Do you want to update the look of your stairs? If yes, then decor is one of the best and easy ways to change the look of the stairs. You can decorate the wall of stairs and railing to give them a new feel as well as look.

But, there are few things that you need to keep in mind before decorating the staircase. Take a look!

Color For Stairs

Staircases and hallways usually connect with all the rooms of the home. So, they provide you an ideal opportunity to create a color statement. With accurate colors, you can make other rooms look inviting and transform the entire look.

It is a space from where you simply pass, so you can also add bolder and vibrant colors in this area. Try to use different colors on the walls to create a bold decor statement.

Do not get afraid to experiment with different colors and shades on the stairs. To select shades, you can refer to the color palette.

Focus On Pleasing Element

Many people consider stairs only as a practical element that helps us go from one floor to another. But it is not correct. They are not only helpful in taking you to different levels but also serve as a perfect backdrop.

They provide a background to decorate the items that you do not want to display anywhere else in the home. It creates an attractive and inviting entry to the rooms. Moreover, it is the pleasing element that reflects your style and personality.

Match With the Floor


Nowadays, most ceramic tiles have a set graphic pattern that makes a space look lovely. In addition, they are the durable and best choice for a high-traffic area. So, you can use tiles to decorate the treads, banister, or handrails.

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They will give a striking look to the interiors. So, you must consider them for the flooring design. Though they can be a bit noisy, it is best to put a carpet or runner on them. Try sisal or wool-made runners.

Wool is soft and easy to clean, while sisal is durable and hard-wearing. Moreover, you can give a personalized touch to a runner with customized corners in linen, cotton, suede, or leather.

Don’t Forget The Railings

Most people underestimate or ignore to glam up the railings of the staircase. But you must invest some time to enhance them as they transform the entire look. To add more beauty and impact, work on art nouveau railings.

However, you can transform the appearance of railings at any time by changing material like metal to wood or vice-versa. In addition, give an entire transformation with the change of color.

You can also place the décor elements like metal balls, gold details, or metallic colors at the starting of the stairs. It is an intelligent and unique decoration item.

Arrangement of Artwork on Wall of Staircase

A remarkable trend to decorate the staircase and add personality is incorporating a gallery wall. You can use mismatched artwork in this passing space of the home, which overwhelms the eye in other areas like the bedroom, etc.

So, to give an eclectic look to the stairs, mix and match the size and style of art pieces. Moreover, if you place a bold runner on stairs, stick to complementing color patterns with wall art.

To give a traditional yet elegant look, use dado rail as a center point. The area above it can be full of colors and patterns, while the space below can remain sophisticated. You can check the amazing wall decor for the staircase to update its walls.

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Focus on Greenery

Keep faux plants at the corners of the stairs landing. It is an intelligent way to attract people’s or visitor’s attention. Makeover the vase according to the paint of walls to create a contrast.

You can place a center table in front to see the plants or greenery from the living room.  They add color as well as decorate the entire space beautifully.

Consider Size and Style for Wall Art

Staircase décor wholly depends on the size, height, and width of stairs. Many homes have circular stairs where wall art is a bit difficult to introduce. So, you can hang a chandelier to the ceiling.

While some homes have narrow stairs, so you consider framed art proportioned to walls. Group large pictures with smaller ones, but ensure that your eyes don’t get distracted while passing through the stairs.

While hanging art pieces, decide whether the frames can set the collection’s tone and space or not. For example, to give a casual look, use edges of the same color, and hang identical structures in a grid pattern to get a formal look.

Moreover, for an eclectic look,  use mix-matched frames, and if you like to change, keep pictures unframed.

Bonus Tip

Remember that it is all about enhancing the stairs of the home so that people can notice them. You can hang a stylish mirror on a wall to reflect more light in the area. It will definitely enhance the other décor items.

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