Do you have a spare closet in your house that is just sitting there taking up space? If the answer is yes, you should use it to store books. A bookcase built in a closet can make your house look more organized and help you keep your favorite books at hand without taking up much space. Here we will show you how to build a bookcase in a closet using simple tools and materials that you probably already have at home.
Before You Start: It is important that you choose the right location for the bookcase. Depending on its size, the number of shelves and wall space available, and how close the closet is to other rooms in your home, it may not be possible to set one up in another location. The best place for a bookcase inside a closet is likely going to be either end of it or along one of its walls so that there’s enough room for all of your books within reach. Also, if you plan on storing heavy items such as blankets or comforters on top of the shelf spaces, ensure that they are able to support their weight by stacking cedar boards or treated plywood under them first.


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Make sure you have all the required materials before starting

What you need for this project:
– A closet that has an unfinished wall
– Enough treated 4x4s to form a 3 foot high shelf unit. It is also helpful if your closet has a stud in the center of its back section to attach the shelves to.
– Wood glue
– Nails
– Mortar and Pestle or a small grinder with a grinding stone. If you don’t have either of these items, any drywall screws will work well enough.
– A saw capable of cutting wood up to 12 inches wide (a hacksaw will work but it clogs easily)

Draw or find the exact dimensions of your closet’s wall

and floor space
You will need the wall and floor dimensions of your closet for this project. You may need to either draw or find an old door or window to use as a template. If you are using a tape measure, use it on the door or window that you have located to get the exact measurements.

Use a piece of 3/4″ plywood for the bottom shelf and top for stability

A good idea is to use 3/4″ plywood for the bottom shelf and top of your bookcase in a closet. This will help make it sturdier than if you were to use particle board or fir boards for the same purpose. The plywood will also be more stable, which means that your books won’t fall over and become damaged.

Add 1/4″ plywood for the middle shelves

First, cut the plywood in to 4″ x 12″ pieces. Then, snap two of these boards into one by attaching them together with wood screws, leaving a small gap between them for the back board which will later be attached to them. With 1/4″ plywood, this is easy to do without having any problems.

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Use cedar boards (plywood sheets) for supporting heavy items

Once you have chosen the best location for your bookcase, we recommend that you build it out of cedar boards (plywood sheets) first. Cedar is a natural and non-toxic wood that’s easy to work with because it can be cut with a saw.
To start building the bookcase, stack two cedar boards on top of one another and use them as a guide to mark the width of your shelf spaces. Then, use your saw to cut the boards to size so they’re wide enough for shelves. If you want to add extra support on the bottom of each shelf space, make sure that they are at least 30 inches wide before cutting them down to size. Once all of your shelves are cut down, screw or nail them into place using a 1-inch finishing nailer or 20 gauge brad nails, depending on what type of surface they are being installed onto.

Add felt pads to protect your floors from damage and make noise-reduction felt pads under all the shelves

To protect your floors from damage and make the noise-reduction felt pads under all the shelves, you’ll need to add some felt pads. To do this, cut out strips of felt about an inch or so wider than the width of each shelf to be placed on top of it.

Build the columns and top shelf

The first thing you need to do is build the columns. You can use two 2×4’s for each column, or you can use one 4×4 and two 2×4’s. This will depend on the height of the bookcase that you are building and your preference for a more sturdy or lighter construction. To make sure the 4×4 does not sink into your studs when it is in place, nail a 3-foot long piece of 2×6 under it so that it sits flush with the floor.
Next, build the top shelf by nailing three 1×3 boards together end to end. Nail them to one of the longer sides of your 4×4 and then create angled braces from 2×6 scraps using wood screws.

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Add shelving to your bookcase and you’re done!

To build your bookcase, you’ll need a few common tools: a saw, screwdriver, drill, clamps, and screws. It’s easiest to start with the shelves first. If you have enough space on the closet wall for it, you can use premade shelves that are meant for closet shelving like those built into this DIY Closet Organizer. If there isn’t enough room for these shelves or they won’t fit in the closet space, you’ll have to make your own. For making custom shelves out of plywood or cedar boards, measuring tape is necessary as well as a circular saw and mitre box (a tool used to cut narrow pieces at right angles).

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