One of the characteristics of carpets and rugs is that, despite frequent vacuuming, it is not possible to remove all hair and lint, since they become tangled in the fabric and are very difficult to remove. Learn how to get hair out of carpet with these eleven tricks!

how to get hair out of carpet

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How to Get Hair Out of Carpet

Pet owners know how difficult it is to keep the home hair-free. Even human hairs often fall for various reasons, and removing them from surfaces such as carpets costs a lot. Since not all vacuums and brushes can achieve a good cleaning, these eleven tricks promise to remove all the hair easily and effectively.

1. Vacuum cleaner with a special attachment

Dyson DC59 Animal Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Brush Tool

Anyone suffering from an animal hair allergy should remove the hair of their beloved four-legged friend as soon as possible and, above all, regularly. Normal vacuum cleaners often cannot do this completely. The manufacturers have already recognized the problem with pet hair, but not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon yet. So you get an extra nozzle for many vacuum cleaners, with which pet hair can be removed more easily from carpets.

Dyson, for example, offers their customers special turbo brushes with particularly high levels of power. With this, you can easily get stuck hair out of the carpet. The advantage of these special nozzles is the stronger and more powerful performance.

2. Lint remover roller

adhesive roller cleaning rug

It was not many years ago that lint remover rollers began to be sold. However, they are one of the best cleaning options because it has a very light glue that attracts these fallen hair. The only downside is that they are often expensive.

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3. Adhesive tape

A similar and cheaper option than the previous one is the adhesive tape, either paper or transparent. It is ideal for removing hair that is caught in difficult places.

Adhesive tape is also ideal for smaller areas. Here, however, you should make sure that it is not cheap adhesive tape, otherwise adhesive residue could get caught in the carpet. Better to spend a dollar more here and get a better result.

Simply tie the adhesive tape around the hand with the adhesive surface facing out. Wrap it around your hand so it doesn’t slide off and then gently dab the affected areas on the carpet. When the tape is full, just wrap a new one around and keep dabbing.

4. Pet hair remover roller

ORDORA Pet Hair Remover for Furniture/Bed, Reusable Dog Hair Remover Roller for Dog & Cat, Self-Cleaning, No Adhesive or Sticky Tape Needed, Perfect Fur Remover for Couch (Blue)

Pet hair is a horror for everyone, whether visitors or residents. While the guests are disgusted, the host is just embarrassed about the hair lying around. When a spontaneous visit is announced, it is simply too late for extensive hair removal campaigns. Now it has to be quick. At home, the pet hair remover roller has proven to be very effective. With this roller, which uses electrostatic adsorption, you can get annoying hair off the carpet in no time. Simply roll back and forth a few times to trap the hair in the chamber.

5. Rubber gloves

Most people know rubber gloves from the garden when pulling weeds. Here the gloves ensure that the woman’s hands and nails do not get so dirty and that the weeds are easier to grab. But what are rubber gloves supposed to do to hair? Very simple – the hair is attracted by the rubber and forms a ball on the glove, which can then be easily removed.

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Simply put on a rubber glove, dampen it slightly and then crawl over the carpet in circular movements. You will be amazed at how much hair accumulates here. It’s best to drag a small bucket behind when collecting the hair.

6. Rubber-soled footwear

rubber shoes on carpet

Like rubber gloves, shoes are very effective at sweeping hairs down their rough rubber sole. You just have to rub them against the carpet (make sure they are clean), and the hair will adhere in a few passes.

7. Nylon stockings

Nylon stockings often don’t last long – one evening and then there is usually a hole in them so we women can no longer wear them. Even if they aren’t expensive, they don’t necessarily have to be thrown away. You can use it well in the fight against animal hair.

Simply pull the stockings over your hands and slide them over the carpet. Due to the rough surface of the nylon, the hair sticks to it and can then be easily removed from the stocking.

8. Carpet rake

FURemover Pet Hair Remover Carpet Rake - Rubber Broom for Pet Hair Removal Tool with Squeegee & Telescoping Handle Extends from 3-5' Black & Yellow

This type of rake has been used for several decades to clean carpets since it has a special type of brush, and with a few strokes, it removes all kinds of hair and lint. This carpet rake also comes with a squeegee which is equally effective in removing hair from the carpet as you will read about below.

9. Squeegee or rubber glass cleaner

OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee

Pass the squeegee over the entire surface of the carpet and the rugs, you will see how the lint and hair come off the fabric in a spectacular way. For best results, do this after vacuuming, as it will not remove dust.

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Questionable Tips

During our research, we came across two more tips that sound very interesting at first glance, but should be enjoyed with caution or are more fun than they really help.

10. Inflate a balloon

Most of us probably remember playing with the balloon during childhood: A balloon is inflated and then rubbed on the head. If you hold the balloon over your head, your hair will stand on end. Will that also work on the carpet?

If you rub the inflated balloon over the carpet, the hair should supposedly be easy to collect. This probably works on hair that has just fallen off, but a balloon certainly won’t score on embedded hair. It is always a fun activity for the children, but probably no more than that.

11. Sandpaper for embedded hair

Another supposedly effective option for embedded hair is said to be sandpaper. Sounds practical at first, doesn’t it? To do this, wrap a piece of wood with coarse-grained sandpaper (low numbers) and then carefully rub it over the carpet.

You can try it, but you don’t have to. Personally, we would be afraid that this would ruin our good carpet. Perhaps try it in an inconspicuous place beforehand, before you get annoyed afterwards. To remove annoying pet hair in the car, however, we can imagine this method to work very well.

And if nothing wants to help, then simply brush your hair and vacuum the pet more regularly. This reduces the chances of hair getting onto the carpet.

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