If you have a crawl space in your house, then you can consider refurbishing it and making it ready for use as a storage space. This can be a good way to clean up the house. You can go through some crawl space storage ideas below for some inspiration.

crawl space storage ideas

Cool, dark, and damp if unfinished crawl space can lead to moisture and mold damage, as mentioned, and it can also lead to pests and insects under your home. This is why it’s so important to get to the root of the problem instead of just cleaning up the water and moving on. A finished crawl space with encapsulation has many benefits. These include fast, clean installation, removing mold and mildew from the air in your home, utility bill savings, added storage space, and much more. The benefits outweigh the costs of a finished crawl space.

Crawl Space Storage Ideas

1. Shelving

You can install some hanging shelves or regular wall shelves and racks to create some storage space inside the crawl space. You can then keep all your belongings and organize them neatly on these shelves.

Whenever you feel the need for the stored items, you can simply take them out. It can be better to keep underused or seasonal things here so that you do not need to keep accessing them.

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2. Airtight Containers

If your crawl space is pretty small and cannot hold proper shelving, then you can simply keep all your required belongings inside airtight containers and label them all accurately so that you can easily access them at a later point.

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Keep these containers as a stack or side-by-side on the floor of your crawl space. Keep them tightly shut and make use of various sizes for different objects.

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3. Layered Shelves

Layered shelves or open pull-out shelving can be another resourceful option for your crawl space since these can solve the issue of a small and narrow area as well.

You can add multiple tiers to the racks and arrange multiple small objects on them. You can also place plastic containers on these layers for better and efficient use of the space.

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DecoBros Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer
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  • Removable split card help you to group items
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4. Root Cellar

root cellar

A root cellar is a structure built close to the earth or even underground to store certain kinds of foods, vegetables and even alcohol for a long period of time without needing to add preservatives.

You can convert your crawl space into a root cellar by adding shelves and placing jars, airtight containers, wine bottles and other relevant foods so that you can access them at will and preserve them for long enough.

5. Hidden Access

Hidden Access

If you have access to your crawl space from one of your rooms in the house, then you can create hidden storage space by converting the door into an externally accessible bookshelf or storage shelf.

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You can then keep underused or actual secret objects inside the crawl space as long as you have encapsulated the space properly and as safely as possible.

6. Storage Cart

A clever and accessible crawl space storage idea can be to build a storage cart either by simply adding wheels to a pallet or creating a proper shelved box with wheels.

You can then store your boxes or objects on this cart and roll the cart in and out of the crawl space using a handle without needing to enter it fully.

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7. Cardboard Boxes

Quite simply, if you have shelves inside your crawl space, you can place cardboard boxes containing all your essential objects on these shelves and access them whenever required.

Make sure you label these boxes accurately. You can also place them on the floor as long as you encapsulate the space and provide some sheeting beneath the boxes.

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8. Overhead Storage

You can install overhead storage on the ceilings or shafts in case you are worried about storing things on the floor or close to the ground (not that they will be too high up in a crawl space anyway).

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Make sure these are sturdy enough so that they can hold boxes or multiple objects. You can then access them whenever required.

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9. Cabinets

You can use this example to create deep cabinets inside your crawl space, especially if the space is particularly small. This can then make it much easier for you to access your belongings in the cabinets since you can simply pull them out using their handle.

You can also keep multiple cabinets with dividers if the space permits.

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Yaheetech Wall Mount Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf
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10. Ceiling Storage Rack

A storage rack installed to the ceiling of your crawl space can add some additional shelving between the joists or beams. You can then place reasonably sized tote container bins in these spaces.

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Overhead Garage Storage Rack
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Convenient adjustable rails
  • Versatile storage rack
  • Easy installation

Final Thoughts

Through this list, we have now taken you through some clever crawl space storage ideas. All you need to do now is clean up your crawl space and make it safe for you to apply any of these ideas to it. You can then easily access the stored items when you feel the need for them.

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