas

Potato Chip Storage Ideas

1. Door Organizers

Door organizers or racks can help you save plenty of space since you can merely attach them to the back of your kitchen or pantry door. You can go for various kinds of racks such as plastic, wire or even wood.

You can then organize all the potato chip packets in these racks according to flavor, color or even randomly.

Our Pick
Smart Design Over The Door Pantry Organizer Rack
  • Securely hangs over door
  • Can be mounted to doors w/ included hooks & screws.
  • All Smart Design products undergo stringent quality assurance & control.
  • Dimensions: 7.25 x 18.5 x 63.2 inches (L x W x H)

2. Cookie Sheets with Magnet Clips

If you do not have much use for those cookie sheets lying around, you can stick them to the back of your kitchen or pantry door. On these, you can then attach multiple magnet clips that can hold all your chips packets for you.

You can also simply attach these magnet clips to your refrigerator door and hang the chip packets from them. This method can work well for both opened and unopened chip packets.

Our Pick
Strong Whiteboard Magnetic Clips(30mm Wide)
  • Durable stainless metal construction, and quality silver finish.
  • Scratch Safe
  • Multi-functional Magnetic Clips
  • Great Organizer
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If you do not have cookie sheets lying around, this magnetic board is a great alternative!

Our Pick
  • Made from high quality steel and powder coated a matte silver-white grey
  • Ideal for magnets
  • Neutral color looks good everywhere
  • Designed for versatility in use

3. Baskets

There’s nothing like a classic basket that can solve your storage issues for you. Buy a few perforated or woven baskets that you can then keep on your pantry or kitchen shelves or even inside cabinets and drawers.

Organize the chip packets based on a convenient system or order. You can also keep similar flavors in a single basket.

Our Pick
Stackable Wire Baskets For Pantry Storage
  • 6x6x6” large metal storage baskets
  • Stackable metal storage bins
  • With handle and label-holder
  • With top-notch materials & a powder coating finish
  • Versatile wire mesh basket

4. Hangers

If you have some hangers around the house, especially those with clippers on them, then you can hang them on a rod in your kitchen or pantry or simply on doorknobs. If you have wire racks then these can hold your hangers as well. You can then hang multiple packets of chips from them.

Attach clips to these hangers if they do not already have them.

5. Rotating Chip Rack

Designate a space entirely for your chips using a rotating chip rack that you can then place on a table, inside your pantry or in a corner of your kitchen. You can then hang multiple opened or unopened packets from the clips on this rack.

Browse through different flavors in each column so that you can easily pick one out.

Our Pick
Polmart Heavy Duty Adjustable Three Tier Counter Top Spinner Display Stand
  • Versatile – Set Stand Height According to Your Need
  • Individual Adjustable – Tiers Can Be Removed or Added and Set at Different Heights
  • Elegant Mirror Surface Finish
  • Durable Material – Chrome Plated Steel
  • Heavy Duty – Reinforced Frame and Extra Heavy Base
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6. Cardboard Rack

You can either buy a readymade but pre-assembled cardboard rack for your potato chips or you can make one on your own using spare cardboard in your house.

You can then keep this rack in your kitchen and arrange the packets according to your convenience. You can also label each rack for easier access.

Our Pick
Retail Display 4 Tier Cardboard Rack
  • Fully customizable display space
  • Easy assembly

7. Hanging Shoe Holder

Hanging shoe holders can be highly versatile for your storage needs since they have individual pockets and also do not take up too much space. Simply hang them behind your kitchen or pantry door and place individual chip packets in each pocket for simple access.

These usually come with hooks that you can simply attach to the top of your door.

Our Pick
SimpleHouseware Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer
  • 24 clear pockets hanging shoe organizer
  • Hangs on standard door or closet rod, no hardware needed
  • Protects shoes or items from dust and damage
  • Great for organizing shoes, kids toy, beauty accessories and more stuff in your bedroom
  • Dimension: 64″ H x 19″ W

8. Nails and Clips

A combination of nails and clips can be highly versatile since you can attach multiple nails to various parts of your kitchen and pantry walls or doors. You can then hang clips of any kind to these nails so that they can hold up your chip packets for you.

This can also be convenient for opened packets as you can roll them in and secure them with the clip.

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For a nail-free option, we recommend the Command Spring Clips:

Our Pick
Command Spring Clips
  • Damage-free hanging
  • No tools required
  • Strong and versatile
  • Removes cleanly

9. Storage Containers

If you have any empty storage containers in your house and enough storage space for them, then you can consider emptying out your chip packets and keeping them inside airtight containers.

Then, you can access them whenever you want. Keep different flavors in separate containers and label them.

Our Pick
Large Food Storage Containers
  • Perfect for storing dry food
  • Made from High-Grade Plastic
  • Seal securely
  • Stackable design

10. Drawers

Free up some space in your kitchen drawers and add dividers inside them so that you can organize and arrange your potato chip packets in a neat and accessible manner. Do this according to flavor or color or randomly; the choice is entirely up to you!

Our Pick
mDesign Plastic Food Storage Organizer
  • Great for separating and organizing packets
  • 4 divided sections
  • Works well on counter, in cabinets, pantry, and more
  • Made of durable, shatter-resistant plastic

Concluding Remarks

Those were some great and convenient potato chip storage ideas that we found. You can now go ahead and pick one (or more) out so that you can finally stop seeing random chip packets lying around your kitchen.

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