Bathroom tiles come in all shapes and sizes, from thin wall patterns to intricate geometrics. While they make your small bathroom look luxurious, they can also be a big problem when it comes to maintenance. With frequent cleaning and sealants being necessary to maintain the shine and appearance of your tile, keeping your bathroom looking clean is no easy task.
Fortunately, with a bit of know-how, you can transform that discerning white tile into an attractive part of your home for years to come. Follow these quick tips on how to cover up bathroom tile when remodeling or updating your bathroom:

Don’t Forget The Grout

Grout is a key component of the tile’s appearance, so make sure you completely cover it up or paint it over. It’s important to take care of your grout because it can get dirty easily and will show every speck of dirt, even though you may not be able to see it in your tile.

Make It Look New

Your tile can be covered up if you want your bathroom to look like the day it was built. You just need a few tricks to keep the tile looking fresh. First, make sure your grout is completely clean and free of debris. Next, use a sealant that’s specifically designed for porcelain or ceramic tile. Finally, give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint to cover up any discoloration on the walls and complement the new color scheme.

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Try A Tile Mat

Tile mats are a great way to maintain the shine of your tile. They are also easy to keep clean and prime for paint or sealant, which makes them perfect for covering up bathroom tile.
Another benefit of using a tile mat is that it protects your tile from accidents and deep scratches. Tile mats can be used as a quick fix when you don’t have time to paint or seal your tile, but they’re also great for long-term protection against daily wear and tear.
Tiles are not only difficult to clean, but they’re also hard on your backs – in fact, it’s estimated that 40 percent of all back injuries in the workplace are due to lifting and carrying heavy objects like tiles. A tile mat reduces the strain on your body by distributing weight evenly across the ground.
A clean look with less aggravation is what inspired so many homeowners to use tile mats more often than ever before.

Add Accent Tiles

One of the easiest ways to cover up bathroom tile is by adding accent tiles in spots where your floor is exposed, like the entryway.
A great way to cover up large areas, accent tiles are a quick and easy solution to making your walls look clean and professional. You can use a variety of tiles or colors to change up the vibe in your bathroom.

Get The Right Faucet And Shower Heads

The first step to covering up bathroom tile is to get the proper faucet and shower heads. This will ensure that you have a proper fixture for the type of tile you have, which in turn will allow you to use any soap or cleaner on your faucet without adversely affecting its performance.

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Wrapping It Up With Toto

If you want to give your tile a fresh look without replacing it, you need Toto. This company offers multiple products that will help make your tile stand out. For example, their T-03 Series offers a durable, water-resistant adhesive with strong adhesion and excellent durability. Their T-05 Series has a dual purpose of being both an adhesive and sealant for tiles. Additionally, the T-06 Series is designed for large surfaces such as bathroom walls and shower stalls so they can be sealed to prevent stains from staining the tiled surface and prevent mold from growing. In addition to these products, there are also two different types of tubs available: one that features a body made out of ceramic material to provide a natural finish while the other is made of sleek, white ceramic which provides strong resistance against corrosion.
Whatever type of product you choose, it will increase the value of your tile while enhancing its appearance as well.

Wrapping It Up With Notepads And Towels

While the other options are certainly attractive and aesthetically pleasing, nothing beats wrapping up your bathroom in notepads and towels. This is because it will add a touch of personalization to your otherwise monotonous tile. Use notepads as a way to hide the cracks in your tile, for instance, or use towels to create an attractive pattern that you can hang on the wall. Even if you don’t have time to wrap your entire floor in towels, doing so on the large open spaces of your shower wall or toilet seat cover is always a good idea.
Doing this also gives you a chance to add some personalization into your bathroom by embellishing your walls with photos or artwork that make it feel like home. The possibilities are endless!

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One of the best things about tile is how long it lasts in a bathroom. That’s why it’s imperative to maintain it and keep it looking like new.
But tile can be a pain to maintain, especially if you have a busy schedule, which is why we’ve got a few tips for you.
The first tip is don’t forget the grout — scrub the grout with a toothbrush and water as often as you can.
The second tip is to make your tile look new — try adding a new coat of paint or varnish to the surface of your tile.
The third tip is to use a tile mat — these can be easily placed on top of your existing tile and are easy to clean.
The fourth tip is to add accent tiles — these are often used to add personality to your bathroom and can make your space feel more personal.
And last but not least, the fifth tip is to get the right faucet and shower heads — these are two of the most important pieces that make up your bathroom and should match your tile.
Now you’re ready to give your bathroom the finishing touches!

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