How do you calculate yardage for Ripplefold curtains? A more precise way to figure widths needed is to take the rod width and divide by the carrier spacing. This equals the number of carriers needed. Multiply that number by 4.25 (space between snaps) for total number of inches needed. Add for joins and side hems, then divide by the width of your fabric.

What are Ripplefold drapes? A Ripplefold drape is a single continuous panel produced with snaps sewed into the top hem. The ‘pleat’ in this drape actually comes from the way the snaps connect with the hardware. As the ripplefold drape is snapped into the hardware it creates an undulating wave pattern.

How do you sew on Ripplefold tape? 

What is a wave drape? Wave curtains are fitted to a slim, discreet curtain track so they are suitable for all standard sized windows. Because they have a relaxed fold, they help to create a contemporary look in any home. They work particularly well in large open-plan living rooms and kitchen-diners, although they look great anywhere.

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How do you make wave curtains?

How do you work out fabric for wave curtains?

How do you attach a wave curtain?

How do wave curtain tracks work?

Wave curtains use a modern alternative to a curtain heading, guiding the curtains along special wave curtain tracks to create a uniform, ripple effect. When pulled back, wave curtains avoid the bunched look that you get with regular curtain poles or tracks.

How do you hang wave fold curtains?

Can wave curtains be lined?

Layering is also a popular option with a wave voile on the back track and a standard lined or blackout lined wave curtain on the front track. Some fabrics do however hold the wave shape better than others. Please watch our YouTube video for advice on fabric suitability for wave curtains.

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