Laminate floors are a great alternative to expensive hardwood flooring. They are also easy to clean, which is an important factor for many homeowners! In this blog post, we will discuss if laminate floors can be stained and how you should go about doing it. We will also talk about the benefits of painting your laminate floors so that they look like real wood.

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Can Laminate Floors be Stained?

Lots of people ask if it’s possible to stain their laminate floors. Unlike real wood, you can’t stain a laminate floor because they are made differently than hardwood. However, this type of flooring looks so much like the more expensive material that some people will try to do anything to make theirs look better!

Why Can’t Laminate Be Stained?

Laminate flooring lasts and is sturdy thanks to its aluminum oxide coating. Unlike other types of floors, such as carpet or tile, laminate cannot be stained by household mishaps like spilled coffee because it has an excellent barrier against stains from all sorts of substances that could stain a traditional surface; including markers (like sharpies), wine glasses/bottles, nail polish bottles etcetera!

The best way to stain a laminate floor is by painting it. Some people may try and tell you how they stained their floors, but in the end, all of them will share that paint techniques look just like stains do. So don’t get distracted with headlines when reading articles on this topic because I promise there are some out there talking about staining your laminate instead of using paints – which doesn’t work as well anyway!

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Staining vs Painting

The difference between a stain and a paint is that one of them seeps into the material while the other remains on top. Stain, for example, requires a porous surface like wood to work properly because it has been designed with this in mind. Painting also needs priming before use but stains do not require any kind of preparation process beforehand – they are ready-made as soon you lay a brush down onto your desired object or area.

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One benefit of using paint on laminate flooring is that it allows you to achieve a wide range of colors. Whereas stains are limited to three or four colors, depending on wood type and style.

Painting Laminate Floors

Want to paint your laminate floor? First, you need to consider the cost, time, and commitment that this project will take. This is especially true if you want it done yourself because there are a few factors involved (it’s not as simple as just painting over top of the existing piece).

Before taking on a project like this, it’s important to think about whether or not you actually need to do it at all. You might just be able to make the change in your home that will need to be done without major work that would end up costing more than originally expected- which is why we highly recommend contacting professionals when doing stuff like this.

If you’re determined to paint your floor, be prepared for a lengthy process. Depending on how much time and experience you have, this could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

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Step by Step Instructions on How to Paint your Laminate Floors

Choose Suitable Paint

The best paint for laminate floors is polyurethane because it will adhere to the surface and provide a durable finish. And you can find some that mimic stained surfaces too! So if you love those types of tiles as well, these should make your day. You’ll need anywhere from 2-5 coats depending on how much coverage or shine (depending on which type) with this product.

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Clean the Floor

Cleaning the floor is a necessary step when applying paint. If you want your coat of polyurethane to stick, it’s important to do so beforehand! I’ve found that floors are often dirtier than we think with hidden messes and leftover gunk on top of existing grime from shoes, food spills, or other substances. That means if these areas aren’t addressed in advance by thoroughly cleaning them first (with soap), then any paints applied later will fail miserably as they won’t have anything substantial for adhesion to grab onto – which can lead us back into this whole nightmare again sooner rather than later.

For the best long-term care of laminate floors, don’t use waxes! Wax deposits will only leave a buildup that can cause dirt and dust to accumulate on your floor. Use a mop when necessary for quick clean-ups and your surface will maintain its shine without any problems.

Apply Laminate Primer

A coat of laminate floor primer will be a perfect surface preparation for your new floors. Be sure to check the material carefully and use only what is needed on your specific type, because if you apply too much it may ruin all of your work!

Apply the Paint

After the primer has been applied, you can now paint. Just make sure to apply as little paint as possible with lots of smooth glides across your freshly painted floor. You will need to do several coats of paint before it is fully dry so don’t worry about not applying enough coatings.

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After applying the first coat, wait one hour for it to fully dry. Then you can apply another coat of that same color or a different color if desired. After an hour has passed, decide whether you are satisfied with the end result.

You should allow the floor to dry for at least a week after applying all coats. But, if you have family who regularly uses that room, this can be difficult to do because they’re always walking on it! However, taking enough time and allowing your floor to cure completely through drying over the course of one whole week will give it more durability in case someone walks on an area where there’s excess paint or something slippery like spilled juice from breakfast earlier today.


Now that you’ve read this, I’m sure you’re aware of what to do when it comes time for painting your laminate floor. But before we get started on all the steps and materials needed, let’s take a look at some important information first!

Painting or staining a wood-laminated floor is not recommended unless absolutely necessary because there are many tedious tasks involved with maintaining pristinely painted floors. Painting will only give an entirely new color to your surface which won’t have the same raw finish as untreated laminates would. So think twice about picking up paintbrushes if you want those lovely tiles in place for years down the line!

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