Do you have meals in the same dining area for ages every morning after you get up? Well, meal time is important as it’s family time and affects your whole day. Fortunately, a little update to this place can make your meal time more joyful, refreshing, and energizing.

So, here are the top 6 trending styles for dining rooms in 2022 – Pro Tips!

#1 What is Trending for Dining Chairs?


Dining chairs having perfect heights and comfort can make the meal time even more delicious. Well, lots of materials, patterns, and colors are trending. Some of the most loved picks are:

Wooden chairs and a long bench: A long bench and four chairs having perfect sleek looks are trending like anything. It maximizes space, looks unique, and it’s very practical. You can place this bench on the outer or inner side, which looks amazing.

Wooden chairs with bright cushions: Yes, wooden chairs which can be sleek having colorful cushions of green, red, and floral patterns are a new style. They bring new colors and accents through colors.

Lucite Dining chairs: 80s fashion is back, and so are transparent lucite chairs. They look chic and blend in minimalist and simple interior designs.

#2 Latest Trends in Dining Tables

The dining table must be big enough to accommodate everyone and serveware. So, some of the pieces which are getting popular in 2022 are:

Round Tables: Round tables are so much in fashion as curves are back in interior styles. They look flawless and can become a highlighting element of your home design.

Relaxed Roman Shades: Timeless Elegance with a Casual Flair

Glass Tables: Glass tables are evergreen, but for people who love minimalist, contemporary design, they look flawless. They look good both in small and large dining areas.

#3 Dining Room Wall Decor is Trending

Adding character and personality to the dining room is quite important. This makes the place more appealing and welcoming. You can go for exotic coffee paintings, which look so tempting, and layer the wall perfectly. You can hang large wall arts or create a grid; the choice is yours!

Always hang wall arts a bit lower than eye level in the dining area, as your eye level is lower while sitting. Pick wall arts that cover 60 to 75% of a large blank wall. In addition, ensure even spacing between multiple pieces. Wall arts like ceramic plates, plant hangings, and artifacts also look good on the dining room wall.

#4 Add a Sleek Decor Element to the Floor

It is generally advisable not to use much floor space in the dining area, but some decor items are trending. For example, you can place large ceramic, bamboo, or vintage pots with indoor plants having good foliage. 

It completes your dining area. Also, you can place a console, moving trolley having dining essentials, organizers, plants, etc.; it serves as both functional and pretty decor.

#5 Decorating the Table


You can opt for bare tables and place fresh flowers in a pretty vase. Also, you can add a candle holder to it. If you love dining table linens, go with patterned cloth or runners. They look exceptional and very traditional. 

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#6 Light Can do Wonders

Single statement light or cluster hanging light over the dining table will look phenomenal. You can go for large pendant lights or cluster lights with small lights. A panel light and rope filament bulbs also look great. It will pair with your dining area perfectly to create a serene atmosphere.

Lastly, Serveware

Yes, update your serveware and present it beautifully to enhance the dining room’s look. Your serveware shows your respect for food and family time. So, revamp your dining area with these top trends for the dining area in 2022.

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