Have you tried removing sticky residue from carpets? At first glance, it may seem like one of those easy tasks to perform, yet when we get down to work we realize that it is actually a more complicated task than we had originally imagined.

Read on and discover in detail how to remove sticky residue from carpets.

how to remove sticky residue from carpet

To be able to remove the adhesive without damaging any material, you can put into practice the tricks that we are going to reveal in this article. The remains of adhesive can end up damaging the fabrics of the carpets, since they are usually quite delicate, so it is important to act quickly and do it with the right products.

How to Remove Sticky Residue from Carpets

Remove adhesive residue

Before applying any product to remove sticky residues from the carpet, it is important that you remove as much adhesive residue as possible.

First of all, you have to distinguish if it is a soft glue or those that dry quickly.

In the first case, we advise you to start by removing the glue remnants with a normal towel and when only a small amount remains attached, try to moisten the surface with warm water.

remove sticky residue from carpet

Next, you have to dry the carpet with the help of a hairdryer until you check that you have completely removed the glue.

In the second case, that is, if the stain has been caused by a quick-drying glue, you will have to place a piece of fabric on the remains and hit with a hammer until the glue is separated into small pieces.

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Once this is done, you must remove all those small pieces with absorbent paper and if you consider it necessary, you can trim the hairs of the carpet very carefully so as not to damage it.

Home remedy with white vinegar

how to remove tape residue from carpet

One of the best natural anti-stain products is white vinegar. In addition, in this case, it will also be very useful to disinfect the surface of the carpet. You can use it in any of the following ways to remove sticky residue from carpets:

  • Dampen a cloth with a little white vinegar and rub directly on the stained area for at least 1 minute. Let it work for about 15 minutes.
  • Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar, then apply it to the stain. In this case, let it act overnight.

After using any of these techniques, wipe with a damp cloth to finish removing any sticky residue and allow the carpet to dry on its own. Before using the white vinegar, we recommend that you make sure it will not damage the fabric. To do this, you can test it on a small area of ​​the carpet beforehand.

Dishwashing liquid and water mixture

Another simple and common way to remove the sticky residue on carpets is to mix it with a dishwashing liquid that we have at home and a little water.

dishwashing liquid for sticky residue

The procedure is very simple – you just have to mix 1 tablespoon of dishwasher with 1 cup of warm water. Stir to blend well, then use a stick to apply the preparation to the stain.

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Do this by rubbing gently without applying too much pressure to prevent the glue from binding further to the fabric. Finally, pat dry with another clean cloth and wait for it to air dry.

Clothes iron

iron for sticky residue on carpet 1

Although you have to be very careful when doing so, many times using an iron on the sticky residue on carpets can help to remove them quite easily. The steps to follow to avoid damaging the fabric are the following:

  1. Place a piece of paper towel on the stained area.
  2. Next, put on a clean cloth that completely covers the paper towel.
  3. Iron just the area with the cloth for about 10 seconds.
  4. After that time, remove the cloth and the paper towel. The glue should have stuck to the paper towel.

All these tricks will help you remove those typical glue stains that are usually present especially in homes with small children. However, there are those who prefer to resort to solvents or special products for this type of task, although if it becomes really necessary, you can always take your carpet to a professional. But as always, we invite you to try to fix the problem yourself and thus save yourself some money.

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