7 Simple Steps How to Start a Pressure Washer

Both extremely practical and economical in water, the pressure washer is the essential tool for the maintenance of exterior surfaces. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an individual new to the DIY world, you will discover how to start a pressure washer and use it properly. Follow our guide.

how to start a pressure washer

Before buying a pressure washer, read "What Pressure Washer Do I Need?"

How to Start a Pressure Washer

To start using your pressure washer, you must first connect it to a water supply:

  1. Connect the supply hose of the high-pressure cleaner to the water supply.
  2. Connect the desired attachment to the spray hose of the high-pressure cleaner.
  3. If necessary, fill the reservoir with a cleaning agent.
  4. First, turn on the tap and only then put the plug into the wall socket.
  5. Set the required pressure using the adjustment knob.
  6. The high-pressure cleaner is now ready for use.
  7. All you have to do is pull the trigger to start using your cleaner.


Watch your safety. Never point the spray lance at persons or vulnerable products. Test the pressure washer carefully first. Also, try out the water pressure setting. If you work at high pressure, a spraying distance of 20 to 30 cm is optimal.

Choose and Adjust the Lance According to Your Use

Most pressure washers are equipped with more than one nozzle, which allows you to adapt the shape of the spray to your needs. Conventional lances generally allow the shape of the jet to be varied (flat jet, pencil jet, etc.).

Low pressure lances are ideal for working on sensitive surfaces. For hard surfaces, rotary jet nozzles are recommended.


A pressure washer increases the low pressure of the tap water to no less than 150 BAR. This allows you to clean much more with much less water.

With or Without Detergent?

Some models of pressure washers are equipped with a detergent tank. This option is very useful if you want to use your device to clean your car, or natural stones, for example.

washing car with pressure washer 2

Note: It is important to only use this option with a low pressure lance.

How to Sand with a Pressure Washer

Some models of pressure washers are equipped with a sandblasting kit. If this is the case with yours, you can use it to sand and strip your metal surfaces.

You will need to start by sucking up the dry sand with the hose provided for this purpose. The machine will then spray a mixture of sand and water onto the surfaces you want to work on.

This technique is particularly effective in combating rust on metal parts.

Pressure Washer: Safety Rules

Like all tools, pressure washers should be used under optimal conditions to avoid the risk of injury.

  • Before plugging in your device, check the condition of the power cord.
  • Connect your cleaner only to an electric circuit connected to the earth and having a differential of 30mA.
  • Observe the maintenance rules for a pressure washer.
  • If you use an extension cord, check that the conductors of the latter are suitable for the power of your cleaner.
  • The power of a pressure washer jet can throw out small parts. It is therefore recommended to wear protective glasses, as well as gloves.
  • If you use your pressure washer for sandblasting tasks, you should wear a mask to protect your airways.

Here you are, you will finally be able to use your pressure washer like a pro!

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