Bleach removes pigmentation from fabrics and other materials. If you accidentally spilled some bleach on the carpet, try to act immediately to minimize the damage rather than give in to frustration. Learn how to fix bleach stain on carpet today.

how to fix bleach stain on carpet

How to Fix Bleach Stain on Carpet

Things you will need

  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Absorbent cloth or paper
  • Sponge
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Hot and cold water
  • Wax crayons
  • Interior paint

Firstly, scrub the area with cold water and then prepare a detergent solution with vinegar or dish soap to counteract the bleaching effect. You can also try baking soda by mixing it with water to make a paste.

If the bleach has penetrated deeply and the carpet has become discolored, try changing the color with a wax crayon or interior paint. If none of these solutions work, consult a professional to evaluate whether to cut or cover the damaged area of ​​the carpet.

Use dishwashing detergent and water

1. Rub and remove the bleach with a cloth soaked in cold water

If you accidentally spilled it on the carpet, you may have time to step in to save the color. Act in a timely manner, moisten a cloth with the cold water from the sink, squeeze it and use it to clean the part where the bleach spilled.

Rub the carpet repeatedly, but without pressing, otherwise, you will push the bleach even deeper between the fibers.

2. Pour the detergent and warm water on the stain

After scrubbing several times with cold water, dissolve half a tablespoon of liquid dish detergent in a cup of hot water (250 ml). If the stain is large, use the same proportion and increase the amount (for example, a tablespoon of detergent in half a liter of hot water). Pour the soapy water over the stained area and let it work for five minutes.

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As an alternative to dish detergent, you can use distilled white vinegar. The proportions do not change.

3. Rub the area with a clean cloth or sponge

When five minutes have passed, use a damp cloth or sponge to re-rub the rug where you poured the hot soapy water. This time, use cold water. Rub the stain starting from the outside and working your way towards the center to avoid spreading it.

clean carpet with detergent

Stain the carpet discolored with bleach

1. Use a wax crayon of the same color as the rest of the rug

Go to the stationery store to find a wax crayon that is very similar in color to the stained carpet. If the rug is small, you can take it with you to make sure you make the right choice. Work it over the discolored areas, trying to reach the base of the fibers. Be careful not to drift past the stain and avoid coloring intact fibers. In some cases, a marker of the correct color can also be helpful.

2. Soften the color with a damp cloth

After the pastel intervention, the discolored fibers will likely appear darker or brighter than the surrounding area. Use a damp cloth to dilute the color and distribute the pigment over the discolored area.

wipe carpet with damp cloth

Continue staining and smoothing the color until it matches the rest of the rug.

3. Try interior paint

This method is useful if the bleach has only discolored a small part of the carpet. Apply a thin coat of paint with an ultra-fine brush. Try to color one fiber at a time starting from the base. If necessary, apply a second coat of color, but make sure it is thin.

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The advantage of using interior paint is that you can cut some fibers out of the carpet and use them as a sample of the color you want at a store that makes custom color paints. Do not use the paint if the discolored part is visible or is frequently stepped on because the painted fibers will stiffen.

4. Consult an expert carpet cleaning

Ask for help if you tried using crayons or paint but were unsuccessful or if you don’t feel like coloring your carpet using one of these methods. Find a store that specializes in washing carpets in your city. They can try to:

  • Clean the stain
  • Cut discolored fibers
  • Cut out and replace the stained area.

Take precautions

1. Read the instructions on the packaging of bleach before working on the spot

The detergent and vinegar shouldn’t harm the stained area, but it’s best to make sure you read the instructions and warnings on the back of the container before using these or other products to remove the bleach stain.

There is most likely a list of chemicals that should never be mixed with chlorine, including ammonia, as it would trigger a reaction with highly toxic effects. Carefully check the ingredients in the product you plan to use to remove the stain and make sure it does not include one of these substances.

2. Wear a pair of protective gloves

Bleach can damage your skin, so the first thing to do is find and wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Only then can you start rubbing the stain. Use the same caution even if the bleach has already dried on the carpet because the chemicals are still present even though the moisture has evaporated.

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3. Room area

The fumes released by bleach are toxic and can cause dizziness, nausea, and other disorders. If you are using the vinegar to clean the stain, expect the combined odors to be even more bothersome. Open the windows and, if possible, run a fan to blow out toxic fumes while you work on the stain.

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