Steam cleaning is an efficient and powerful method of cleaning your home. Steam cleaners use pressurized steam to clean out dirt, grease, mold and germs inside the pores of any surface you are trying to clean.

Steam cleaning is eco-friendly, natural and healthy as it does not make use of any chemicals. Steam cleaning is a highly convenient way of cleaning and can be used to clean several household objects that are otherwise very difficult to clean.

If you have a microfiber couch that you have been wondering how to clean, then steam cleaners are the answer. We’ve put together this all-in-one guide to understanding how you can steam clean your microfiber couch.

Can You Use a Steamer to Clean a Microfiber Couch?

Microfiber is an outstanding material when it comes to home decor. Microfiber is affordable but it can be used to give your furniture the look of a variety of expensive materials such as suede and leather. Microfiber is also highly durable.

can you use a steamer to clean a microfiber couch

Though microfiber is usually water resistant, it tends to start staining after a while and can lose its shine due to dust accumulation. Soap and water cannot be used to deep clean microfiber. However, with a steam cleaner, cleaning your microfiber will be nothing to worry about.

If you are wondering whether or not you can use a steamer to clean your microfiber couch, the answer is usually yes. In fact, using a steamer is the best option to clean most microfiber couches!

To make sure that your microfiber couch is compatible with steam cleaning, check the fabric label or manual to see the cleaning instructions for your microfiber couch. If no instructions are available, you can always clean a small area of your couch that is not usually visible to see if there is any damage to the fabric from steam cleaning.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Microfiber Couches

Steam cleaning microfiber couches is convenient and easy. Steam cleaning will help you remove the dust and stains that make your couch look old and dull over time.

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Steam cleaning doesn’t use any chemicals, which will ensure that the microfiber is not damaged and doesn’t lose its color. Most steam cleaners work fine with just water.

Steam cleaning your microfiber couch will also help you get rid of bugs and germs. For instance, dust mites reside in the pores of the microfiber couch and are a significant allergy and asthma trigger. Steam cleaning can help you get rid of the dust mites in your microfiber couch.

steam cleaning microfiber couch

Steam cleaning also removes any mold or bacterial growth that is not visible. After steam cleaning, any odors in the microfiber couch will also be removed.

Overall, steam cleaning is the most affordable and convenient way of cleaning your microfiber couch without any professional assistance.

Points to Consider before Steam Cleaning Couch

Before steam cleaning your microfiber couch, you have to keep certain points in mind so that you can do so safely.

First of all, make sure that the microfiber material of your couch can be cleaned with water. Couches with fabric fittings will usually have a small label that will tell you what kind of fabric it is and whether it can be cleaned with water. If the label says ‘WS’ or ‘W’ then your couch can be cleaned with the steam cleaner.

If there is no label, then it is safest to not use water to clean your couch. If the fabric is not compatible with cleaning with water, the steam cleaner can leave your microfiber looking damaged or dull.

steam cleaning couch

You can also test out the steam cleaner on a small part of the couch that is not visible to make sure that the steam cleaner is not damaging the fabric.

Another important point to keep in mind is that the steam that comes out of your steam cleaner is at an extremely high temperature. This steam can be extremely dangerous and can cause deep burns if it comes in contact with your skin.

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Make sure to protect yourself before you start cleaning so that the steam does not come in contact with your body.

While steam cleaners will take out the dirt and dust from the pores of the microfiber couch, they will not remove them from the surface automatically. So your microfiber will need to be wiped clean after the steam cleaning process.

You can also consider pre-treating your microfiber couch with conditioners to ensure that the result of the steam cleaning lasts longer.

How to Steam Clean Microfiber Couch: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the following steps to steam clean your microfiber couch.

Step 1

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, lint and fur lodged in the fabric surface. These do not require steam to be released and might get stuck more strongly to the surface due to the moisture. Using a vacuum to remove these particles will accelerate the cleaning process later.

If you don’t have access to a vacuum cleaner, you can also use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface of the couch clean.

wiping microfiber couch

Step 2

The best way to steam clean your microfiber couch and remove any stains is to clean it as soon as possible when you see the stain.

However, for older stains, it will be easier to steam clean if you pre-treat the stains with a stain removal agent or solution.

Make sure to check if the fabric is compatible with whatever chemical you are using.

Step 3

The steam cleaner uses steam at very high temperatures which can damage the fabric of your couch. Precondition the fabric to avoid any damage and to also make the cleaning process easier. You can use natural agents like baking soda and vinegar to condition the fabric with minimal damage.

Step 4

Select the correct setting on your steam cleaner and wait for some time to allow it to heat up. Many steam cleaners will come with preset settings compatible with microfiber couches. If that is not available you should go with a lower heat setting to be safe.

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Using slow swiping motions, clean every surface of your couch that is accessible and make sure to turn the fabric outward and clean the insides of the fabric as well.

steam clean microfiber couch

Step 5

Once you are done cleaning, use a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt particles that have been dislodged by the steam cleaner and remove any excess moisture before it seeps into the couch. Use a dryer or make sure to air dry the microfiber couch well after the process of steam cleaning.

Steam Cleaning Suede Couches

Steam cleaning is the best method to clean suede couches since suede is a sensitive material that can be damaged by water and soap and might be difficult to deep clean. The process for steam cleaning suede couches is the same as outlined above.

However, you should take extra care since suede can be easily damaged. Make sure to use the steam cleaner at a low vapor setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microfiber Easy to Clean?

Microfiber is water-resistant and hence is easy to clean. You can use another microfiber cloth to clean up any spills. The fabric can get stained over time and dust and lint can get lodged in the pores, in which case the steam cleaner can help you clean it effectively.

Can You Steam Clean a Microfiber Couch to Remove Stains?

Steam cleaning is the easiest and most convenient method to remove stains from your microfiber couch effectively. The steam enters the pores of your microfiber couch to deep clean any dirt, dust, particles, mold, bacteria, germs and bugs.

Summing Up

Steam cleaning is an excellent way to clean your microfiber couch and keep it looking new and bright over the years. Steam cleaning keeps your microfiber couch from getting damaged and it is the most eco-friendly and healthy cleaning method.

With this guide, you can keep in mind all the essentials you need to know to steam clean your microfiber couch safely!

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