How to get acrylic paint off carpet? Everyone knows it – you’re so artistically busy right now that you lose sight of other things – and it happened!

Acrylic paint on the carpet – what now?

how to get acrylic paint off carpet

At best, you let your painting rest for a moment and take care of the stain directly. First of all, do not let the paint on the carpet dry up, or let it soak into the carpet completely. Now, how to get acrylic paint off the carpet?

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How to get acrylic paint off carpet without using chemicals

  1. Remove the fresh paint from the carpet as quickly as possible. Use a knife, cotton swab, or other object that will remove the coarse paint from the carpet.
  1. Remove dried paint from the carpet. You can try to remove the paint residue from the carpet with a small brush. If it’s a large stain, use a small spoon to scrape the dry paint off the carpet. You can remove larger chunks with tweezers.
  1. With an absorbent cloth you can carefully dab the still damp paint. If nothing sticks to the cloth, try moistening it a little. Important: Start working on the color stain on the carpet from the outside in. Always dab, don’t rub. There is a danger of further aggravating the stain.

Using alcohol as a solvent

  1. Get some rubbing alcohol on hand and put a few drops over the stains on the carpet.
  1. Let it work for a short time and you can then try to dab off the dissolved paint with a very absorbent cloth.
  1. In the end, you can soak the area with warm water and dab it off.
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Using soap and vinegar

  1. You can use a little soap, vinegar and warm water to make a good means of removing acrylic paint from the carpet.
  1. Take about 250ml warm water, a spoonful of liquid soap and a dash of vinegar. This mixture should be stirred for at least 30 seconds.
  1. Then you can put the solvent on a cloth or fill it into a spray bottle and work on the stain.

How to get acrylic paint off carpet with chemicals

  1. You can remove dried acrylic paint with WD-40 lubricant. Cover the paint, allow the lubricant to saturate the stain, and then dry it with a cloth.
  1. Put cornstarch or baby powder where the WD-40 stays on your carpet. The powder will absorb the lubricant.
  1. Vacuum your carpet to remove the cornstarch or baby powder.

Warning: The chemicals in WD-40 and other carpet cleaners can be dangerous if ingested by children or pets.


We would generally advise against using chemical agents for acrylic paints on carpets, as this could lead to color changes. For the time being, try to remove the stains using natural means.

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