Creating an open-concept living space in your home doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your foyer. If you have a large, open layout with a fireplace, then your foyer is the perfect spot for adding character and design interest. Foyers are also an excellent place to display items that frequently walk through the front door such as keys, mail, and future housewarming gifts. Open concept doesn’t just mean big furniture pieces. It also means more than one room being accessible from every corner of your home at any given time.
If you have an open floor plan style home, then it’s likely that you don’t need to do anything special to optimize your layout and increase its value. The same can be said for any other kind of architectural design as well. The only thing that typically limits the amount of potential you have with your home is the functionality of individual rooms and how much time and money you want to invest in making them look their absolute best before showing them off to potential buyers or tenants. If this describes you as well, then read on for ideas on how you can create an open-concept living space without compromising on the practicality or beauty of your abode.

Don’t Forget About The Foyer

The first step to creating an open-concept living space is to be sure that you aren’t overlooking the foyer. A good rule of thumb is to use the foyer as a transitional area between the entryway and other rooms in your home. This doesn’t mean you have to keep it completely dark or plain, but it does mean that it should be utilized for its intended purpose. The foyer can easily be incorporated into any design style, so don’t feel stuck with an outdated idea.
If you already have a grand foyer but want to create more interest in your living space, then wall treatments are a great way to do this. Wall treatments can include wallpaper, paint color choices, or furniture pieces like shelves for displaying items that come through the front door. You can also incorporate natural elements like plants and trees into your design style in order to give life and greenery back into the room and make it feel less sterile.

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Add Storage With Decorative Items

In order to make the most of your open concept living space, try out a few different options for storage. A great way to do this is by incorporating decorative items into your foyer like bookcases, small tables, and display units. All of these things can function as functional storage and help you keep clutter off the floor while at the same time adding a bit of design interest. A few examples include:

-Bookcases that double as window seating
-Small tables that double as plant stands

Switch Up The Colour Scheme

If you want to create an open-concept living space, you have to make sure that your rooms flow together and work with each other. One way to do this is by switching up the colour scheme of your living room.
There are plenty of ways to change the colour scheme in a room without having to paint everything inside it a different shade. For example, if your living room has white walls and furniture, add some plants that will give the space a warmer feel. If you have blue furniture pieces in your home, try adding pops of red or orange to balance out the colours for a more neutral look.
Another great way to switch things up is by using textures like wood or metal. This can be done easily with a new coffee table or accent wall. You could also purchase an area rug that has geometric shapes as well as adding some decorative throw pillows on chairs and couches for a punchy lift in style while still keeping things functional

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Add A Sense of Scale Through Mirrors and Art

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of space and make a room look larger than it actually is. Mirror walls are an effective way to add depth while also highlighting elements of your home. Mirrors can also be used as display surfaces for everything from artwork to your collection of wine corks.
Artwork is another way that you can add the illusion of scale in your foyer. This includes anything from framed photos, to paintings, to sculptures. Anything with dimensions that can be framed and hung on the wall will make a big impact in any space. There’s more than one way to incorporate art into your living area; just focus on what makes sense for your style and aesthetic preferences.

Create a central gathering area

One way to create an open-concept living space is by creating a central gathering area. This is where people can hang out, socialize, and display their favorite items. It also acts as a central hub for everything in your home as well.
Consider placing this area near the kitchen or at the entry of your home. Make sure that it’s big enough to accommodate guests or even a small coffee table for those who need to recharge mid-day. If you want to make this the focal point of your living space, then consider adding some beautiful artwork or other type of accent piece to draw attention away from any other areas in your home that feel less-than-special.

Finish with a flourish: a welcoming oasis

It’s no surprise that with all the changes in technology and its impact on the way we live our lives, people are increasingly considering living spaces that are open and accessible to every corner of the home. One of these spaces is the foyer. With so many more ways to enter into a space, your foyer can serve as an inviting oasis where you can spend time before heading into your kitchen or living room.
Here are some ideas for creating an inviting oasis:

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1. Invest in some plants and maybe a small tree or two (or three) for accenting your beautiful hardwood floors.
2. Add a touch of color with paint or wallpaper to brighten up your foyer walls and floors.
3. Consider integrating a fireplace into your design scheme – this will give you plenty of design opportunities!
4. If you’re really feeling ambitious, consider replacing your front door with sidelights that look out onto a large open area of space to make it feel even more like one room instead of many rooms in one!


Are you looking to create a welcoming and open living room? Here are few tips for designing the perfect foyer for your living room.
First and foremost, don’t forget about the foyer. This is where you enter your home and should be designed to add a sense of scale, welcome guests, and create a central gathering area in your home. Add storage with decorative items and switch up the colour scheme. Add a sense of scale through mirrors and art, creating a welcoming oasis at the center of your home.

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