How to Get Soda Stains Out of Carpet

A little carelessness and it happens: the soda can tips over and the soft drink drips mercilessly onto the carpet. How annoying! The liquid sticks and leaves behind ugly stains that can never be removed. Or can it?

Find out how to get soda stains out of carpet with these 4 easy tips!

how to get soda stains out of carpet

Fortunately, soda stains can be treated quite easily. The sooner you notice the mishap, the better the chances of a residue-free removal. So don't be angry about the mishap, but take action!

How to Get Soda Stains Out of Carpet

First of all, you should try to treat the stain with home remedies:

Mineral water and salt

The good old kitchen roll is also a great help with soda stains. It is best to lay several layers of it over the stain - this will absorb the liquid well.

Now put mineral water on the affected area and sprinkle it with a layer of common household salt. The carbon dioxide in the mineral water dissolves the soda and the salt absorbs the liquid.

This takes a while, so it is advisable to leave the treated stain alone overnight. The next morning the salt can be removed with the vacuum cleaner. The stain should now be gone.

Shaving foam and glass cleaner

Another option is to get rid of the soda stain with shaving cream.

Apply the shaving cream to the affected area of ​​the carpet and wait about an hour for it to take effect. Pick up the remnants of the foam with a damp cloth. Then dab with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Besides shaving foam, you can also use a conventional glass cleaner. The procedure is similar.

Important: Always work carefully and dab the stain gently instead of rubbing vigorously.

Stain remover from the drugstore

Home remedies are great choices when it comes to soda stain removal. However, especially with old and dried-up stains, you can sometimes not get anywhere with this alone.

Then it is time to use a special stain remover. This is available in the well-stocked drugstore. Here you will find the right product for all possible stains.

When choosing, make sure that the product is recommended directly for the removal of soda stains. To ensure that the stain remover does not fade the carpet, be sure to test it on an inconspicuous spot. This will save you from nasty surprises.

Chemical cleaning

If you spilled soda on a very expensive and valuable carpet, it would be a risk to experiment with home remedies. As a first step, place a piece of kitchen roll or a dry cloth on the stain to absorb the liquid.

The best thing to do is to contact a dry cleaner directly. Professionals know much better than laymen how to get the tannic acid contained in soda out of the carpet. However, even a cleaning company will not be able to give a 100% stain removal guarantee.

As a rule, a cleaning employee will take a look at your carpet on site and discuss with you the expected costs and the chances of stain removal. If you wish, you can then use a pick-up and delivery service.

It is quite possible to remove soda stains without leaving any residue. It is best to act promptly and contact a professional cleaning company if necessary.

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