Tired of seeing your garage overflowing with clutter? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back with these easy garage loft storage ideas.

Organizing your garage can be quite a challenge. Here’s how to make the most of your garage.

garage loft storage ideas

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12 Garage Loft Storage Ideas

1. Utilize the Walls

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You can create a lot of space by hanging shelves, hooks or bins off the wall. They are easy to set up and do not take up too much room, creating a compact storage space.

You can also affix 3 ¼ inch plywood to your garage wall. This will create an easy fastening surface for you. You can mount all your storage hardware without worrying about damaging the actual wall.

Whether you want a rack for storing boxes or hooks for hanging sports gear, it can be easily arranged—all you need is a drill and some hooks.

2. Vertical Storage

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Does it feel like ages since you’ve caught a glimpse of your garage floor? We feel you! Your garage can feel extremely full if all your stuff is spread out over the floor in boxes.

Storage bins are a great idea to declutter and organize all your stuff. If you label them and organize your stuff by season or activity, finding the item you want will be really easy.

If you want to take your storage game up a notch, consider vertical storage. Get racks to store your bins vertically. You can see all your stuff at a glance, save on floor space and can get to the storage bins on the bottom without having to lift anything.

3. Overhead Storage

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If you have a lot of light or medium-weight items that you don’t need very often, you should consider overhead storage. It is suitable for items like camping gear, seasonal sports equipment, or holiday decorations.

You don’t need any fancy equipment, your plastic storage bins can be taken off the floor and hung off the garage roof. It only takes a day’s work!

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Screw in a couple of 2x2s to the ceiling. Use the width of the plastic bin lids as guidance for spacing. You should be able to slide the bins between the 2x2s without difficulty. Use 3 ½ inch screws to secure the 2x2s into place.

Now, screw 1x4s on each 2×2. Make sure to center them. Use 2-inch screws and space them out at every 2 feet.

Your overhead storage system is ready. You should be able to slide the bins onto the planks and they will just hang off the ceiling by their lids. Make more columns if you need to store more bins.

4. Corner Shelves

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Do you think you already have shelves at every feasible spot in your garage? Think again! Corner shelves are a great way to utilize every nook and cranny of your garage, but most people forget about them.

Just install corner studs and use scrap plywood to make shelves that fit between the studs. It’s very easy to set up and you get a nifty space to store all the small items that get lost in large bins or racks.

If you have a lot of DIY or home maintenance stuff like waxes, oils, glues or polishes, you now have a dedicated space to store them.

5. Canvas Storage

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If you love decorating your house for the holidays, you probably have a ton of decorations in your garage. Storing them can be tricky, most of them are pretty delicate and some of them are quite vulnerable to dirt and dust.

Canvas storage bags are a great way to store decorations. They come with little compartments to keep small decorations safe. You can also store artificial wreaths or trees in canvas storage bags as they can be zipped up to avoid bugs.

6. Storage Cabinets

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If your garage is the resting place for all your seasonal gear, DIY projects and sports equipment, it might be well worth your time to consider garage storage cabinets. They provide a sturdy storage space to organize all your items neatly.

Decide on a layout that suits your wall space and storage requirements and install storage cabinets onto the walls. You have a good permanent space for all your stuff and your garage is clutter-free.

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If you choose the right materials, you can install cabinets without spending too much.

7. Storage Tubes

If you have a lot of sports equipment like tennis or badminton racquets and baseball bats or a lot of long-handled tools, storage tubes are a great way to store them.

You just need some concrete-forming tubes. They are cheap and very light since they’re made of cardboard. Lay down a 2×4 to keep them off the floor and secure them to the wall with a plumbing strap and garage studs.

8. Storage Cubbies

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Sometimes, having a lot of shelves and cabinets isn’t enough to prevent a mess. We can often be in a hurry and it is very convenient to have a storage space we can just dump our stuff in.

Set up a row of cubbies and all your stuff is visible and easily accessible. Cubbies are great for stuff you frequently use. Put up a few bins on top of the cubbies to get maximum storage space.

9. Sliding Shelves

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Sliding shelves are a very efficient way to save space. Picture a drawer turned sideways—that’s exactly how sliding shelves work! They free up so much space by utilizing vertical space that you can store almost double the items you used to.

If you have some space between a cabinet and a wall, sliding shelves are a great way to even out the room and maximize your storage space. It is a neat way to keep a lot of small items tucked away and out of sight. Just slide out the shelf and you can access them easily.

10. Rolling Workbench

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A rolling workbench could make your life a lot easier, especially if your garage is used both as a parking space and a workspace.

You know you need your space when you’re working on a project. A rolling workbench can be rolled out to the center of the garage and you have plenty of space to work. When you’re done, just roll it back up against the wall and you have space to park your car.

A rolling workbench could help you transform your garage into a workshop without having to compromise on parking space.

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11. Pegboard

Wall Control Pegboard Rack Garage Storage Galvanized Steel Horizontal Peg Board Pack - Two 32-Inch x 16-Inch Shiny Metallic Metal Peg Board Tool Organization Panels

Pegboards are a great way to make your storage flexible and customizable. Just mount a pegboard onto a wall and you have an easy way to store whatever you want. You can add racks, hang a new shelf or even hang up a bike.

Here are two handy storage solutions for tools that can be hung off a pegboard:

Pegboard Cubbyhole

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Slender tools or craft supplies have a tendency to inexplicably get lost or roll under cabinets or workstations. A pegboard cubbyhole is a simple solution for storing these accessories.

You can even make it yourself! All you need is some PVC pipes and peg hooks. Hang the peg hooks on the pegboard and hang the PVC pipe off the hook. It’s that simple! You now have a horizontal storage solution for pencils, brushes, files, zip ties or anything you want.

1 ½  inch or 2 inch PVC pipes will do for most tools. You can hang several of them and organize your tools by use.

Pegboard Shelf

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Pegboard shelves are a super-easy way to create a fancy-looking space for tools with minimum effort.

To make it yourself, take a 2 or 2 ½ shelf and drill in holes for storing tools like screwdrivers, chisels, etc. Next, drill 2 holes on the edges for the hooks.

Take a pair of pliers and bend the hooks about 85 degrees and affix them to holes on the edges of the shelf. Make sure they are secure so that the shelves don’t fall off later. Hang the hooks on the pegboard and you’re all set.

12. Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars Yard Tool Rack (Large)

Monkey bar wall units are quite popular as garage loft storage solutions. They are made of steel and quite durable. You can hang a wide variety of tools and items on them.

You can hang long-handled tools like rakes or shovels, garden hoses or even wheelbarrows. All you need is a hook and you can hang almost anything off the monkey bar wall unit.

Wrapping Up

Organizing the overflow of junk in your garage might seem like an insurmountable task. But it doesn’t have to be! With these helpful garage loft storage ideas, we’re sure you can turn your garage into a neat, clutter-free space.

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