Fabric softeners are a great way to make your clothes and bedding feel softer. But what about the carpets in your home? Can you use fabric softener on carpets, or is it too harsh for such delicate surfaces? The answer depends on how much of the product you apply. If you’re using just one small amount, then yes, you can safely use fabric softener on your carpet.

Let’s start with the basics:

Why Use Fabric Softener on Carpets?

fabric softener on carpet

Fabric softeners are added to carpets to make them softer and smell better. They also help prevent static electricity buildup, which in turn eliminates dust or dirt attraction.

Now although fabric softeners help to make carpets smell better, they do not remove odors entirely. To get rid of carpet odor, check out this article.

How Much Should I Apply?

The best rule of thumb when applying any type of cleaning solution to your carpet is this: “less is better.” Too little will not do anything at all; too much could damage your carpet permanently. For regular applications, we recommend starting out with half a cup of fabric softener per gallon of warm water.

How Often Should You Apply Fabric Softener on Carpets?

The number of times you apply fabric softener on carpets depends on how often you vacuum and clean your carpets. If you want extra softness for your carpet, consider using fabric softener after every deep cleaning session. 

How to Apply Fabric Softener on Carpet

Avoid applying fabric softeners directly onto the carpet because they contain chemicals that can stain carpets when in high concentration. Instead, follow the following steps:

How to Get Body Wax Out of Carpet

1. Before applying any fabric softener to your carpet, you should remove all dirt and debris with a vacuum cleaner. Then, deep clean the carpet and rinse out the excess soap.

2. Pour half a cup of fabric softener into a clean bucket with a gallon of lukewarm water and stir well before using it.

3. Next, fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray over the entire carpet. Allow about 3 minutes for the solution to set.

spraying fabric softener on carpet

4. Lastly, rinse and extract the carpet with clean water for a soft and fluffy carpet.

Alternatively, you can add half a cup of fabric softener to a gallon of homemade carpet cleaner to be used with a carpet cleaning machine whenever you clean your carpet.

How Do You Remove Fabric Softener from Carpet?

If you have used the wrong amount or accidentally poured undiluted fabric softener onto your carpet, then you may need to remove some of the residues. To get rid of fabric softener stains, follow these steps:

1) Rinse your carpet with clean water immediately. This step should only take about 30 minutes. Don’t leave it overnight because the longer you wait, the more likely it is that the stain will set into the fibers of your carpet.

2) Vacuum up the excess liquid with a wet/dry vac.

3) Apply another coat of fabric softener, this time with the right amount.

4) Finally, rinse and extract the carpet with clean water.

Final Words

In conclusion, fabric softener is safe to use on carpets. It helps keep your carpet feeling soft and smelling good. However, it is important to use the right amount as using too much can damage your carpet.

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Carpets with Ammonia

One thing to note is that even though fabric softeners can add fragrance to your carpets, it is not a solution for odor removal.

There are many ways to remove odors from carpets. The most common way is by treating them with a deodorizer spray. There are also several methods available to help eliminate smells without having to use chemicals. These include steam extraction, baking soda, vinegar, essential oils, and more.

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