If you have a small dining room, you might have to think outside the box when it comes to decorating. It’s common to find homes with small dining rooms that often feel cramped and suffocated under the weight of all the furniture. Luckily, there are some creative ways to make the most of your space and add more function as well as style to your home without having to sacrifice on either.
The first thing you need to know when decorating a small dining room is how many people will be eating at the table at any one time. Are you expecting company? If so, how many people can fit comfortably around the table? You also want to cater for anyone who might not be able or willing to sit next to others at the table. How about if you don’t want to socialize with others but still want an attractive and inviting space where everyone can eat together in comfort and style? These are things that you need to keep in mind from the start so that you can plan accordingly from there and design your space accordingly as well.

Dining chairs and table height

When it comes to the height of your dining table and chairs, the key is finding a balance between comfortable sitting and food access. Sometimes there are too many chairs or too low of a table. If you have problems with accessibility or discomfort, put in taller dining chairs or raise the height of your dining table.
Some other factors that need to be considered when designing a small dining room are how many people can comfortably sit around the table at any one time and how much space you’ll have for cooking and socializing. A variety of furniture pieces might be necessary as well. If you typically eat alone but still want to make sure your guests aren’t uncomfortable, consider adding an extension that can double as additional seating when needed.

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Match your dining table to your seating

Another thing to consider before designating any particular piece of furniture for the dining room is to match the seat to the table. For example, if you have a small coffee table or end table in your living space, it might not be the best choice for your dining room. The size and decoration of these pieces would clash with the larger dining table and make it appear too large or out of proportion. You want to match the size and style of your furniture to that of your dining table so everything looks balanced and harmonious.
Another consideration is how much seating you will have at a time. Will there be just one person eating? Maybe two? If there will be more than three people sitting at the table, then you will need a larger sized chair or one with more seats.
To make sure that everyone has their own space when they sit down at your dining room table, consider adding some side tables for each person who wants to eat their meal alone but still have plenty of breathing room around them nonetheless.

Go for white furniture when decorating a small dining room

The easiest way to add style and function to a small dining room is to use white furniture. This could be a table, chairs, or even a cabinet. White allows you to create a room that looks elegant and inviting without the need for much else. The other important thing to remember when choosing the right kind of white is that it needs to be durable. You don’t want your white chairs or table to end up stained by your food!

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Use bold colours to add visual interest

One way to really make your small dining space pop is to use bold colours. Use dark, earthy tones for the ceiling and walls to contrast with the bright and airy colours in the room that you can use on the table and chairs. You can also add textures such as wood or fabric so that your dining space feels like it has been designed with care, thought, and style.

Don’t be afraid of contrasting colour combinations

One way to make your small dining room feel bigger and more spacious is through the use of contrasting colour combinations. This is one thing that you don’t have to worry about if you are decorating a smaller space in your home as it will automatically make the space seem larger. You can contrast colours by using lighter tones with dark tones or brighter colours with muted shades.
Another easy way to make a small dining room feel larger is to put plants or flowers in the corners of the room. Plants and flowers can also help hide unsightly furniture while bringing a touch of greenery into your kitchen. They also create more of an impact than just hanging wall art, which can sometimes feel too heavy in a smaller space that already feels busy.
Lastly, adding warm and natural elements to any room will always be a good idea regardless of how large or small it may be. Lighting sconces around your table will add more warmth and character, while candles on the tables will create a romantic dinner ambiance that everyone at the table will enjoy.

Add contrast with art and accessories

Everyone loves to have something outside the perimeter of their home that they can call their own. Adding art and accessories that are a little different and add contrast to your space is one way to do this. You may be able to find some inexpensive pieces from a thrift store or at a garage sale, or you might be able to purchase some new pieces that are still relatively affordable. One example is using candles in an attractive candle holder on your dining table. This will provide the room with the light and ambiance you need without feeling like everything is too bright and uncomfortable for people who might not be used to being in such a small space. Another idea would be adding some textured pillows around the dining room as well as using accessories that have natural textures like wood or stone. These types of things will help draw attention away from any awkwardness you may feel in your small dining room by providing extra interest and dimension in your space.

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Plan for storage in a small dining room

Storage is a key component of any space, and it’s especially important if you have a small dining room. Whether you need more storage to keep things out of sight when you don’t need them or because your dining table is crowded with furnishings, consider adding extra shelves and cabinets to hold items that can be put away. Anything from the kitchen can be pulled out into the dining room for easy access, including utensils and plates.
One last tip for decorating a small dining room is to think about how your furniture will fit in the space. There are some pieces that might look much better in a larger home but make sense in a smaller setting as well. For example, pendant lights would look fantastic on an end table or console table placed near the window rather than being hung from the ceiling where they could feel too heavy.

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