Kitchen islands are great for making your cooking space more functional, and adding storage space as well. They can be added to almost any kitchen for a little extra space that is specifically designed for food preparation and storage. If you are looking to add an island to your kitchen, you will need to have some ideas of ways you can make the most of your new space.
Kitchen islands can be a fantastic addition to any home. They provide extra storage, they reduce clutter in the main part of the kitchen, and they give individual appliances their own spaces within the entire kitchen layout. There are many different kinds of kitchen islands available on the market today. Some are simple wooden boards that slide into place above an existing counter; others include more complex designs so it’s easier to incorporate them into your overall design scheme. Here we’ll cover everything you need to know about making a kitchen island with shiplap and other design elements for creating the ultimate functional space in your home.

What is Shiplap?

Shiplap is a style of wood that is characterized by the use of tongue-and-groove boards. These boards are usually made from pine, and often have a decorative pattern on their surface. Shiplap can be found in many different types of projects, including cabinetry, furniture, and more.

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How to Make a Kitchen Island With Shiplap

If you have a project in mind for your kitchen island, the first step is to decide whether or not you want to use shiplap. Shiplap is not one specific material, but rather a wide variety of materials that are all made from hardwood. Shiplap comes in different colors and textures as well. There are also different types of shiplap; some are more durable than others and can be used for longer periods of time. If you have decided that you would like to incorporate shiplap into your kitchen design, the next step is to plan out the size, color, and design of your new island.
Once those decisions have been made, it’s time to get started on the actual installation process. To install a kitchen island with shiplap on top of an existing countertop or cabinet, measure the length and width of your opening before beginning any construction work so you know how much wood will be needed for the project. Cut down strips of wood that are two inches long by two inches wide using an electric saw or hand saw (depending on what type of wood you are using). After cutting each piece down to size, attach them together using screws into predrilled holes at each end of the piece until it forms a U-shape around your opening. Next, start attaching shiplap boards onto this frame by screwing them through their ends into pre-drilled holes in each plank until they meet in the middle where they will

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Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen Island

If you are just looking for an island to hold your dishes, cups, and kitchen utensils, that’s all fine. But if you want to do more with your kitchen island, there are ways you can use the space for storage solutions.
Kitchen islands are great for using as a spot to store items like seasonal decorations or valuables. If you have a garden shed or garage that is becoming too much of a nuisance to keep up with what needs storing in the house, consider placing things you don’t use on the kitchen island. It will be easy to get up there and grab what you need when it’s time to cook or prepare food.

Add Color and Contrast With Bold Patterning

One of the most important things to consider when you are designing your kitchen island is the color scheme. You may be tempted to look for a brightly colored kitchen island, but these colors can quickly get tiresome and lose their appeal over time. One way you can add some spunk to your design is with patterning. A bold pattern will allow for more contrast and can help make your space more interesting.
A great way to create contrast in a room is by adding an accent color. For example, if you want to add blue accents throughout the room, adding a bright blue pattern like this one from Rustoleum will create some pop within a sea of white and provide some contrast for the overall design scheme that makes it easier to stand out.
Bold patterning can also help bring out visual interest in any space as well!
Make sure you incorporate your accent color into every part of your design scheme as well as your patterning. This way, everything will tie in together nicely and keep the design cohesive while still providing interest and contrast where needed.
You can find many different patterns that work well with shiplap patterns on various sites like Shiplap Patterns, so browse those sites for ideas before picking one or creating one yourself!

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Add Outdoor Elements to Your Kitchen

If you want to make your kitchen island feel more like a real outdoor kitchen, then consider adding outdoor elements. You can use plants and planters on top of the island or opt for some smaller pots and water features.

Final Words

A kitchen island is a great addition to your home. It will provide extra storage and space, it gives you a designated area for cooking, and it offers a unique look that many homes would love to have. With the many designs available on the market today, you can have your own kitchen island in no time.

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