7 Best Sponge Mops for Tile, Vinyl and Wood Floors [2022 Reviews]

Your home is your pride and dirt, dust, spills, etc. can end up making the flooring look very dirty. The right kind of tools can make all the difference in keeping your home sparkling clean and an essential must-have accessory in your cleaning arsenal is a good sponge mop.

Sponge mops are very absorbent cleaning accessories. They are convenient and affordable and can help to remove any dirt, dust and grime from any type of flooring, be it wood, tile or vinyl, leaving it sparkling clean.

7 Best Sponge Mops

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For Tile Floors
Yocada Sponge Mop
Yocada Sponge Mop
  • Honeycombed sponge design
  • Adjustable handle
  • Water squeegee
  • Easily removed and installed
For Tile Floors
Rubbermaid Cellulose Sponge Mop
Rubbermaid Cellulose Sponge Mop
  • Synthetic sponge mop heads
  • Handle mounted lever allows for squeeze-action wringing
  • Durable steel handle
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Sponge head measures 12″ wide
For Tile Floors
Mastertop Mop and Bucket with Wringer
Mastertop Mop and Bucket with Wringer
  • Wash/Dry/Store 3 in 1 Bucket
  • Wet or Dry Usage
  • Adjustable mop handle
  • Easy to Use
For Tile Floors
Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop
Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop
  • Cleaning pads and built-in scrub brush
  • Easy-pull wring handle and tear-resistant sponge
  • Steel handle with a convenient hanger tip
  • Quality made in the USA since 1896
For Vinyl Floors
Quickie 051 TRI Sponge Mop
Quickie 051 TRI Sponge Mop
  • Durable spring-back metal hand-wringer
  • Extra absorbent cellulose sponge
  • 48-inch steel handle with hang-up feature
  • Built-in spot scrubber
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
For Vinyl Floors
CleanAid OneTouch Magic Sponge Mop
CleanAid OneTouch Magic Sponge Mop
  • Super absorbent PVA sponge
  • Effective cleaning
  • Refill sponges can be easily replaced
  • Universal usage
For Wood Floors
Oxo Good Grips Butterfly Mop
Oxo Good Grips Butterfly Mop
  • Microfiber layer
  • Elevated feet for improved airflow and quick drying
  • Comfortable, easy-to-hold handle
  • Wide, absorbent sponge covers large areas with every swipe
  • Sturdy, steel pole allows for heavy-duty mopping and pivots to get into low spaces

Factors to Think about When Choosing a Sponge Mop

Quite popular with homeowners to clean their home, the best sponge mop is not only lightweight and convenient to use but works well on all types of floors. They are excellent for mopping edges, getting into tight corners and overall cleaning.

Today, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to sponge mops and they come with excellent features such as a self-wringing mechanism, replaceable head, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the important factors to consider when purchasing a sponge mop.

best sponge mop for tile floors

Type of Sponge

The type of sponge the mop has is the most important factor to consider when purchasing the best sponge mop because it is an integral part of the mop and all your cleaning depends on it. There are many types of sponge mops—microfiber mops, those made of natural or synthetic materials, etc. and it is important to select the type that works best for your cleaning needs.

Sponges that are made of natural or synthetic materials differ in terms of their texture. Synthetic sponges are commonly made from polyurethane and polyvinyl alcohol, while the ones made of natural materials usually use cellulose.

Synthetic sponges the best because not only are they cost-effective, but they are also durable, tear-resistant and long-lasting. They are suitable for deep cleaning, as well as quick clean-up sessions and they are good to use with hot water.

On the other hand, microfiber sponges are hassle-free, especially if you’re in a hurry and want to get the job done or you don’t mind a basic cleaning job. A microfiber sponge mop works quite well with water without the need for any cleaning products or chemicals. Also, these are gentle and are best for floorings that can get scratches very easily like softwoods, marble, etc.

Type of Handle

Typically, the handles of sponge mops are made of steel, plastic, aluminum, wood, etc. Materials like steel, wood and aluminum are quite sturdy and durable. Having a sponge mop with a strong handle is required for deep scrubbing so that it can withstand the extra pressure on it.

A handle with rubber, foam or plastic grips make the mop easier and more comfortable to handle and use. Typically, all the parts of the sponge mop such as the wringer, sponge holder and other accessories are made of plastic.

Pole Height

The pole of the sponge mop you purchase should be adjustable so that you can adjust the length of the pole to suit the heights of different users or according to the cleaning job. The height of the mop should allow you to use it comfortably and also enable you to use it for other jobs such as cleaning the walls of your shower, windows, etc. You should also be able to shorten the pole length for easy storage.

Typically, most sponge mops come with telescopic rods, multi-piece poles or adjustable poles with a locking mechanism. In multi-piece poles, the adjusting mechanism is quite basic and several pieces are fitted together by screws. And, you can increase or reduce the height by adding or removing a handle section.

In adjustable poles, the twisting mechanism allows you to change the height according to your comfort. Telescopic handles are very easy to adjust and simply by rotating the rods, you can adjust the height according to your requirements. Telescopic handles make the sponge mop very easy to store and are quite popular.

Floor Type

Sponge mops are excellent cleaning tools for tile and vinyl floors that are resistant to scratches and moisture. If used gently, they also work well for wood or laminate flooring that is susceptible to moisture. Sponges are quite absorbent and can hold plenty of water and if they are not wrung out properly when mopping, the water may percolate into the floor.

type of floors for sponge mop

And, so it is best to make use of sponge mops for floors having porcelain, ceramic or vinyl tiles, which can withstand moisture. However, even when you use the sponge mop on these floors, it’s a good idea to wring out as much water as possible from the sponge to prevent the water from getting into the grout lines and seams of the flooring.


The sponge mop you choose should be lightweight and easy to use because if it is too heavy, it will be very difficult to handle. The best part of using a sponge mop is that when saturated with water, they don’t become very heavy like mops with cotton strings.

Also, there are no electric parts or a heavy tank for cleaning solution, which makes sponge mops quite easy to carry around and maneuver, without straining your arms and back. In addition, the more lightweight the sponge mop is, the greater the mobility.

Ease of Use

Typically, sponge mops are equipped with fixed heads that are good for hard scrubbing; however, if you want to mop in tight corners and cramped spaces such as under the furniture, etc., it is quite difficult. Look for a sponge mop that is easy to maneuver and use.

The mop should have an adjustable rod and rotatable head that allows you to reach and clean nooks and crannies, corners and tight spaces easily. The rotatable head also makes it much easier to maneuver.

Wringing Ability

Using too much water while mopping can damage the flooring and so, it is a good idea to purchase a sponge mop with a good wringer. A good wringer can help to keep the sponge quite dry so that you can mop any type of flooring.

Not many people like wringing water from a dirty mop using their hands and most modern sponge mops are equipped with hands-free wringing. The wringer is typically attached to the head of the mop or the handle.

Some wringers apply pressure, while others roll over the sponge to squeeze the water out. You can use the wringer mechanism to wring the mop without the need to touch the sponge. Softer sponges are much easier to wring out compared to stiffer sponges, which require more pressure.

Other Features

You can look for a sponge mop with additional features that can enhance your cleaning. Apart from the sponge mophead, mops may include cleaning brushes to clean stuck dirt or grime. Some models have rubber squeegees that can help to mop up spills.

A mop with a hook can help to make the storage easier by hanging it up the wall, in a closet or behind the door. Also, replaceable mopheads are a great option that allow you to change the sponge if it becomes too dirty or gets damaged, allowing you to use the sponge mop for a long time.

Value for Money

There are various types, designs and styles of sponge mops with varying features and so the cost of the sponge mop can also vary. Look for a good quality sponge mop that has the features you require to keep your flooring clean and fits into your budget without going overboard and splurging on a very expensive mop with features that you don’t need or will never use.

Best Sponge Mop for Tile Floors

1. Yocada Sponge Mop

Yocada Sponge Mop
Yocada Sponge Mop
Yocada Sponge Mop
Our Score

The 3-in-1 Yocada Sponge Mop is a versatile cleaning tool, which includes a scrubbing brush, sponge mophead and rubber squeegee. The rounded honeycomb sponge is quite absorbent and cleans all the dirt and grime effectively and can be removed easily for cleaning and storage.

The mop’s wide bristle brush can tackle any stubborn mess stuck to the floor, while the squeegee allows you to clean any liquid spills. The sponge mophead includes a roller wringer and easy-to-use control lever.

The Yocada sponge mop features an iron pole that can be adjusted with just a twist of the handle and can be adjusted between 42.5” and 52”. The mop comes along with two replaceable sponge mopheads.

2. Rubbermaid Cellulose Sponge Mop

Rubbermaid Cellulose Sponge Mop
Rubbermaid Cellulose Sponge Mop
Rubbermaid Cellulose Sponge Mop
Our Score

The Rubbermaid Cellulose Sponge Mop offers good performance and is quite popular with homeowners. The mop is equipped with a 12-inch synthetic commercial-grade cellulose mophead that is super absorbent and delivers effective cleaning and a lever-mounted handle that offers good wringing action.

The mop is equipped with a long and sturdy handle made of steel. Less than 2 lb, the lightweight mop is easy to carry around and convenient to store in a closet when not in use. The reliable sponge mop is quite affordable, making it perfect if you’re on a tight budget.

3. Mastertop Mop and Bucket with Wringer

Mastertop Mop and Bucket with Wringer
Mastertop Mop and Bucket with Wringer
Mastertop Mop and Bucket with Wringer
Our Score

The Mastertop Mop and Bucket kit comes with a flat sponge mop, a bucket and 3 extra sponges and can be used for wet and dry cleaning. Made of PVA, the sponges are highly absorbent, allowing you to clean and mop easily and effectively. The soft finish of the sponge makes it very gentle on your floor and will not cause any damage.

Made of stainless steel, the handle of the mop is strong, sturdy and durable. The telescopic handle can be automatically adjusted between 44 and 53.1 inches via the lock according to your height, making it easy to use the sponge mop easily.

The mop comes with a bucket that allows you to dip the sponge into the “wash side” and wring it by placing it in the “dry side” for easy mopping.

4. Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop

Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop
Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop
Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop
Our Score

The versatile Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop has a robust design that makes it a great option for very dirty floors. Featuring both scrubbing pads, as well as a scrub brush, the mop is perfect to tackle dirty and grimy floors. The mop can be activated by using the simple wringing mechanism which you can control by using the lever on the handle.

The curved steel handle allows more of the sponge’s surface to be in contact with the floor, while the bristles of the 8.5-inch brush help to reach the tight and cramped spaces. The 10-inch sponge is durable, tear-resistant and long-lasting and can be easily replaced whenever required.

Best Sponge Mop for Vinyl Floors

1. Quickie 051 TRI Sponge Mop

Quickie 051 TRI Sponge Mop
Quickie 051 TRI Sponge Mop
Quickie 051 TRI Sponge Mop
Our Score

If you’re on the lookout for an affordable sponge mop, then the easy-to-use Quickie 051 TRI Sponge Mop is a great option. Featuring an absorbent sponge made of cellulose, the mop can clean all types of dirt and spills efficiently. The mop features a scrubbing strip that helps to remove dirt and grime that’s stuck on the floor.

The mophead has a sturdy metal wringer that wrings the entire sponge’s width. The wringer is equipped with tiny holes with a plastic insert, which helps to direct the water away when you’re squeezing the sponge and helps in draining the mop.

The spring-back system ensures that the wringer is out of your way while mopping. The mop has a 48-inch steel handle that allows you to hang up the mop after use.

2. CleanAid OneTouch Magic Sponge Mop

CleanAid OneTouch Magic Sponge Mop
CleanAid OneTouch Magic Sponge Mop
CleanAid OneTouch Magic Sponge Mop
Our Score

The CleanAid OneTouch Magic Sponge Mop features a 10-inch super-absorbent sponge made of PVA that soaks up all the excess water, leaving your floor clean, dry and spotless, delivering efficient cleaning every time. Perfect for all types of floors, the sponge of the mop is very porous and removes the most stubborn dirt and grime.

The wringing mechanism on the handle allows you to wring out the mophead without touching the sponge. The mop features a bendable head that allows easy and efficient cleaning between and under furniture too. And, when the sponge is worn out, you can easily replace it making the sponge mop reusable while saving money.

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Best Sponge Mop for Wood Floors

1. Oxo Good Grips Butterfly Mop

Oxo Good Grips Butterfly Mop
Oxo Good Grips Butterfly Mop
Oxo Good Grips Butterfly Mop
Our Score

Featuring a sponge head along with a microfiber strip, the Oxo Good Grips Mop is good for wet and dry mopping. It cleans liquid and spills, as well as dirt and dust. The mop has a wringing feature, which has a lever that helps to squeeze the water out by folding the sponge.

The mop is equipped with elevated feet that improve the airflow, allowing the sponge to dry completely after use. The mop is equipped with a strong and sturdy stainless-steel handle that allows heavy-duty mopping and it also pivots to reach tight spaces. Also, the mophead can be folded up to a compact size for convenient storage.

2. Masthome Store Sponge Mop

Masthome Store Sponge Mop
Masthome Store Sponge Mop
Masthome Store Sponge Mop
Our Score

The Masthome Store Sponge Mop features a high-quality, sponge made of PVA material that is durable and absorbs water efficiently. The sponge has specially designed grooves that remove all the dirt, dust, hair and stains from the floor without damaging it.

The sturdy non-slip stainless-steel telescopic handle is adjustable and makes the mop easy and comfortable to hold. The handle features a 50-inch scraper that allows you to scrape off all the dirt from the mop without getting your hands dirty.


Is a Sponge Mop Better?

If you’re looking for one tool to clean multiple types of floors, then sponge mops are an easy and effective option. Typically, sponge mops are lightweight and have removable sponge mopheads attached to a wringer that allows you to get into tight corners and also scrub away stubborn stains. They are also very good at cleaning uneven surfaces.

How Do You Clean Floor Sponges?

The sponge mophead is very easy to clean. You can simply use hot water and soap to clean the mophead and if it is very dirty and you want a deeper cleaning, then soak it in hot water with some vinegar. Before storing the mop, make sure that the mophead is completely dry.

Can You Use a Sponge Mop on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is quite easy to clean and requires minimal effort. And, sponge mops are a great option to clean vinyl plank floors and remove all types of dirt, dust, stains, liquids and spills, leaving it clean and streak-free.

Typically, sponge mops with microfiber pads are the best because they are absorbent and provide effective cleaning without scratching or damaging the flooring. However, avoid using a sponge mop that has an abrasive scratch pad as it can damage your vinyl plank flooring.

Can You Use a Sponge Mop on Hardwood Floors?

You can use a sponge mop safely on hardwood floors. However, you must ensure that the mophead is wrung out properly. The sponge mop should be close to dry and also ensure that it has minimum moisture to prevent any damage to your hardwood flooring. It is a good idea to use the sponge mop along with a floor cleaner designed for hardwood to keep your floor looking the best.

How Often Should Wood Floors Be Mopped?

It is recommended that you mop wood flooring with high traffic such as in entryways, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms every day or once in a couple of days to keep the areas clean and dirt-free.

Wood flooring in areas with moderate traffic such as guest rooms, formal living rooms, etc. can be mopped once a week. However, irrespective of the traffic in various rooms, it is recommended that you mop your entire home once a week at least to keep it neat, clean and sparkling.

Can You Mop with Just Water?

If you mop every day and your floor is reasonably clean, then mopping just with water is sufficient. However, it is a good idea to add a regular cleaning product into the mopping water for a better and more sanitizing clean.

And, if your floor is very dirty, then you could use warm water with a cleaning product such as dish soap, ammonia, bleach or apple cider vinegar for a more thorough cleaning.

Why Are My Floors Still Dirty after Mopping?

It is always recommended that you rinse your sponge mophead thoroughly after every use. If you find that your floors are still dirty after mopping, then the reason may be that your sponge mophead is dirty, which is causing the dirt, dust and grime to be smeared on the flooring leaving it dirty.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning your home is a necessity and cannot be ignored. However, you can make the cleaning much easier and convenient instead of being a cumbersome chore. This is where a sponge mop is a perfect tool that can resolve all your cleaning troubles.

A good sponge mop can clean any type of flooring in your home, leaving them clean and spotless. So, it may be a good idea to invest in a good sponge mop right away.