Cabinet lighting can make a huge difference when it comes to brightening up an area, although it can also make an inconvenient cluster of wires that might make the area look untidy and chaotic. To figure out how to hide under cabinet lighting wires, you can go through the following ideas.

how to hide under cabinet lighting wires

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How to Hide Under Cabinet Lighting Wires

1. Appropriate Installation

The very first thing that you can do is to install the cabinet lighting fixtures in an appropriate way so that you can easily take care of the wires. Make sure you opt for fixtures and wires that are compatible enough with your requirements and the cabinets that you want to light up.

It would be best for you to opt for wires that are thin and also have a low gauge instead of a high one so that you can deal with them flexibly.

While installing them, you should ensure that you do not leave anything loose or hanging to maintain safety and functioning. Accurate installation can also make it much easier for you to hide the wires later on.

2. Strategic Placement

You should place the under-cabinet lighting wires in a strategic way so that they do not stand out too much after installation. Make sure you carry out this step alongside the installation process of the fixtures so that you do not need to move things around too much later on.

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Ideally, you should place the wires on the walls right under the cabinets. Make sure that these wires are close enough to the front and bottom of the cabinet for easier access. This can also help ensure that the wires remain out of your sight to a certain extent.

3. Cable Concealer

Cable concealers are a highly convenient way of hiding the under-cabinet lighting wires so that they do not appear unattractive to anyone in the room. You can simply buy these cable concealers online or from a nearby store.

We especially love EVEO’s paintable cable concealer which we got on Amazon:

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To hide your wires, bunch them together while still keeping them neat. Pass them through the cable concealer and wrap them up tightly to prevent them from falling loose.

You can then simply attach this concealer to your cabinet with the adhesive strips that come with it.

4. Inside the Cabinet

You can also simply hide your lighting wires by running them inside the cabinet itself. Ideally, you should run them from the front of the cabinet so that you can keep them well out of sight each time you open the cabinet.

You can also drill holes or cuts in the bottom wall of the cabinet so that you can run the wire through these, effectively keeping them hidden. You can also use a wooden plank and hole into it with a router for keeping the wires inside the cabinet.

Do note that you will have to carry out this step during the installation of the fixtures as it might become more difficult to do so later on.

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5. Wooden Valances

Wooden valances can act as a kind of immovable drape that can cover the wires under your cabinets. You can opt for a valance in any shape and size of your choice as long as they serve the purpose well.

You can then install them to the cabinets using adhesives or nails. You can also paint and decorate these valances further to ensure that they match the aesthetic of the cabinets as well as the rest of your kitchen.

6. Panels

You can simply install a separate wooden panel to match your cabinets so that the under-cabinet lighting wires remain out of sight in a more seamless way.

You will first need to cut the panels to the required size so that they can fit well enough to hide the wires. Once you have the right size, you can figure out where you can draw the wires in and drill holes in those places.

cabinet panels

Install the panels in place and run the wires through the holes to complete this process.

7. Clips

There are several clips of different shapes and sizes that you can use to keep your wires together and in place. These clips are usually made from plastic and come with adhesive options that you can simply stick to the bottom of the cabinets in the required place near the wires.

For aesthetic reasons, go for transparent wire clips like this:

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Once you install them, you will notice a loop or hook at the front of the clip. Take the wire and roll it around this hook so that you can keep it organized.

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This can improve the tidiness of the overall area much more.

8. Wire Staples

Wire staples are similar to clips in the sense that they are both plastic objects that you can install at the bottom of your cabinets to hold your wires in a neat way. Like the clips, these also come with a hook or loop that you can roll your wires around.

Unlike the clips, however, wire staples can hold themselves firmly in place to the wall of the cabinet since you will need to hammer them in with nails, preventing them from falling out easily.

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However, this also runs the risk of damaging the wires if you are not careful while hammering the nails so make sure you take this into account.

9. Wire Strips

You can install wire strips over your under-cabinet lighting wires so that you can keep them out of sight. These will keep the wires firmly in place while also providing the area with a sense of cleanliness.

You can also bundle the wires up together before installing the strips.

Concluding Remarks

Now that you know how to hide under-cabinet lighting wires, you can simply pick a method from the ones that we have mentioned above. To avoid this kind of issue altogether, it can help to take the necessary steps while installing the fixtures themselves.

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