RV bathrooms tend to be pretty small, especially if you need to store some of your bathroom accessories in them for living in an RV for a certain time period. To help you out, we have created this list of RV bathroom storage ideas to make the process easier and clutter-free.

rv bathroom storage ideas

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17 RV Bathroom Storage Ideas

1. Hanging Organizer

2 Pack - KIMBORA 6 Large Mesh Pockets Closet Door Hanging Shoe Rack Organizer Narrow Shoe Holder Over Door, White (13.7'' by 30'')

A hanging organizer is a foldable piece made from plastic, cloth or mesh. This kind of organizer comes with multiple pockets that you can then use for storing small accessories such as shampoos, soaps, hairdryers, toothbrushes, paste, razors and more.

You can then hang this organizer on any wall of the bathroom by attaching nails and hooks. You can also hang it on the door of the bathroom or on the rod of the shower curtain.

This kind of hanging organizer will not take up any extra space in your bathroom, preventing any kind of clutter from occurring in an already small space.

2. Door Baskets

Nicunom 2 Pack Grid Storage Baskets with Hooks, Over Cabinet Door Organizer, Wire Basket Hanging Storage Organizer Steel Wire Sink Organization for Kitchen & Bathroom, Holds Shampoo, Body Wash, Bronze

You can attach baskets to the inner side of the door of your RV bathroom. You can either use multiple such baskets and drill or glue them to the bathroom door, or you can use a single rack that comes with multiple baskets attached to it.

In each basket, you can then place your toiletries and other accessories as required. Since these baskets are attached to the door, they will not get in the way when you need to navigate your way around the bathroom.

For better access, you can also install some of these baskets to the walls near other parts of the bathroom, such as the sink, shower or toilet.

3. Shower Curtain Pockets

N&Y HOME Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain or Liner with 9 Mesh Pockets - White, 71x72 Inches

Shower curtain pockets can be a unique and practical approach to making your RV bathroom clutter-free. You can buy such pockets in bulk online and simply stick them to the shower curtain using a strong adhesive.

You can then place your toiletries in these pockets and use them whenever required. These pockets will take up no extra space in the bathroom and can be highly convenient.

You can also cut out pockets from your old clothes and stick them to the shower curtain if you don’t want to buy them.

4. Tension Rod Caddies

Blu-Pier Tech - 2 x Pack - Powder Steel Adjustable Tension Rods, 16-24', White

Bathrooms tend to have a tension rod that is attached from one wall to another. There might be smaller tension rods located across different walls of your bathroom as well. On these rods, you can hang small baskets or caddies and place your toiletries in them.

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This can allow you to hang multiple caddies throughout your bathroom without using any valuable floor space. If you do not find a tension rod, you can use a long pipe or rod and attach it to a wall in the bathroom.

5. Hanging Toiletries Bags

BAGSMART Large Toiletry Bag Travel Bag with Hanging Hook, Water-resistant Makeup Cosmetic Bag Travel Organizer for Accessories, Shampoo, Full Sized Container, Toiletries

You might own several toiletry bags that you often use while traveling. These bags tend to have several pockets for different toiletries and many of them can also be unrolled to become a flat sheet with pockets.

If you are in an RV, you can simply hang these bags on hooks or racks around the bathroom and unfold them to easily access your toiletries without using any extra space in the bathroom. Even if you cannot unfold them fully, you can hang them so that you do not need separate baskets.

6. Hooks

DDMY Adhesive Hooks Kitchen Wall Hooks- 24 Packs Heavy Duty 13.2lb(Max) Nail Free Sticky Hangers with Stainless Hooks Reusable Utility Towel Bath Ceiling Hooks

A highly convenient and inexpensive way of creating storage space in your RV bathroom is to stick multiple hooks across the walls of the bathroom. You can buy these hooks in bulk online or from a nearby store.

Buying adhesive hooks can help you stick them onto the walls without putting in too much effort. Stick them wherever required and then hang all possible toiletries or baskets from these hooks to avoid clutter.

7. Wall-Mounted Dispensers

Bosharon Wall Mounted Manual Soap Dispenser for Home, Bath, Kitchen, Hotels, Restaurants. Shower and Lotion Dispenser (Grey)

Wall-mounted dispensers in your RV bathroom can prevent the need to have separate bottles of shampoo and bars of soap. These dispensers can store liquid soap and shampoos inside them, allowing you to press a button to take some of it in your hand whenever you need to use it.

This can create plenty of space in the bathroom since shampoo and soap bottles tend to require storage spaces the most.

You can also mount these dispensers on the wall near the sink to save up even more space. Make sure you keep them at an accessible height so that you can use them conveniently.

8. Accessory Holders

Tooletries - The James Organizer - Silicone Toiletry Holder, Shower & Bathroom Accessory - Features Silicone-Grip Technology, Removable & Reusable - Grey

You can install or stick accessory holders across relevant walls of the bathroom. For instance, you can buy separate holders for razors, pastes and toothbrushes that you can mount to the wall. These holders generally come in sets of two or more.

Make sure you buy enough of these holders depending on your requirements. Buy separate kinds as well so that you can use them for different kinds of toiletries. This will prevent the need to keep your toiletries in baskets around the sink or on the floor.

You can also use knobs in the bathroom as holders in case you have accessories that you can hang, such as jewelry or hairdryers with straps.

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9. Drawers

2 Pack - Simple Trending Stackable 2-Tier Under Sink Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer, Silver

Beneath the sink in your bathroom, you might have a cabinet that has the pipework for the sink. Around this pipe, there might be a bit of space that you can cleverly make use of by installing wooden or plastic drawers.

In this case, sliding drawers can be more convenient as you can pull them out easily to access their contents whenever required. You can also buy wall-mount racks with multiple drawers in them and attach them in case you do not have enough cabinet or floor space.

10. Towel Racks

LELUXE Bathroom Towel Rack Shelves - SUS304 Stainless Steel Rustproof with Double Towel Bar & 5 Hooks, Shower Room Organizer, Shelf Holder, Bathroom Storage for Towels, Bathrobes, Shower Caddy, Brush

Towel racks in your bathroom can make interesting storage corners, especially if they are located at a short height from the counter. In the space between the rack and the wall or counter, you can place your toiletries such as shampoo and soap bottles (or anything that can fit, really).

You can also make use of wall-mounted towel racks to hang some accessories if possible, apart from your towels themselves. Hanging baskets on these racks can also provide a good amount of space for your toiletries.

To create this kind of space, you can consider installing multiple towel racks and rods to use for unique storage solutions.

11. Swivel Bars

Towel Rack Wall Mounted, Bathroom Towel Rack JSVER SUS304 Stainless Steel Swivel 6 Arms Towel Bar 180° Rotation Space Saving Towel Racks for Bathroom

Swivel bars can be a great way to store some flatter accessories, such as towels of all sizes. You can buy a few of these and install or stick them to the walls of your bathroom

 The bars on these can swivel around from one side to the other so that they rest flat against the wall when not in use.

If you have towels on these bars, then they can stay flat against the wall too. You can pull them out to a certain extent if you want to hang wider accessories or toiletries.

Either way, swivel bars can allow you to store multiple things without cluttering any part of the bathroom.

12. Toilet Paper Holders

KES Toilet Paper Holder Bathroom Tissue Holder Paper Roll SUS 304 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Matt Black, A2175S12-BK

Toilet paper holders can make interesting storage spaces for things other than toilet paper as well. You can hang multiple small baskets or accessories on these holders, especially if you place several such holders on different walls of the bathroom.

You can also choose to install some of them vertically instead of horizontally to hang a variety of toiletries. For example, multiple towels can hang well on such vertical toilet paper holders.

You can also hang small pockets or bags filled with toiletries on horizontal holders.

13. Narrow Garbage Cans

mDesign Plastic Small Trash Can, 1.5 Gallon/5.7-Liter Wastebasket, Garbage Container Bin with Handles for Bathroom, Kitchen, Home Office, Holds Waste, Recycling, 10' High, Aura Collection, Navy Blue

Narrow garbage cans can end up saving plenty of space in the RV bathroom. You can easily maneuver them into narrow spaces in the bathroom as well, such as next to the toilet or in spaces near the sink.

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You can also hang these to a hook on the wall or on the door of the bathroom if you feel comfortable doing so.

14. Toilet-Surrounding Shelves

ALLZONE Bathroom Organizer, Over The Toilet Storage, 4-Tier Adjustable Shelves for Small Room, Saver Space, 92 to 116 Inch Tall, Black

Depending on the location of the toilet in the RV bathroom, you can place several shelves around the toilet to use up the otherwise narrow or inaccessible space between the toilet and the wall.

You can make use of thin, vertical and open cabinets with multiple shelves inside so that you can store small objects on each shelf. You can do this on the other side of the toilet too if you have the space.

Similarly, you can install a shelf on the wall on top of the toilet for storing the required toiletries and accessories.

15. Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic Bag Holder, Mesh Grocery Bag Holder Hanging Storage Bag Dispenser (Black 2 Packs)

You can buy short or tall plastic bag holders and attach them to the door and walls of your RV bathroom. Instead of placing plastic bags in them, you can place other toiletries that you want to store. For instance, you can roll your towels up and place them in this holder.

You can also stack multiple toilet paper rolls inside this holder so that you do not need to look for extra space in the bathroom for them.

16. Wall Mount Folders

X-cosrack 3 Tier Hanging Metal Wire Basket Bin with 5 Hooks Foldable Wall Mount File Holder Sorter Magazine Mail Rack Fruit Organizer Foyer Storage for Kitchen Bathroom Entryway Garage Office-3 Pack

Wall mount folders can be an interesting and practical addition to your RV bathroom. These folders are essentially racks or baskets that you can store your accessories and toiletries in. You can then mount them to different parts of the wall depending on where you need them.

You can then fold these baskets up so that they rest nearly flush against the wall, allowing you to use the remaining space in the bathroom for other storage needs.

17. Taped Coffee Cans

Instead of throwing away your coffee cans after usage, why not turn them into storage spaces for your toiletries? If you gather multiple empty coffee cans, you can clean them up and tape them together to create a vertical hollow cylinder that you can keep in a corner of your toilet.

You can use these to hold toilet paper or towels. You can also cut them up to make one side flat. Stick these onto the walls of the bathroom and use them for your toiletries.

Final Remarks

Through this vast list, we have given you some practical and convenient RV bathroom storage ideas that you can now make good use of depending on your requirements.

You can use multiple of these at once as well to be as thorough and organized as possible.

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