Mobiles can be beautiful additions to your home decor if done the right way. When suspended into the air, they can make for a pretty picture. If you are looking for the best ways on how to hang a mobile from the ceiling without using a drill machine, you are in the right place. Yes, it is doable and we are going to tell you how. So, hang on and read on!

how to hang a mobile from the ceiling

How to Hang a Mobile from the Ceiling

S hooks are one best way to hang mobile from the ceiling. This works ideally when there is a fixture on the ceiling so that you don’t have to poke a hole. They come in several colors and are also cost-effective which adds to their allure.

Alternately, a tension rod can be a great way of hanging mobile from the ceiling without drilling a hole in your walls. What’s best? These are also cheap and not too heavy on the pocket. They just grip the wall firmly on both sides and you can then use it to hang the mobile. This is ideal for low-ceiling walls though.

How Do You Hang a Mobile from the Ceiling without Drilling?

If you want to hang a mobile from the ceiling of your room sans any drilling, you would need a support beam and a hook to finish the task efficiently.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Choose a medium-sized screw hook to set the task in motion and the accompanying tools you would need to culminate the installation of the mobile on the ceiling. A good hardware store or an online store should have all the necessary supplies.
  1. Next, you would need a stud finder to find the support beams in your ceiling. This is an electronic device that is adept at detecting joists through drywalls. It will light up as soon as it spots a support beam. Mark those areas with the help of a marker as soon as you spot them.
  1. Ideally, this is the spot where hanging the mobile would make the most sense. You can also do it on other spots but that would entail extra work and effort.
  1. You would now need to place adhesive hooks in this area to firmly hold your mobile. Make sure to delete the marks that you made using a pencil when you find the optimum spot to place the adhesive hooks.
  1. The adhesive hooks should be firmly pasted to the wall. Make sure the adhesive sticks properly to avoid any mishaps later.
  1. Now, place the mobile on this hook after assembling it properly. Most mobiles have something that can be attached to hooks for support and hanging. Before finishing, check if both the hook and the mobile are secure with no loose endings.
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Those are the steps you need to follow if you are wondering how to hang a mobile from the ceiling without drilling. If you think of it, it is not as overwhelming as it sounds and without drilling also, you can place them securely. Just ensure you are using good-quality adhesive hooks.

Additional Tips

If you want to hang a mobile from your ceiling, either for decoration purposes or to engage a small baby, here are a few additional tips that can be of help.

  • If it is for a baby, the placement does not necessarily need to be the ceiling and you can even have this arrangement around 30 cm above the crib. This would both keep the baby engaged and prevent any accidents.
  • Strings or metal rings can also work as alternatives to hang a mobile on the ceiling. You would need to just take good-quality stuff to avoid injuries.
  • Pay due consideration to the size and weight of the mobile to determine the best place of hanging and go about it accordingly.

The Final Word

Hanging a mobile from the ceiling can look very beautiful almost like a piece of art. The best part about this is that you don’t always have to drill a hole in your walls. This works for those people who want the mobile as a momentary decoration. Do try our suggestions for the best results.

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