If you have a small space to work with and you want to create a bar that feels like it fits into the rest of your home, then you should build a kitchen cabinet bar.The idea of mixing old and new is an excellent way to add character and charm to any space.
Instead of painting over all the cabinets and appliances, use them as a foundation for showcasing different pieces of decor. This will not only help you make use of your limited space, but it will also give your home that individual ambiance that is missing from most other homes.
Here we will go over the steps you need in order to build a bar out of kitchen cabinets. From research to execution, this article has everything you need to transform an unused corner into a cozy spot where friends congregate after dinner or at happy hour.

What You’ll Need Before You Start Researching

There are a few important things to keep in mind when you’re building your bar with kitchen cabinets. The first is that you need to decide how much space you want to dedicate for the bar. This is especially important when it comes to the size of your cabinet doorways and the size of the bar itself.
Next, you will have to decide what type of look you want for your bar. Will it be modern and sleek or rustic and cozy? Then, once you know what kind of design you want, think about what colors will work best with your chosen style.

Tools and equipment you’ll need

Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment. You will need a saw, screwdriver (flathead or Phillips), drill, hammer, measuring tape, wood glue or silicone glue, clamps, level and pencil to draw templates. The list is not comprehensive but will cover what you need to get started.
Step 1: Remove the handles
If your cabinets are already in place and have handles on them that you want to keep, then set them aside for later use. If there are no handles on the cabinet doors, then remove them before proceeding with the next step.
Use a flathead screwdriver and some needle-nosed pliers to remove any screws from the door hinges. It is important that none of these screws fall out of their holes as they will be used later on when we install new hinges on our cabinets.
Next take your measuring tape and measure from side to side of the cabinet where you want your bar top to be located in order to determine how long your support beams should be.
Take a saw and make a straight cut down the center of each support beam so that they are exactly twice their width plus 2 inches beyond one end so they can fit into a 30-inch deep space between kitchen cabinets. Use your level as guide while making this cut so that it is true vertical (perpendicular) through both ends of the beam. Make sure you start at one end of the beam and work towards the

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Step 1: Measure and mark the cabinet fronts

The first thing you need to do is measure and mark the cabinet fronts. To get a rough estimate, use the length of your countertop to determine the length of the bar top. You don’t need to make all your measurements exact, just make sure that it will fit within the cabinets. From there, you can measure how long each piece needs to be and cut them accordingly.
Next, you want to figure out how many different pieces of wood you need and then create a sketch of what they should look like. To help with this process, draw two lines across the cabinet front at an approximate height that will work for holding bottles or glasses. Make sure your measurements are accurate by measuring from each side at either end and then dividing by two.

Step 2: Remove the doors and drawers

from your cabinets
If you don’t want to take the doors and drawers out, that is okay. There are a few things you can do to make it look like they are still in place. One option is to use a piece of furniture cloth on them. Another option is to find an old drawer that fits in the space and paint over it with your desired color of paint.
In this step, you will remove the doors and drawers from your kitchen cabinets. You’ll need a screwdriver, a drill, and some screws to complete this task. The first thing you will want to do is measure the depth of your cabinet opening so that you can determine how many screws are needed for installation. If needed, you can add more screws as needed for support from another side of the cabinet wall.

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Step 3: Install a bar top

The most important step is installing a bar top. You will need to measure the length of your cabinets, so you can decide how long your bar top should be. You’ll want to make sure that your bar top is at least as long as the length of the cabinet before you install it.
After measuring your space and finding the correct width and length, you can use a cutting board or an angle grinder to cut the kitchen cabinets into appropriate pieces. After you’ve cut out all of the necessary boards, use a drill with countersink bit to drill holes on each side of each board.
After drilling holes, use lag screws or wood screws to secure each piece of wood onto the countertop plate. The final step is finishing off your bar top with staining and painting if desired.

Step 4: Add cabinetry to the surround

This is the final step in the process. The final step is to add some decorative cabinetry to your surround walls, so that you can outline your bar and make it seem like part of the room. This will create a bit of depth, but also make the space look spacious by adding contrast. You want to keep it neutral and not too busy, because that will draw attention away from what’s in the middle of the room.
There are many different types of cabinetry you can use for this project, but we recommend using a light color such as white or grey, or even paintable wood.
This project has come to an end; now all you have to do is put it together and enjoy your new home bar!

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Step 5: Install an ice dispenser and bottle opener

Once you have all the necessary materials, it is time to assemble the bar. You will want a good amount of storage space for your alcohol and accessories, so installing a refrigerator or a mini fridge might be necessary.
A bottle opener and an ice dispenser can make a great addition to any bar. For added convenience, you can also install an automatic waterer that is connected to your sink. This will help maintain water levels while also keeping your guests hydrated.

Wrapping up

First, you will need to think about what piece of furniture or decor you want to use as the centerpiece for your bar. This could be a small side table or an interesting coffee table. Next, draw up a design that would best suit your needs. Then, you need to figure out the dimensions of your cabinet and its contents so that you can easily know what size everything will be.
In order for the bar to look professional, spend some time crafting a design that matches the rest of your home’s décor. This is especially important if it is going in a high-traffic area where people may not notice it right away.
Once you have completed all these tasks, then get started on construction! Have fun!

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