In the carpets in particular, there are many germs, mites and dirt particles that we cannot remove with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Even if the roughest dirt is removed in this way, the carpet should be cleaned in depth every now and then. That brings us to the question, “Do steam cleaners clean carpets better than others, and if so, how?”

do steam cleaners clean carpets

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Do Steam Cleaners Clean Carpets?

Yes, in fact, cleaning your carpet with a steam cleaner is a good way to clean it. The hot vapor kills most micro-organisms and other unwanted guests, making your carpet really clean. You can read exactly how a steam cleaner works in this blog.

If you have carpet in your house, it will get dirty over time. This is completely normal and is the case with every floor. Hard floors are easier to clean than carpets or carpets. Dirt accumulates between the fibers and is therefore more difficult to remove, but it is certainly not impossible.

Before you get started with the steam cleaner, first take the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard and vacuum thoroughly. This is very important: if you don’t vacuum, the dirt will accumulate even deeper in the carpet and cause stains.

Different Ways of Steam Cleaning

steam cleaning carpet

There are various steam cleaners to clean your carpet. You can choose to do this with a traditional steam cleaner, with a steam mop, you can hire a professional and have it done professionally or you can rent a machine yourself and get started.

Whichever way you choose, you are assured that your carpet looks fresh, is clean and smells good again. Below I describe the different steam cleaners with which you can clean your carpet.

Traditional steam cleaner

With a traditional steam cleaner, I mean a carriage steam cleaner such as the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner. This has handy attachments with which you can easily clean your carpet, floor covering or rug. It has a large water tank with which you can clean large surfaces. Ideal for your living room, for example.

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A traditional steam cleaner also has the right attachments to immediately clean your sofa.

Steam mop with carpet glider

A steam mop is more affordable than a traditional steam cleaner, but it often has fewer attachments and less steam power, but it’s still a handy piece of equipment to have. To clean your carpet with a steam mop you need a carpet glider attachment: these are usually supplied as standard.

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Once the carpet glider is in place, clean the carpet just as you would with a hard surface.

Have it professionally cleaned

A professional will get your carpet clean and has the knowledge and the means to thoroughly clean your carpet. The downside is that this comes with a hefty price tag.

Rent a steamer

You can easily rent a steam cleaner or a professional carpet cleaner at most hardware stores. Both machines will most likely deliver better results than the device you have at home: renting a professional device is a good alternative to hiring a professional: at least you now have the right equipment.

Steam Cleaner vs Shampooer: What’s the Difference?

Shampoo and steam cleaning are popular carpet cleaning choices. Drying times are about the same, but one immediately clears the soil while the other scrubs deeply.

Both methods are deep cleaning, water-based solutions that take 12 to 24 hours to dry. Thin carpets and well-ventilated areas dry faster.

Steam cleaning is an industry misnomer. Hot water extraction is more accurate. The shampoo method has a reputation for grinding dirt into the carpet; actually, turning the brush lifts dirt from deep within the carpet to the surface for vacuum removal.

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How shampooer works

The shampoo method uses a standard floor polisher equipped with a clean water tank and a soft nylon brush attachment. While the brush is spinning at a slow 175rpm speed, the technician dispenses a small amount of shampoo to scrub the carpet. It is recommended to vacuum before and after the process.

Shampooer benefits

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1. It washes many types of surfaces

Shampooers are commonly used for cleaning rugs and carpets, but there are also models that can wash different surfaces. Certain types of shampooers and their supplied accessories will allow you to thoroughly wash mattresses, sofas, armchairs or even the interior of your car.

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2. Great power against stains and dirt

Shampooers have two functions. They propel a powerful jet of hot water that deep cleans, loosens and removes grime from the surfaces they are used on. The machine then immediately sucks up the loose dirt.

3. Great autonomy

Depending on the type of model, the tank is larger or smaller. The carpet shampooer with a larger container than sofa shampooers for example, can be used over a longer period of time. You will not have to interrupt your cleaning to go and empty the tank.

4. An ally against allergies

The fibers of carpets and rugs can contain allergens and dust mites which increase the risk of allergy. Cleaning your surfaces with this type of device will allow you to eliminate them effectively while sanitizing your living space.

How steam cleaning works

Steam cleaning uses a powerful vacuum and pump system, either mounted in a truck outside the work area or via a portable, electrical unit. The technician will use a cleaning rod attached to a solution hose and a vacuum hose for wastewater. As the technician pulls the wand towards him, he releases a cleaning solution into the carpet which is immediately sucked off by the vacuum.

Steam cleaner benefits

steam cleaner 1

1. Multiple use

The steam cleaner is a multi-surface device that you can use in different places of the house. From the tiles in your kitchen to your floors, rugs, carpets and your entire bathroom, it will eliminate bacteria and encrusted dirt. The accessories that come with it allow you to clean different types of surfaces. You will no longer need to alternate between your different tools and cleaning devices during your cleaning.

2. Easy to use and efficient

The steam cleaner is one of the easiest devices to use for cleaning. It is also incredibly effective against all types of dirt. To use it, you just have to fill the tank of your device and let the water heat up for a few moments depending on the power of the model. When you clean a surface, it propels hot vapor at high pressure which quickly and easily removes stains and dirt.

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3. Faster drying

In addition to cleaning and scrubbing thoroughly, the steam mop also allows for quick washing and drying. Washed surfaces will dry much faster than with a mop. Handy if you need to do a last-minute cleaning before entertaining guests.

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4. A maintenance device that protects the environment

Using a steam cleaner saves you from having to use detergents that are harmful to you, but also to the environment. Since it only works with water, you can save money on household products while preserving your health and that of your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you steam clean wool carpet?

No, wool is very delicate and cannot withstand very high temperatures. Steam is too hot and will damage wool fibers. A wool carpet is better cleaned professionally.

Can you use a steam cleaner on linoleum floors?

Yes, you can very well use a steam cleaner on linoleum floors. Linoleum floors are static, making cleaning easier than cleaning carpets or rugs, sometimes shifting the rug while cleaning. This is not the case with linoleum floors.

Can you use a steam cleaner to clean upholstery?

Yes, this is for sure. You do need the right attachments to clean upholstery with the steam cleaner. Most traditional steam cleaners and steam mops have these attachments.

Will a steam cleaner remove carpet stains?

This depends on the stain. A steam cleaner does not remove specific stains such as red wine, but is ideal for, for example, reducing a walking pattern on the carpet near the door. This is often a combination of sand and dirt that you bring in from the outside. By the way, vacuum thoroughly before you get started with the steam cleaner.

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