Many homes are covered by rugs or carpets that provide very warm environments, but the traffic on them by adults, children and pets means that dirt and odors can be deposited on them that can be difficult to remove.

In a previous article we already discussed how to eliminate bad odors in general, today we want to discuss how to get rid of wet carpet odor since there are many cases that we are presented with this problem.

how to get rid of wet carpet odor

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What Causes Musty Smell in Carpet

A musty smell on a carpet can occur for a number of reasons — either because there has been an accidental spill on it, due to the effect of humidity, due to a water leak, etc.

If the carpets or rugs suffer any of these incidents, they can become damp and subsequently cause mold to form, which will cause very unpleasant odors. What’s more, the mold will irreversibly spoil the carpet making it necessary to replace it with a new one.

Even though the area where the dampness occurs may be small, the moisture-retaining fibers of carpets and rugs will create the necessary conditions for mold to appear. And so you have the musty smell caused by mold on your carpet and possibly in the entire room.

How to Get Rid of Wet Carpet Odor

To prevent the latter from happening, we are going to show you how to get rid of wet carpet odor, and thus avoid the subsequent inconveniences that it can cause.

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One of the most important points, as in the case of stains, is to try to eliminate the problem once it happens. The sooner we act, the easier it will be to eliminate it.

wet carpet

Therefore, as soon as you know the origin of the problem and discover moisture in the carpet, you have to immediately remove as much water as possible. You can remove the moisture with a wet/dry vacuum.

One method that usually works is dusting the carpet with baking soda, which will absorb the water and eliminate any source of mold or odor; then vacuuming it a few times with a wet/dry vacuum.

Once you have removed all the moisture possible, you must wash the carpet to remove any traces of bad smell or fungus. Make this by mixing a solution of two cups of water, 1/2 cup of baking soda, and two cups of distilled white vinegar in a bowl.

Do not apply too much solution, just enough to avoid soaking the carpet, and do it with a sponge or a soft-bristle brush in circular movements. Then rinse it well and let it dry well in the open, somewhere where it can air on both sides. You can direct a fan towards the treated area for faster drying.

Before replacing it, thoroughly clean the floor where it was installed, so that there is no possibility of any re-growth of mold or excess moisture that can be absorbed into the carpet.

This whole process takes a lot of work and time, but if it is done correctly you will eliminate the musty smell of the rugs or carpets and avoid spoiling them.

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