What lighting is best for small bathroom? Consider other options like LED mirrors, lighted mirror medicine cabinets, strip lighting under cabinets, narrow vertical lighting, flush mount, or recessed lights. These are all great lighting options for small bathrooms, especially when space is limited.

How many lights should a small bathroom have? In a small bathroom, you might not have the space to go add tons of different lights, so we suggest sticking with two – task lighting and ambient lighting. Task lighting is an easy one, spotlights in your ceiling or one central ceiling light will do the job and fill the whole room.

How can I improve the lighting in my small bathroom? Tape lights are another great way to add a layer of light to a small bathroom. These LED lights provide a warm glow that is perfect for hard-to-light spaces, such as below a vanity or in a recessed niche, because of their flexibility.

Should bathroom light be smaller than mirror? Your vanity light should be equally as big or smaller than the size of your bathroom vanity mirror. Ideally, it should cover about 3/4 of the mirror’s width and approximately half its height. An appropriate vanity light size ensures your vanity space is well-lit.


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What lighting is best for small bathroom? – Additional Questions

Should vanity lights face up or down?

Why? Darker colors soak up more light, and hanging it downward will focus the light on the area you really want to be illuminating. If your bathroom has a lighter color, palette an upward hanging light will work best for the space.

What is the best lighting for bathroom vanity?

Chose bulbs or LED fixtures that emit light that is as close to white as possible—and be sure to chose bulbs with a high CRI (around 90-100) for the most accurate colors. Bulbs in the ‘soft white’ range of 2700K – 3000K are recommended for general bathroom use, and makeup application in particular.

How big should my vanity light be compared to mirror?

While you want to ensure you have plenty of light, be sure to choose one that is no wider than your vanity or cabinet width, which may be wider than your mirror. Most people choose vanity bar lights that are about 75 percent of the mirror’s total width.

How wide should lights above bathroom mirror be?

Many people choose vanity lights that are about 75 percent the width of the mirror and center the light above the mirror. For example: If your mirror is 36 inches wide, 75 percent of that is 27 inches, so a bath bar light of about 26 to 28 inches would work.

How big should sconces be next to mirror?

Sconces can be placed beside or above the bathroom mirror. When positioning sconces beside the mirror, they should be level with your face and 36-40 inches apart and no less than 1 inch from the mirror’s sides.

Should vanity lights be above mirror?

Place the vanity light bar 3 inches above the mirror for the most even illumination across your reflection. For a child’s bathroom, keep the light at the standard height, but choose a wall-hung mirror that can be adjusted. The bathroom mirror height can be increased as they grow.

Do vanity lights have to match faucet?

The bottom line is that you do not need to match light fixtures with bathroom faucets or doorknobs with bathroom faucets. And in fact, you can create a much more interesting look in the bathroom by choosing two different metal finishes.

Do you center mirror over sink or vanity?

The mirror should be centered above the basin and measure a couple inches less than the vanity or sink area.

Are LED lights good for bathroom vanity?

Lighting your bathroom can be a challenge, but the best LED light bulbs for a bathroom vanity are the key to achieving maximum brightness with minimal energy use. Because they come in a variety of sizes and styles, choosing LED lightbulbs largely comes down to personal preference.

Is warm white or cool white better for bathrooms?

Warm White Light (3,000 to 4,000 Kelvin) is more yellowish-white. These bulbs are best for kitchens and bathrooms. Cool White Light (4000K to 5000K) is a cooler white that contains more blue light and gives a brighter feel best suited to bathrooms and offices.

Is warm white or cool white better for makeup?

Color: Soft white light, just at the start of turning cool, is ideal for makeup. Since natural daylight is the best type of light, a bulb that matches this color is best choice.

What color light should be in a bathroom?

Your bathroom light should be bright and white, mimicking natural light. For the most flattering bathroom light your bulbs should do the following: Emit between 2,700 and 3,000 Kelvins (K)

Should bathroom lights be warm or cool?

Bathroom lighting experts often recommend sticking to the warm white light, as shown in the color/temperature breakdown below. (Hint: Try warm white 2700-3000 kelvins (K) for the most flattering bathroom lighting).

Can you put LED lights in the bathroom?

LED lights are an excellent choice for your bathroom. Because LEDs come in so many styles, they offer several different ways of highlighting key features. Whether it’s the main light in the room, a vanity mirror light, or under-lighting around the edge of a bathtub.

What is the best ceiling lighting for a bathroom?

Simple pendant lights, space-saving wall sconces and flush mounts, or mirrored cabinets with integral lighting can help any bathroom appear bigger, regardless of the square foot of the space. You’ll want to make sure you go for an overall cohesive look.

Where do you put LED lights in a bathroom?

LEDstripsas an indirect lighting resource

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Thus lighting can function as a decorative element. Another very frequent use is to place the LED strips around the perimeter of the bathroom or on the lower perimeter of the bathroom furniture.

Can you put LED lights above shower?

Tip. A ceiling light above showers is acceptable, as long as the light is rated for moist/damp locations and the bottom of the light fixture is at least 8 feet from the top of the shower stall.

What kind of light goes above a shower?

MR16 or PAR20 halogen lamps are common for shower recessed lighting, but newer LED recessed retrofits on the market enable you to incorporate energy-efficient LED lighting into your bathroom.

Is a shower considered a damp or wet location?

Outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements are considered wet locations. Indoor locations like showers are also considered wet locations. If an area can have water splash or flow with direct contact to a light fixture, then it is considered a wet location.

What lights can I put in a bathroom?

Pendant lights and chandelier styles work best in bathrooms with high ceilings for an added sense of luxury. They are best placed as the main feature of your bathroom lighting, so think carefully about where you will put it and how it will work with any other lighting fixtures you have.

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