We use them constantly and it is normal that because of this they wear out and get dirty. We are constantly opening and closing doors, and to do so it is necessary to move and pull the handles. How to clean door knobs in a practical and simple way? We tell you, so you can take care of them!

how to clean door knobs

To show off doors that are always in perfect condition and like new, it is essential that each of the parts that compose it is perfectly cared for. That is, the front and back of the door, the frames, the glass, if any, the decorative elements and, of course, the door knob. An essential part.

Beyond its practical function, since by turning it we can open and close a door, it also has an important aesthetic part: it can positively or negatively influence the beauty or not of our door depending on its state. How to clean door knobs without damaging them? With great care!

How to Clean Door Knobs

1. With dish soap

Although there are specific products to clean door knobs, it is important to know tricks available to everyone. One of them is to use something that we always have at home, the dish soap.

Mix a jet of mild dish soap – not too concentrated – with warm water as hot water can damage it. Next, use a soft cloth to clean it.

2. With spray lacquer

Door knobs like new! Use spray lacquer, spray it on the door handle but be careful that it does not drip on the floor. You can put a cloth to protect it.

clean door knob 1

Apply several coats, allowing the product to dry between coats. Use tape around the doorknob to avoid damaging the door.

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3. With car wax paste

Cleaning door handles is very easy with car wax paste. To do this, use a clean cloth to take a little bit of car wax paste. Then, apply it to your door knob using a careful circular motion. Wait five minutes and wipe the paste off.

4. With your own paste

Make a paste by combining lemon juice, cornstarch and non-iodized salt in more or less the same amounts. It will form a thick paste that you must apply on a clean cloth.

Rub the doorknob thoroughly and let it dry. It will not only be clean but shiny.

5. With ammonia

Despite its hardness, ammonia is also a good ally for cleaning door knobs. Of course, it is very important that you mix it with water to avoid deteriorating them or any other type of contamination.

Apply this paste to the door handle when cleaning.

6. With vinegar

Vinegar is a product that never fails in cleaning, but how to clean door knobs with vinegar?

It is very simple, soak a cloth with vinegar and apply to the door knob. After that, dry it with a clean and dry cloth until the shine shows itself.

wiping door knob

7. With floor wax

You will only need plastic wax that is used to clean the floor to clean the doorknobs. Simply apply the wax to your doorknob. Leave it to dry and finally rub it with a soft cloth.

With these cleaning tricks, your doorknobs will always look new. These are easy actions to do, with products from your day to day, something that will allow you to carry it out every day and boast of always shiny handles or doorknobs.

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