A home without a couch is incomplete. When you get home after a long day, all you want to do is sit on your couch and finally relax. Since our couches are so important, it is important that we properly take care of them. Steam cleaning your couch is one way to do that.

Steam cleaning your couch is an easy way and efficient to maintain your couch. It can get rid of stains, grime and odors within a few seconds. If you’re worried about bacteria growing on your couch, steam cleaning it will get rid of it completely. A quick session of steam cleaning can make your dull-looking couch appealing within a few seconds.

steam clean your couch

Keeping our surroundings clean is important for our health, both physical and mental. We explore how to steam clean your couch effectively and in a safe manner.

Can You Steam Clean Leather Couches?

It is perfectly safe to steam clean your leather couch. However, before steam cleaning your couch, check the label. Most couches can be steam cleaned without any worries. If you’re still not sure, perform a patch test on a small corner of the couch that is not easily visible.

Can You Use a Steam Cleaner on Fabric Sofa?

Just like leather couches, you should check the label of your fabric sofa to check if it can be steam cleaned. Perform a patch test to make sure it’s really safe to steam clean your fabric sofa.

How to Steam Clean Your Couch: Step-by-Step Guide

Before You Steam Clean

There are some steps that you need to take before you can clean your couch. Follow these steps to prepare your couch for cleaning.

1. Vacuum the Couch

vacuum sofa

Before you steam clean, you should thoroughly vacuum your couch. This will get rid of any dust, pet hair, crumbs of food and other kinds of trash that can hinder steam cleaning later.

Dirt is more toxic than people realize. If these things get wet during the cleaning process, they might make your couch look dirtier.

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Do this process slowly and thoroughly. Vacuum your couch properly by cleaning every crevice. You should reach every crack and you shouldn’t leave any spot. Use your vacuum cleaner’s different attachments to aid you in this process. The wrong attachment may damage the fabric of your couch.

Don’t forget to vacuum the back of your couch as well. Just after finishing the vacuuming process, you’ll notice that your couch is starting to look cleaner.

2. Treat the Stains

wipe stain on couch

Harsh stains such as food, dirt and urine can only be removed with a steam cleaner. However, if there are any lighter stains, you should pre-treat them before beginning the process of steam cleaning. These light stains are usually oil based and can be treated using household items.

For stains that are oil based, you can use vinegar and rubbing alcohol to treat them. If you don’t have them, you can use baking soda or cornstarch and mix it with water.

Let the chemicals sit on your couch for up to five minutes and then blot them with a clean cloth. Ensure that you don’t scrub too hard as it may damage the fabric of your couch.

3. Condition the Fabric

condition the couch fabric

Conditioning the fabric before you steam clean is an important step. This will ensure your couch doesn’t get hard after the cleaning process. Use a spray bottle and fill it with a soil emulsifier. Spray your couch all over so that it can seep into the fabric of your couch. Let it dry for a few minutes and then spray a thin layer of fabric shampoo.

Take a clean white cloth and rub it gently for your couch to absorb these chemicals. You don’t have to worry about getting rid of the emulsifier and shampoo before steam cleaning.

Deep Cleaning the Couch

how to steam clean your couch

1. Choosing the Right Steam Cleaner

There are many kinds of steam cleaners with different kinds of attachments. You need to specifically use the right steam cleaner designed for upholstery and fabrics. The cleaners should be easy to hold in your hand or have a detachable wand. Choose whichever one you are comfortable with.

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Avoid using large steam cleaners that are difficult to hold and maneuver.

2. Preparing the Machine for Cleaning

You don’t need any harsh chemicals to use with your steam cleaner. All you need is plain water that you need to add to the water reservoir of your cleaner. Some cleaners require you to add the cleaning solution mixed with water. To see if you should use a cleaner or not, check your cleaner’s manual guide.

Ensure you don’t overfill the water reservoir. Too much water will produce too much steam which will over-saturate your fabric. Also, use the correct attachment for cleaning. This will depend on your device but it may be a brush, a pad or a cloth.

3. Begin Cleaning

Begin cleaning your couch with your steam cleaner. Clean every crevice carefully. Spray the surface using swift strokes. Don’t hold your cleaner in one spot for too long. If there are still stains left once you have finished cleaning, repeat the cleaning process.

Steam Clean Couch Cushions

steam clean couch cushions

You can use a steam cleaner to steam clean couch cushions too. Take your steam cleaner and use it to spray on the surface of your cushions in swift strokes.

Ensure that you clean both sides of the cushions. First, clean one side of the cushion and then let it dry. Once it has dried, you can flip it to clean the other side too. If you put back the cushions before letting them dry first, they may risk growing mold due to the moisture.

Let Your Couch Dry

Letting your couch dry is an important step in the cleaning process. Depending on the fabric of your couch, drying may take some time. You can speed up the drying process by using a fan to dry. If there are any windows in your room, open them if the weather is not humid.

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How Often Should You Steam Clean Your Couch?

You should steam clean your couch at least once or twice every year. If you notice a musty odor or your couch looks visibly dirty, you can clean it more often too. Households with small children or pets require cleaning more frequently.

The Alternative: How to Clean Couches without Steam Cleaner

You should regularly clean your couch at least once a week for its proper maintenance. Regularly cleaning your couch will make it easy for you when you decide to deep clean it.

You can clean your couch by following these steps:

  • Dry Brush: Take a dry brush and clean your couch with it. This will loosen up any dirt and crumbs and get rid of them.
  • Vacuum: Use your vacuum cleaner on a low setting. It will suck off all the dry dirt and make your couch clean.
  • Flip Your Cushions: Switching your cushions regularly will reduce the appearance of your couch being dirty.
  • Use Baking Soda: If you have any stains on your couch, you can use baking soda to get rid of the stains. Spray some baking soda on the stains and let it sit for about 30 minutes. You can even mix it with a dry carpet cleaner for cleaning.
how to clean couches without steam cleaner

Parting Thoughts

With these instructions, your couch should be clean now. Using a steam cleaner on your couch is an easy process that you can do at home by yourself. It is quite affordable too.

Make sure your couch is properly prepared for cleaning and use a steam cleaner specifically made for cleaning couches. Keep the room well-ventilated so it can dry fast. Remember to check your couch’s manual guide for any instructions on what chemicals products you can use on it.

Now that your couch is finally cleaned, it is time to sit back and relax on your clean couch.

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