If you’re looking to add more space to your house or unlock some much-needed storage, a half bathroom is a great place to start. Unlike alternative solutions like Adding a Second Floor, a Half Bathroom can be added in virtually any location and doesn’t require an entire second floor of the house. Half bathrooms are also a great solution for small houses with limited space.
While there are many ways to incorporate a half bathroom into your home, it does require some planning in advance. Here we’ll go over the pros and cons of including one in your home, walk you through the planning process, and provide several examples of how other homeowners have implemented this solution.

What is a half bathroom?

A half bathroom is a small bathroom that can be constructed in any location of the house or even outdoors. The bathroom features a toilet, sink, and bathtub/shower space but no tub or vanity. Half bathrooms are often referred to as “Jack & Jill Bathrooms” because they are typically accessed by two steps off the main floor.

The Benefits of Adding a Half Bathroom

Half bathrooms have a lot of benefits that make them a great solution for many homeowners. A few of the most important are that they offer more living space, cost less than other options like Adding a Second Floor, and allow for additional storage.
The best part about adding a half bathroom is that it’s a low-cost solution to some of today’s biggest home redesign dilemmas. If you need to add more living space or want more storage, this is the perfect way to do it without breaking the bank.

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The Planning Process for a Half Bathroom

Before you can get started, you’ll need to decide what size the half bathroom will be. Remember that building codes vary by state and region so plan accordingly. You’ll also have to decide on the location of your half bathroom. You can add one in a closet or an unused room.
Next, you’ll need to figure out where your plumbing lines go. If you’re adding a half bath in your own house, make sure that it doesn’t interfere with other rooms in the house. If you’re adding one in another part of the house, like an addition, figure out if there are already pipes running from the main bathroom down to that location as well as any existing water sources (like a sink) and electrical outlets.
Once all these questions are answered, start working on designs for the interior of your half bathroom that will make it feel comfortable and luxurious. It should match the rest of your home or complement it well.

How to Add a Half Bathroom in Your Home

The first step to an efficient installation of a half bathroom is to plan for the addition. Draw up a floor plan and use it to decide where the bathroom will go, which wall the entrance should be on, etc.
Use this floor plan to create your budget estimate and determine a timeline you’d like to work with. If you’re adding the half bathroom during a renovation, you might want to start by installing the new plumbing and electrical before building walls. This will make it easier since you won’t have as many trips back and forth from the site.
Once your design is set, be sure to include provisions for ventilation in your plans. Half bathrooms are notorious for getting stuffy because there isn’t an outside opening for fresh air in front of them like there is on other rooms in the house.
Once your design is finalized, get started on construction! Be sure to keep track of all materials so that everything can be installed as planned and at the same time that each section can be put together once construction begins. Now that you know what it takes to add a half bathroom in your home, check out our examples below!

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The Disadvantages of Adding a Half BathRoom

The biggest disadvantage of adding a half bathroom is the cost. Installing a half bathroom can be costly since it needs to be plumbed and wired for electricity and water. If you’re on a budget, consider installing an outdoor shower, instead.
Another disadvantage of adding a half bathroom is that it requires more design work than most other bathroom remodels. Before you begin your project, make sure to explore as many different layouts as possible to determine what will work best for your home. This will ensure you end up with the right layout for your budget and space constraints.

Final Thoughts

Including a Half Bathroom in your home can be a great way to add more space while also making sure you’re not going over budget.
The planning process is relatively easy, and the pros of it include the ability to customize your bathroom design and layout as well as achieve many different styles of bathrooms without having to completely remodel the entire house.
The cons include the fact that this option does require an additional investment in time and money leading up to construction. It will also take some creativity on your part to make sure it fits well with your home design and doesn’t clash with any other features in your current home.

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