Curtains are an essential part of every home. They add style and privacy to your room. However, hanging curtains from a slanted or angled ceiling can be tricky. It’s not impossible, but it takes a bit of practice and a few special tools.

To learn how to hang curtains from a slanted ceiling, keep reading!

how to hang curtains from a slanted ceiling

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How to Hang Curtains from a Slanted Ceiling

If your room has a slanted ceiling, you might wonder how to hang curtains from there. It can be complicated, but there are some basic things you need to know before you start hanging curtains.

Here are several steps to follow when hanging curtains from a slanted ceiling:

Determine The Purpose Of The Curtains

Just as is true with any home improvement project, the first step is to determine the purpose of the curtains. Evaluating their usage will ensure the best result.

Are they for a window that needs to be covered for privacy and light blockages, or a purely decorative element?

How does the slanted ceiling fit in with the task of hanging the curtain? Do you want to emphasize the slant? An approach for this would be to use fixed curtains with tiebacks, hung at an angle parallel to the slant.

Or perhaps you don’t like the slant and would prefer to hide it altogether. For this, the simplest solution is to ignore the angle and hang the curtain straight.

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If you want to hide the slant of the ceiling, consider hanging a curtain along the wall and use the space behind for storage (or shelving). This can make the room look more traditionally styled by treating the curtain wall as the fourth wall. Use clothing racks behind the curtain for extra closets or add shelving for extra storage space.

Curtain as Window Covering

If the curtain is for decorative purposes and the window sits between two slanted walls, you can highlight those slants by placing beautiful fabric where the wall meets at the peak and down. The fabric can then be gathered into itself using ribbons or bindings so that it does not block the view.

curtain as window coverings
hanging curtain from slanted ceiling
curtains hanging from slanted ceilings

If you want to cover your windows for light blockage and privacy, then a simple Roman shade will do. It will not interfere with slanted ceilings and will be easy to install.

Roman shade on slanted ceilings

Curtain as Room Divider

Hang a curtain from the ceiling to split up one large room into two smaller rooms. Not only does this add visual interest to the room, but it also creates a functional space division. If the room has an angled ceiling, hang a ceiling mount curtain rod from the ceiling. Hardware and a curtain will make a room divider.

If the room you want to divide has an angled ceiling, don’t worry – with a ceiling mount curtain track or rod, you can easily hang curtains from it without any complicated installation. Just do the following steps:

Step 1

Measure the distance across the ceiling between two points on opposite sides of the room. Buy a ceiling-mounted curtain rod kit that matches the length of the room.

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Step 2

Mark the ceiling where you want the curtain rod to be installed. Use a fine-tipped marker to draw marks indicating where the bracket should be placed. Make sure there is a mark on each side of the ceiling a few inches from the walls and another in the center of the ceiling.

Step 3

Screw an anchor into each mark on the ceiling. These anchors will be helpful in attaching the curtain rod and the curtain to the ceiling securely. Attach the brackets for the ceiling rod to the anchors that are screwed to the ceiling. Then set the curtain rod on the brackets.

Step 4

Determine what size curtain to buy. Measure the distance from your curtain rod to the floor, then purchase a curtain that is equal in length to the rod and the distance from your rod to the floor.

Step 5

Remove the curtain rod from the bracket. Then hang the curtain on the rod and put the rod back into the bracket. Adjust the curtains, pulling them so they lay straight on the rods.

3 Ways to Hang a Curtain

Method 1

Use a sliding curtain track such as those found in hospitals. They’re easy to find online (like this one) or at your local home improvement store. Place the track on the slanted ceiling or wall that meets the ceiling. Attaching the curtains to the track clips, you can easily hang them.

For a room like this, I would recommend making your own curtains. Find your favorite fabric and hem the edges. You’ll need to measure the width of the room to determine how wide the curtains should be.

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Method 2

Another option is to use a custom-cut steel pipe and flanges. Place this long steel pipe from one end of the space to the other end to act as a curtain rod. The steel pipe and flanges can be purchased at any hardware store. The flanges will be placed on the wall adjacent to the one being covered.

Method 3

Another way to hang the curtain is to sew buttons onto the top of the fabric so they can be placed in hooks that have been screwed into the slanted ceiling (or wall).

This option works well if you’d rather not spend money on buying a special curtain rod.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, hanging a curtain from a slanted ceiling adds style and function to a room. Once you know the technique, it’s simple to install too!

For the best results, purchase curtains that coordinate with the design of the room you are going to hang them in. If each side will be decorated differently, then hang a neutral curtain to match each side of the room that will be decorated.

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